Tuesday, September 01, 2015

FROM DUBAI: Toy Gun with Built-in Speaker FM Radio Micro SD Card MP3 Player and Infra Red Laser Pointer, what the hell?

Buy Toy Gun with Built-in Speaker / FM Radio / Micro SD (TF) Card MP3 Player / Infra Red Pointer /

  • Built in Infrared ray, you can aim at something and put the trigger, “Bang” comes out of speaker that makes more funny.
  • Support TF card/usb interfaces to play music.(not include TF card in the packing)
  • Can connect to variety of audio equipment: computer, phone, mp3,...
  • Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery.
  • High fidelity digital efficacy, sound perfection.
  • Support FM,Clock function.

Packing contents:

  • 1 X Gun shape speaker.
  • 1 X USB/line in cable.

 The Fine Print
  • Delivery available within city limits of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi for an additional fee of AED 15.
  • Delivery will be done within 3 working days from sending the email. Often we deliver within 3 days.
  • item cannot be combined with other promotional items.
  • Subject to availability
Absolutely outrageous and a good way to get yourself killed!

EazyDeal LLC
License No. 689363

306 business avenue building
Oud Metha
Dubai, UAE

PO. Box: 128841 Ph:   +971 43708822 Mob:+971 52603 7515 Mob: +971 52 922 1900 Fax: +971 43708866

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Donald Trump Correct Choice For President in 2016 Time To Dump Left Wing Political Correctness Making Deals With Terrorists Claims Silent Majority, Obama Your Fired.

Donald Trump is the correct choice for President in 2016, time to dump left wing Political Correctness and making deals with terrorists in Iran and Afghanistan and Communists in Cuba, Obama your fired. You won't find the far left on MSNBC or even the far right lunatic fringe like Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and anti-Muslim fanatic Pamela Geller shilling for Donald Trump because he is much more main stream than one would guess and really speaks for the silent majority who fed up with PC and a spineless administration.
I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been challenged by so many people and I don’t, frankly, have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time, either.
— Donald Trump

Appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Donald Trump said that the world has “a Muslim problem.” Host Bill O’Reilly said that he believed the problem was that the majority of Muslims were for some reason silent on the issue of jihad, making it appear as though all Muslims are radical.

Donald Trump has never been one to hold back his thoughts and when he appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and was asked about whether he felt there was a Muslim problem in this world, he voiced his true opinions. What he came back with has Liberals everywhere outraged. Trump responded ““Absolutely, absolutely — I don’t notice Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Center.” He continued, “I came out very strongly against the mosque being built virtually across the street.The fact is, it was so insensitive when they announced the mosque in that location. Don’t forget, that’s my territory — Manhattan. When they announced the mosque in that location, I couldn’t believe it.” Trump then explained that he knows many “fabulous” Muslims, but “unfortunately” there’s a “Muslim problem in the world.” Well said vote for Trump in 2016.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sarasota Herald Tribune Goes Off On 'Witch Hunt' After Violent Ex-con Michael S. Basile Is Body Slammed For Kicking Sarasota Sheriff Deputy Shawn Martin

Sarasota Herald Tribune Goes Off On 'Witch Hunt' After Violent Ex-con Michael S. Basile Is Body Slammed For Kicking Sarasota Sheriff Deputy, Too Bad. At 3 seconds into the video, see click here, the deputy holding onto the arms of the drunk Basile is looking down at the back of Basile’s legs, so is the deputy to the left in the video who is also looking down at the back of Basile’s legs. At 4 seconds into the video Basile makes a move backwards and up as if he is kicking backwards and up. As your see after the take down on the video the deputy first holds down the legs of the drunk, he is a kicker. 

SARASOTAMichael S. Basile wasn’t cooperating with corrections deputies as he was being booked into the Sarasota County jail in March for a disorderly intoxication charge, according to sheriff’s reports. Deputies had to “hold on to Basile by the arms to continue to process him,” court documents state. Then something happened. A fraction of a second later, Deputy Shawn Martin slammed the 54-year-old homeless man to the floor, face-first. Deputies say Basile assaulted Martin: “While being held, Basile kicked backward and struck Deputy Martin in the right leg. Deputy Martin took Basile to the ground to gain compliance,” the report states. The report also states that violent ex-con Michael S. Basile had an injury to his eye and was going to be transported to the hospital, before going Basile was escorted to the intake shower to change into jail attire. As he was taken to the showers Basile continued to kick toward Deputy Traska and Deputy Namors, Basile was taken to the ground, again, to gain compliance, again, during this take-down Deputy Traska was injured, see jail report above.

