Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FBI AGENTS Raid the Home of Osama Mustafa, Tampa Fl Welcomes Osama Mustafa he Employed 9/11 Hijacker in San Diego

UPDATE...50 FBI Agents Raid Osama Mustafa’s House in Riverview Fl, Osama Mustafa Employed 9/11 Hijacker Nawaf al Hazmi in San Diego at Sam’s Star Mart Texaco. Tuesday May 15th, 2012. RIVERVIEW (FOX 13) – FBI agents are on scene investigating a home in Riverview, FOX 13 has learned. According to people at the scene, there were as many as 50 agents at the home Tuesday morning.

FBI agents, who are leading a multi-agency investigation, and treasury officials were removing things from the home and a silver Porsche. However, the FBI will not confirm why they are at the home. According to Hillsborough property records, the home is owned by Osama Mustafa, which a neighbor also confirmed to FOX 13. Mustafa owns businesses in the area, according to records, including a used car dealership and a towing company.

Osama Mustafa was arrested today and charged with money laundering over $15 Million in bogus US treasuary IRS refund checks, he was linked to Tampa Muslim Mafia Boss Khaldoun “Tony” Khalil Khawaja who Got 3 Years in Federal Prison For Felon in Possession of a Gun, More Charges to Follow.

The Roanoke Times….The owner of convenience stores in Roanoke and Rocky Mount has been charged in a tax fraud scam that federal authorities say involved more $17.5 million. Muawia Khalil Abdeljalil of Roanoke and two other men from Florida — one of them his brother — were charged in an indictment unsealed this week in federal court. Abdeljalil, who owns the Mera Mart on Cove Road in Roanoke and the One Stop Shop 2 on Doe Run Road in Rocky Mount, and the two other men are accused of obtaining fraudulent income tax return checks and cashing them at banks in Virginia and Florida. Some of the bogus tax returns bore the Social Security numbers of dead people and prison inmates, according to court documents. Also charged in the scam are Khaldoun Khalil Khawaja, 48, and Osama Mahmud Mustafa, 49, both of Tampa. Khawaja and Abdeljalil are brothers.

Tampa Muslim Mafia Boss Khaldoun Khalil Khawaja, also known as Tony Khawaja Gets 37 Months in Federal Prison For Felon in Possession of a Gun, More Charges to Follow. During the execution of a search warrant, law enforcement recovered two firearms and various ammunition from Main Street Groceries a/k/a Tony’s Groceries. One was a 12 gauge single shotgun was found in the back office. The second firearm, a Glock, Model 26, 9mm caliber pistol, was found on a shelf underneath the cash register, ammunition was found in a desk drawer of the office.
TAMPA TRIBUNE – Tax fraud prosecution became a family affair Wednesday when a man who was in court watching his brother being sentenced was himself arrested in the federal courthouse. Authorities say Khaldoun ”Tony” Khalil Khawaja paid pennies on the dollar at his Tampa convenience store for more than $1.8 million in fraudulent tax refunds, then sent the checks to his brother in Virginia. The brother, Muawia ”Mike” Khalil Abdeljalil, also owned three convenience stores in the Roanoke area.

Tampa Fl Welcomes Osama "Sam" Mustafa The Only Person to Employ Any of The 9/11 Hijackers in the USA, His Pal Askia Muhammad Aquil Says the United States was overreacting to the Sept. 11 tragedies. This is the same Osama "Sam" Mustafa who hired 9/11 hijacker Nawaf Alhazmi in San Diego (La Mesa), Mustafa has a history of violence dating back to 1991, he had also been a target of previous FBI investigations, Osama "Sam" Mustafa is a US citizen and a former US Marine.

Osama "Sam" Mustafa was first investigated by the FBI in 1991 after he tells a police officer that the US needs another Pan Am 103 attack and that he could be the one to carry out the attack". From information provided by a Federal agent it was learned that the 9/11 hijacker Nawaf Alhazmi had a US B-1/B-2 Multiple Entry Visa, and on this visa that was issued
4/03/1999, Alhazmi had listed the address of Sam's Star Mart in San Diego (La Mesa) as where he would be staying, this is before he ever came into the USA.

