Monday, May 18, 2009

Muslim Imam Yasser Mohamed Shahade Charged With Rape Of 13 Year Old Boy at Tampa Mosque, Shahade Appears to Have a Genetic Defect in His Face.

Muslim Imam Yasser Mohamed Shahade Charged With Sexual Battery (Rape) On 13 Year Old Teenage Boy at Tampa Mosque.

TAMPA TRIBUNE - A 35-year-old Imam (Holy Man) sexually battered a 13-year-old boy at a Tampa mosque, Masjid Omar Al Mokhtar, Sunday morning, police say, Masjid Omar Al Mokhtar mosque, is located at 1307 W North B Street Tampa Fl.

The Muslims met in a storefront next to gyro shop until they built the towering blue mosque near downtown. They called the mosque Masjid Omar Al Mokhtar.

At first, they relied on visiting imams. Then, about two months ago, they flew in a full-time prayer leader from Egypt.Monday, the news devastated them: Police accused the imam of sexually assaulting a teenage boy at the mosque.

Yasser Mohamed Shahade remains in the Orient Road Jail without bail. The victim was staying overnight at the mosque at 1307 W. North B St. waiting for early morning prayer, an arrest report states.

Yasser Mohamed Shahade, a prayer leader (Iman or Holy Man) who had been in the country for about two months and had been staying at the mosque, sexually battered the victim about 6 a.m., police say.

Yasser Mohamed Shahade, 35, was held without bail in the Orient Road Jail on a charge of sexual battery on a 13-year-old. Jail records list his occupation as minister. Yaser Mohamed Shahade appears to have some sort of genetic defect in his facial appearance.

Bill Warner
private investigator