PARALEGAL MICHAEL BARFIELD FUELS SPECULATION: Sheriff Deputies say Basile assaulted Deputy Shawn Martin: "While being held, Basile kicked backward and struck Deputy Martin in the right leg. Deputy Martin took Basile to the ground to gain compliance," the report states. A booking video shows the body slam, but did not capture the kick — the alleged assault. "It appears to me that the video refutes that," said Michael Barfield, a paralegal for Sarasota attorney Andrea Mogensen. "I can't see where he's offering any resistance. He was being processed and the officer just took him down suddenly, without any indication of resistance (Michael Barfield's interpretation is bull-crap)." 

On the day in question, March 27th, 2015, Michael S. Basile was raising hell over on Main Street in downtown Sarasota, he had pushed one innocent passerby and was pounding on the hood of a parked car in front of 1473 main Street. Michael S. Basile was threatening and cursing anyone who walked by him on Main Street in downtown Sarasota, endangering the safety of others, Basile was arrested and sent to the Sarasota County jail where he continued to assault anyone near him, see arrest report above.

MICHAEL BASILE HAS VIOLENT HISTORY, SEE 2011 Herald Tribune article, A machete-swinging Nokomis man threatened to kill his disabled roommate and a woman late Tuesday, later holding the woman against her will until he was subdued, authorities said. Michael Steven Basile, 50, of the 1600 block of Bayshore Road threatened to kill his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend after they refused to leave the apartment and swung a machete at them. see…/20110714/BREAKING/110719775

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Interstate Truckers Linked to Serial Killings in Florida and Nationwide

Along Interstate Highways Signs Of Serial Killings By Long Haul Truckers in TN, IND, OH, VA, NC, SC, LA and KY where 100 bodies have been found.  Highway violence; In the past four decades, 459 deaths and 41 attempted homicides are believed to be linked to serial killers who are using the nation’s highways to find and dispose of their victims. FBI’s Highway Serial Killings initiative;  A passerby found the severed head on Feb. 10, wrapped in two plastic bags and stuffed inside a backpack in Barstow, Calif. Authorities still haven’t identified the victim or her killer, but the circumstances point in a particular direction. The teenage girl likely had been killed days earlier, Barstow police say. Her head lay a few hundred yards from a truck stop just off Interstate 15, not far from I-40. To authorities, the proximity to the truck stop and the interstates suggests that the slaying might have been the work of a distinctive type of criminal: a serial killer operating along the nation’s highways.  During the past four decades, at least 459 people may have died at the hands of highway serial killers, FBI statistics show. Investigators do not know how many people may be responsible for the killings but at least one such case — of murder, attempted murder or unidentified human remains — has been reported in 48 states, along roads as far north as Alaska and as far south as Key West. They believe the killers find their victims and dispose of the bodies along highways, sometimes near quiet roadside rest areas or at bustling truck stops.

Long Haul Trucker and Serial Killer Robert B. Rhoades picked up young females then raped and tortured them and left their bodies in Texas, Utah and Illinois.."A state trooper near Casa Grande, Ariz., stopped on I-10 to check on a tractor-trailer with blinking lights in April 1990. He discovered Rhoades inside the cab with a hysterical naked woman who had been chained and shackled to a wall. She later told investigators that she'd been tortured and whipped, that Rhoades told her he was known as "Whips and Chains" and had been involved in such activity for years" HOUSTON Posted on Mar 29, 2012; A Texas trucker who kept a torture dungeon in the cab of his long-haul rig has avoided the death penalty by accepting life prison sentences for murdering a hitchhiking couple two decades ago. Robert Ben Rhoades, who already is serving a life sentence for killing a 14-year-old girl in Illinois, pleaded guilty to two counts of capital murder when he appeared before a West Texas judge this week. He has no chance of parole. Described by authorities as a sadistic killer, Rhoades was charged with the 1990 abductions and slayings of newlyweds Douglas Scott Zyskowski, 28, and Patricia Walsh, 24. Authorities said the couple left Seattle in November 1989, and were hitchhiking to Georgia to preach the Christian gospel when they accepted a ride from Rhoades near El Paso.

