Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saudi Arabian Sunni Muslim Grad Student Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani at Binghamton University Stabs to Death Professor Richard T. Antoun

The murder suspect Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani (his photo above) was from Saudi Arabia,  Abdulsalam A-Zahrani named in fatal stabbing of Binghamton University Prof. Richard T. Antoun.

Abdulsalam Alzahrani (his email address) the murder suspect at Binghamton University is a Sunni Muslim from Saudi Arabia he is of the Wahhabism strict interpretation of Islam. Abdulsalam Alzahrani was to be graded in his PhD dissertation by Prof. Richard T. Antoun at Binghamton Univ.

Prof. Richard T. Antoun was a was a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Binghamton NY, his wife is Jewish in the Reform tradition, contrary to what is written in the preface of his book, see preface from his book provided by private investigator Bill Warner, click here.

"Understanding fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic, and Jewish movements" - Google Books Result by Richard T. Antoun - 2008 - Religion - 191 pages. I attended Quaker meetings, the Lutheran church, and the Unitarian church, all without becoming a member. More recently I have been introduced to Judaism, particularly the Reform tradition, through my wife in a small city (Binghamton) in upstate New York.

It appears that Prof. Richard T. Antoun was murdered (stabbed 6 times) by Abdulsalam Alzahrani.  Prof. Richard T. Antoun had a Christian Arab grand-father with his roots in Lebanon and a Catholic grand-mother on different sides of his family, his parents were married in a civil ceremony in Brazil and then in a Methodist Church when they came to the USA, he has had varied links to many religions including the Quaker and the Catholic Church.

EMAIL FROM Abdulsalam Alzahrani:  

Now I have to say something to this idiot who said the Arabs are the grossest fuilure in the history of human beings. No failure equals the Israeli…your were f… up under a tolitarian rule in europe and the rule failed and you want to replicate it!!! how stupid is this? what failure is this? Einstein himself refused to join you doomed enterprience and Freud himself thought that you were theafts sealing even the moral innovatons of other people even the hummus you have stolen, the land, the water, resources of Palistine…you are a bunch of psychopath theaves and murdurers…everyone is against you because of your unethical immoral criminal actions…you killed children!!! what else you want to be convinced that you are shame of humanity.

Roommates and Neighbors Speak about Al-Zahrani

Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani lived in a three bedroom apartment in downtown Binghamton. His roommates say police searched their home for two to three hours Saturday.

“The police they came and when they were allowed to enter into his room. They took all his stuff,” said Jules Sakho, Al-Zahrani’s roomate. Including a knife that was found in the trash.

Sakho also says Al-Zahrani’s behavior was strange. “He was all the time shouting in Arabic, shouting threats, insulting this country for no reason. Sometimes when we talked here, he said he wanted to destroy the world. Sometimes, for no reason, asking if I am afraid of death or not, ” said Sakho.

Al-Zahrani was a Saudi Arabia national and Sakho says he was Muslim. But the D.A.’s report says there is no indication of religious or ethnic motivation. Sakho says he thinks Al-Zahrani had psychological problems.

“One day I met him here on the couch. He was weeping for no reason,” said Sakho. But he says he never thought Al-Zahrani would kill. “He kept on making threats, but I thought it was just a way to intimidate people.