FROM the 9/11 Commission:
On April 3 1999, Nawaf al Hazmi applied for a B-1/B-2 (tourist/business) visa in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, submitting a written visa application, his passport, and a photograph. Hazmi was a Saudi citizen born August 9, 1976.3 Hazmi’s passport was new--issued on March 21, 1999, and it contained an indicator of extremism that has been associated with al Qaeda. Hazmi’s visa was issued on April 3, 1999. Mihdhar’s visa was issued on April 7, 1999. Both were one-year, multiple-entry visas with stated address's in the USA.

Nawaf al Hazmi mainly associated with Mohdar Abdullah (deported, he claimed prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks ) at the Rabat mosque and both worked at Sam's Star Mart in La Mesa CA.  Abdullah, who was deported to Yemen (May 2004) after spending 33 months in New York and San Diego County jails, he told an inmate that "he had received instructions to pick up the operatives" at Los Angeles International Airport and drive them to San Diego, the report said.

After the two hijackers moved to San Diego, Abdullah regularly dined with, prayed with and helped them with interpreting, computer use and other tasks. He helped them find employment (Sam's Star Mart in La Mesa, Osama "Sam" Mustafa owner) and places to live, and helped them obtain Social Security cards, driver licenses and flight-school information. He and Alhazmi attended a demonstration in Balboa Park, marching against U.S. support of Israel.

The al Qaeda operatives lived openly in San Diego under their true names, listing Hazmi in the telephone directory. They managed to avoid attracting much attention. On December 8, 2000, Hani Hanjour arrived in San Diego, having traveled from Dubai via Paris and Cincinnati. Hazmi likely picked up Hanjour at the airport. We do not know where Hanjour stayed; a few days later, both men left San Diego.

Before departing, they visited the Star Mart gas station in La Mesa, where Hazmi reportedly introduced Hanjour as a "long time friend from Saudi Arabia." Hazmi told his housemate that he and his friend "Hani" were headed for San Jose to take flying lessons and told his friends that he would stay in touch. Hazmi promised to return to San Diego soon, and he and Hanjour drove off.

The 9/11 panel noted evidence that Al-hazmi, who had left San Diego, may have called Mohdar Abdullah and that Abdullah stopped making calls from his cell phone after Aug. 25, 2001; and that friends reported "he started acting strangely." The report also recounts an unconfirmed witness account that Abdullah and others "behaved suspiciously" on Sept. 10, 2001, at a Texaco station where they worked (Sam's Star Market, owner Osama "Sam" Mustafa), giving each other "high-fives" after one said, "It is finally going to happen." Mohdar Abdullah denied taking part in any celebration at the gas station.  Witnesses later claim Sam's Star Mart owner, Osama "Sam" Mustafa cheers when first told of the 9/11 attacks.

Verdict a 'turning point' for Muslims  Al-Aqsa Cafe By BILL COATS Published December 8, 2005. Among the faithful at the Al-Aqsa Cafe in Tampa Fl are CAIR's Regional Director Ahmed Bedeir and Osama "Sam" Mustafa who currently lives just South of Tampa he also owns a used car business in Tampa started in 2004, he had owned a string of gas stations in San Diego (La Mesa).  9/11 Congressional Inquiry strongly implies that Salamah and Osama "Sam" Mustafa assisted the hijackers with the 9/11 plot, but the FBI appears uninterested in them and maintains that the hijackers received no assistance from anyone.

Askia Muhammad Aquil, a Muslim leader in St. Petersburg, was attending a meeting in San Francisco when he heard about the Al-Arian verdict. He learned about it through e-mails from Bedier, then on television news, then in a phone call from his wife.  Askia Muhammad Aquil from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s, was a black militant, a drug kingpin, an agitator. He founded the Black Youth for Peace and Power, organized boycotts, protested police harassment, demanded black studies courses at the University of South Florida. Federal authorities (FBI) kept a file on him. Local Pinellas County Sheriff's department have arrested him, see AGGRAVATED BATTERY 4/13/2008, although he never was convicted, so far.

Askia Muhammad Aquil said local Muslims, dispirited in the belief that the United States was overreacting to the Sept. 11 tragedies, should get a boost from the verdicts. But Aquil, executive director of St. Petersburg Neighborhood Housing Services (fired in 2008), said relations damaged by the terrorist attacks already had improved markedly. Like Mustafa, Aquil was interviewed by the FBI as part of a government response to Sept. 11.

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