The FBI’s breakdown by state, click link to see interactive FBI Map :

FBI — Highway Serial Killings Initiative: Are 19 slayings along I-4 the work of a serial killer? The Orlando Sentinel reported that, "According to the FBI, the four murders in and around Daytona Beach are among 28 in Florida that are unsolved and connected to serial killings that the bureau suspects were committed by long-haul truckers. Those include 19 deaths along the Interstate 4 corridor between Tampa and Daytona Beach...", but it also noted that "all but one local law-enforcement agency denies any serial-killer cases on its books." The Sentinel identified as two possible further victims (1) Regan Kendall, whose dismembered body was found near Osceola Parkway and Boggy Creek Road in Osceola County in July, and (2) Kelly Lanthorne, who was found near South Orange Blossom Trail in Orange County. Although the killer’s DNA is stored in a database kept by the FBI, it has not yet matched others kept in the national listing.


The FBI suspects that serial killers working as long-haul truckers are responsible for the slayings of hundreds of prostitutes, hitchhikers and stranded motorists whose bodies have been dumped near highways over the last three decades. Federal authorities first made the connection about five years ago while helping police link a trucker to a string of unsolved killings along Interstate 40 in Oklahoma and several other states. After that, the FBI launched the Highway Serial Killings Initiative to track suspicious slayings and suspect truckers. A computer database maintained by the FBI has grown to include information on more than 500 female crime victims, most of whom were killed and their bodies discarded at truck stops, motels and other locations along popular trucking routes crisscrossing the U.S..The database also has information on scores of truckers who've been charged with killings or rapes committed near highways or who are suspects in such crimes, officials said.

Stacey Gage 01-02-2008: Murdered Stacy Gage  was in Holly Hill Fl which is directly midway between Ormond Beach Love's truck stop and Daytona Beach. A security camera caught images of Gage the afternoon before she died at the Publix on Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill on December 11 2008. There were obviously men that knew her. We need you to come forward and talk to us," said Police Chief Michael Chitwood said they now know that later that night Gage left home to meet someone. He said that someone is the person who killed her and left her body in the woods near a remote parking lot.

Lisa Renee Harris 03-29-2010. Body found in Hillsborough River Tampa. Sheriff's Office records show Harris has been arrested in Hillsborough County 18 times since 1999 on charges that include driving under the influence, grand theft auto and possession of cocaine and Xanax.

Lisa Ann Mowrey Feb 2004 Remains Found 6 yrs later Tampa Fl. Tampa Police say the skeletal remains discovered on I-75 and Bruce B. Downs is an 18-year-old woman who went missing six years ago.

Darlene Young 05-09-2011, body found near I-95 in Delray Beach, Fla, she had been shot in the head.

Melissa Easterling 06-27-2011, body found Riverview Fl near I-75, she had been shot in the head.

Katharine Zafra 10-02-2011. Sunday, Oct. 2, 4:42 p.m. •Katharine Zafra's body was found in the yard of a vacant home in the 5700 block of Makoma Drive near Orange Blossom Trail. Detectives are searching for 36-year-old Zafra's killer.

Melissa McCarthy Comiskey 11-30-2011, body found along I-95 in Kingsland Ga she was kidnapped in Broward County Fl, she was shot in the head.

Nicole Rose Scott 12-11-2011, body found Sarasota Fl dead end of University Ave off of I-75, she had head trauma. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office has ruled the death of the 29-year-old mother of three -- best known as Nikki -- as a homicide. No arrests have been made. Nicole often visited her friend Amy during her shift at a BP gas station in Sarasota. When a customer didn’t have enough money to pay, Nicole would chip in, her friend recalls. Nicole Scott’s record is tainted with drug, prostitution and theft charges.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Sarasota Sex Offender 'Granny' Anne Overholt Gets 20 Years Felony Probation For Sexual Battery Charge That Occurred in 1988.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office is advising the public that Anne Louise Overholt, DOB 12/30/48, has registered as a Sexual Offender living in Sarasota County. Overholt was convicted of Attempted Sexual Battery on a Victim under 12 and sentenced to 20 years of supervised probation. She was arrested in 2014 for a crime that occurred in 1988, and even though her crime precedes the statute requiring residency restrictions, they are part of her plea agreement, so she cannot live within 1,000 feet of a school, childcare facility, park or playground. Overholt reports that she will live at 4239 Linwood Street in Sarasota. This information is posted on the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office web site, agency Facebook page and Twitter account to publicly notify citizens of sex offenders and predators who register a Sarasota County address for the first time, when moving into the county or following release from prison.

