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For their own good: St. Petersburg Times Special report on Marianna Florida School for Boys private investigator Bill Warner updates his investigation

For their own good: St. Petersburg Times Special report on Marianna Florida School for Boys, private investigator Bill Warner updates his investigation.

MARIANNA FL — "Florida School for Boys", now called the
Dozier School for boys. The (inmates) now men, remember the same things: blood on the walls, bits of lip or tongue on the pillow, the smell of urine and whiskey, the way the bed springs sang with each blow. The way they cried out for Jesus or mama. The grinding of the old fan that muffled their cries. The one-armed man who swung the strap, Troy Tidwell.
They remember walking into the dark little building on the campus of the Florida School for Boys, in bare feet and white pajamas, afraid they'd never walk out. Boys were dragged to the White House for punishment in ones and twos and threes, and sometimes there was a line outside, and sometimes a white dog kept watch.
Over the last four months I, private investigator Bill Warner, have interviewed a dozen of so former "inmates' at the Florida school for boys and I have posted 9 articles since December 10th, 2008 concerning the deplorable conditions, torture and rape endured by boys as young as 8 years old.
Put things in perspective here, all of the "child inmates" I interviewed were runaway orphans, sort of "Opie Taylor" goes to San Quentin Prison, not today's "Gang Bang Thugs" who would just as soon as put a "cap in your ass' as look at you.

Troy Tidwell, the former supervisor and the "one armed man" still lives in Marianna FL would not talk with a CNN crew that visited his home on 12/14/2008, I hope news crews and satellite trucks start parking out in front of his home everyday !

Patrick Hallinan, now 64 can still remember the man who beat him. "
Mr. Tidwell was a very aggressive man. He had one arm. Intimidating, verbal abusive. He was the one who beat me twice and I hate to say it. It was almost like he enjoyed it," Hallinan, a white house boys' survivor said.
This weapon (LEATHER STRAP) inflicted tremendous blunt trauma and deep bruises. I have also been told that with some of the boys, the giant strap was turned sideways so that on impact the sheet metal edge would slice open the skin of the children, this is barbaric, what kind of man was the one armed tormentor, Mr. Troy Tidwell Jr, who is still living in Marianna, Florida..... he is 84 today.

Mr.Troy Tidwell Jr.
the one armed man, who accidentally severed his left arm with a shotgun when he was 6 and his father Mr. Troy Tidwell Sr. and a Mr. Hess were the chief tormentors at the Florida School for boys, following are my posts;
1). Wednesday, December 10, 2008,
White House Boys, Search of 32 Graves Ordered at North Florida Dozier Reform School, 2nd Teen Scandal for Panama City - Marianna Area.
2). Friday, December 19, 2008,

FROM ABC news..One day in the late 1950s, Richard Colon was working in the Dozier school’s laundry room. After a long bathroom break, Colon, then a student inmate in his early teens, said he returned and found the room empty and quiet, except for one tumble dryer that was running. A young boy had been shoved into it, he said. “I looked around and I thought ‘I could help him, but if I do, what will they do to me?’” he said, assuming the boy had been forced into the dryer as punishment. “So I left him. And he died.”

“I think about him every day,” said Colon, now 65 and living in Baltimore. “I think to myself, I could have opened that door and I didn’t. That torments me.” Colon says he does not know what happened to the boy’s body or who forced him into the dryer.

From an interview with former inmate Troy Warren, he says that the mistreatment was still going on in the mid 1970’s when he was there and the “White House torture room” that was supposed to have been sealed up in the 1960’s was still being used to beat the boys nearly to death and in some cases they did.

Troy Warren claims that there are more than the 32 graves at Dozier as indicated in the
ABC news account of Richard Colon, he claims that boy’s bodies were also buried behind the Dinning Hall, or “Chow Hall” and that he had dug some of the unmarked graves.
Troy Warren appears to have the record for escape attempts from the Dozier School for boys, he says they always found him, they being the K-9 Unit run by “Ollie” the Dog Man. When the Dozier School for boys K-9 guards did finally find Troy Warren they always made him carry the large Blood Hound Dog all the way back to the School and then beat him almost unconscious, he was 15.

In a building just across from the White House was a place the boys referred to as the rape room. Robert Straley, 62, of Clearwater FL, was 13 and about 105 pounds when he was sent there. He remembered being waked one night and accused of smok­ing. “I was on the entertainment list for the night. That’s what it was,” Straley said.
remembers a man with an iron grip (one armed man) grabbing his arm. “They were monsters. Oh, my God, the things they did,” Straley said. “When these men had me down, you weren’t going to turn into Bruce Lee, you only had one option, and that was you could scream all you wanted.”
Dick Colon remembers try­ing not to scream. He was told by guards that if he made a peep, the beating would last longer. Guards would force him to lie on a bed.“The pillow he asked you to bury your face in was all blood and snot and guts,” Colon said.
Dozier School for Boys aka Florida State Reform School in Marianna Fl, “HELL ON EARTH.”

Bill Warner
private investigator