8/18/2015 ORDER DESIGNATING ANNE OVERHOLT A SEXUAL PREDATOR:  According to the Sarasota County Clerk's Office website, Anne Louise Overholt, DOB 12/30/48, an ORDER was presented to Judge Debra Johnes Riva to designate Anne Louise Overholt as a Sexual Predator. The Sarasota criminal defense attorney for Anne Louise Overholt is L. Derek Byrd. A jury trial had been set for November 16th, 2015 but it looks like Attorney Byrd cut a deal with the State of Florida prosecutor to avoid the trial and possible prison time.
Type Party Name Attorney
DEFENDANT  Active BYRD, L DEREK (Main Attorney)  
Active GAMBERT, AMANDA (Main Attorney)  

Current Community Supervision History Anne Louise Overholt:
Offense DateOffenseSentence DateCountyCase No.Community Supervision Length
05/08/1985SEX BAT BY ADULT/VCTM LT 12(ATTEMPTED)08/18/2015SARASOTA142310520Y 0M 0D

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ex-Con Daniel Romero aka "King Chico" Arrested in Sarasota Drug Raid His Tattoos Indicate Gang Affiliation.

Ex-Con Daniel Romero aka "King Chico" DOB 6/19/1983, is charged with trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in heroin, possession of marijuana more than 20 grams, three counts of possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest without violence. Seana Doyle, 23, is charged with possession of marijuana less than 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia. The arrests followed an ongoing investigation into reports of illegal drug sales from the residence at 785 N. Osprey Ave., Apartment 105 Sarasota Fl. Detectives seized 40 grams of powder cocaine; 7 grams of heroin; 49 grams of marijuana; .5 gram of MDMA; 25 grams of prescription pills and $2,805, according to the news release, this guy is a dealer. 

Ex-Con drug dealer Daniel Romero had been working in the Sarasota area as a house painter for over 10 years, see booking photo of him above in 2013.

In 2006 Daniel Romero, when he was 23. was accused of a home invasion in North Port Fl. Police arrested a Sarasota man, accusing him of being among four men who held five family members at gunpoint and shot one in the back earlier this week. North Police arrested Daniel Romero, 23, of the 4800 block of Huntleigh Drive on Wednesday night. They are recommending charges of attempted murder and home invasion robbery with a firearm. North Port Police Capt. Robert Estrada said police hope Romero's arrest will lead them to the other three suspects involved in the home invasion. Estrada would not declare a motive for the crime or say whether the family knew Romero. Both Romero and the shooting victim, Robert Sherry, have criminal histories involving cocaine possession. Romero has been arrested twice for possession of cocaine with intent to sell. Romero, a house painter, has a criminal record that dates back to 1999, including charges of aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

Ex-Con Daniel Romero aka "King Chico" DOB 6/19/1983 also has an extensive criminal record in the Tampa area, see Hillsborough County sheriff photo above taken in 2008.

Ex-Con Daniel Romero aka "King Chico" did 4 years in the Florida State Prison system on major drug charges and intimidation of a witness out of Hillsborough County. "King Chico" has tattoo's that appear to link him to the Latin Kings, such as a crown with 5 stars, another crown, joker Latin South etc.,see them all below, this has gang activity all over it.

Daniel Romero aka "King Chico", DOB 6/19/1983, sure changed a lot when he came out of the Florida State prison system, see photo of him above going into Florida State Prison on 9/22/2009.

Aliases: Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero has what appears to be a Latin Kings gang tattoo of a Lion Crown on his left arm, see list of tattoos for Daniel Romero below, photo above is from another incarcerated Latin King.

Latin King gang member showing his gang tattoo, a lion with a crown, and signifying the 5 point star with his hands. Daniel Romero has the lion with the crown tattoo on his left arm and he has the 5 point star tattoo on his stomach, see list below.
Scars, Marks, and Tattoos: Daniel Romero

Current Prison Sentence History: Daniel Romero
Offense DateOffenseSentence DateCounty
Prison Sentence Length
09/24/2008TRAFF HER.,ETC.14-U/28 GR09/10/2009HILLSBOROUGH
4Y 1M 13D
4Y 1M 13D
4Y 1M 13D
4Y 1M 13D
4Y 1M 13D

Incarceration History: Daniel Romero
Date In-CustodyDate Out-of-Custody

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

FBI Investigating Sex Trade Kidnappings Out of Panama City Beach Fl

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a man wanted for questioning in connection with the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman from Panama City Beach, Florida. “The woman was the victim of a multi-state human trafficking and sex-trafficking ring that operated from Mexico and into the United States,” stated officials with the FBI. “The trafficking ring has ties to Texas, and investigators are releasing the attached sketch in the hopes of generating tips that will lead to his identity and arrest.” FBI authorities add that on August 12, 2013, 30 year-old Jacobo Feliciano-Francisco, (who is also known as “Uriel Castillo-Ochoa” as well as “Kiko,”) was arrested after a Federal Grand Jury in the Northern District of Florida sent down a five-count indictment. Feliciano-Francisco was charged with federal criminal violations related to kidnapping, retaliating against a witness and transporting an individual in interstate commerce for prostitution.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Elmer and Sherlock Dyersburg TN Topix Forum Trolls Epitomize the Term 'Backwoods Hillbilly Wankers' Have More than Curious Knowledge Of Unsolved Murder of Karen Swift.

Elmer and Sherlock Dyersburg TN the Topix Forum Trolls Epitomize the Term 'Backwoods Hillbilly Wankers' Have More than Curious Knowledge Of Unsolved Murder of Karen Swift. Sherlock, try posting when your not drunk or high on meth maybe you might makes some sense, but I doubt it.

Well, Well, Well, all my haters from Dyersburg TN are popping up in the Sarasota Southgate Forum, there sure are some upset redneck hillbillies back there there who tried to railroad an innocent man into a murder charge, it never happened and never will because the real killer is not a family member connected to murdered Karen Swift and "that's a fact jack".

Dyersburg TN meth dealing trolls Elmer and Sherlock appear to have more than curious knowledge of the unsolved murder of Karen Swift in Dyersburg TN, it would not be the first time a killer came forward online using a phony name to brag about his crimes. 

See "Unsolved Violent Murder of Karen Swift Cold Case Spotlight by Private Investigator Bill Warner, Follow the Money" at

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FOX NEWS BABE MEGYN KELLY “TRUMPED” BY HER BOSS ROGER AILES. Fox News Babe Megyn Kelly Going on Unplanned Forced 10 Day Vacation After Pissing Off ‘The Donald’. In the fallout since the first GOP debate, Fox News chairman Roger Ailes has found himself caught between Donald Trump, who has the full backing of Fox’s misogynist audience, and Megyn Kelly, the star anchor whom Ailes has nurtured and sees as the key to reaching younger viewers. For a few days, Ailes didn’t know how to handle Trump’s full-throated attack on Kelly, who accused Trump of sexism during the debate. Eventually, reported yesterday, he made the same choice he always does: follow the ratings, and mend fences with Trump. But that process has meant that Fox has had to mute its defense of Kelly, who is now watching uneasily as the Fox audience turns on her: According to one high-level source, Kelly has told Fox producers that she’s been getting death threats from Trump supporters.


Fox News host Megyn Kelly found herself the scourge of conservatives everywhere after she opened the first GOP presidential candidate by making what many consider to have been a “cheap shot” against frontrunner Donald Trump — which then spiraled into a feud between “The Donald” and Fox News — and a huge viewer backlash. Mote than 50,000 people even signed a petition asking for her to be banned from future debates.


Well just two days after FoxNews brass caved in to Trump, agreeing to “treat him fairly” in the months to come, Kelly suddenly announced an immediate “vacation” for a week and a half — the first time a Fox host has done so the day before in the middle of the week. And since Kelly already had a vacation recently back in June, this has created suspicions it was not a voluntary hiatus. Forced or not, since Kelly announced this, thousands of people have taken to Twitter to share their joy about the host of The Kelly File’s departure…
From The Gateway Pundit:

Kelly has had a rough go this past week since the record-setting Republican primary debate.
Kelly reportedly received several threats after her performance at last week’s debate.
On Friday an online petition was set up to bar Megyn Kelly from future GOP debates.

On Tuesday Twitter reacted to the news that Megyn was taking some time off—

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