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CNN..Bryant N. Vinas Radicalized Muslim by Internet Jihad Sites & NYC Al-Muhajiroun Private Investigator Bill Warner Exposed NYC Al-Muhajiroun in 2005

CNN.. American's Odyssey to Al Qaeda's heart, Bryant Neal Vinas Radicalized Muslim Through Internet Jihad Sites and Al-Muhajiroun Members in New York City, Private Investigator Bill Warner Exposed NYC Al-Muhajiroun and Islamic Thinkers Society in 2005.

CNN.....On September 10, 2007, almost exactly six years after al Qaeda attacked the United States, Bryant Neal Vinas, a 24-year-old American citizen born in Queens, New York, boarded a flight from the city en route to Lahore, in eastern Pakistan, determined to fight jihad in neighboring Afghanistan.Brought up a Catholic by his Latin American immigrant parents, who divorced when he was young, Vinas tried to join the U.S. Army in 2002 but dropped out after just a few weeks.

In 2004 -- for reasons which are still unclear -- he converted to Islam and started frequenting a mosque in Long Island near where he lived with his father. During the next three years he became radicalized, U.S. officials have stated, in no small part because of his exposure to pro-al Qaeda Web sites.

It is possible that Vinas was also influenced by people he came across in the New York area. A former U.S. government official told CNN that youths influenced by the ideas of the British pro-al Qaeda extremist group Al Muhajiroun were known to have hung out in the vicinity of the mosque at the same time as Vinas. Read how al Qaeda is changing.

The former official told CNN that they were a splinter group of the
Al Muhajiroun followers who used to hang out in the New York-Long Island area in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Al Muhajiroun's American members, the former official stated, included Syed Hashmi, a Brooklyn college graduate who traveled to Pakistan in 2003 and now awaits trial on charges of providing material support to the terrorist network. He has pleaded not guilty.

Another who belonged to Al Muhajiroun was Mohammed Junaid Babar, a trainee Queens taxi driver, who met two of the July 7, 2005, London bombers in Pakistan and who in 2004 pleaded guilty to providing material support to terrorists in Pakistan. Al Muhajiroun was formally disbanded in October 2004 but still operates, CNN has discovered, under a variety of guises (Islamic Thinkers Society).

Anjem Choudhary, the former deputy leader of Al Muhajiroun, told CNN Monday that New York was one of the organization's main hubs before 2004. He says dozens of followers from the New York area still regularly tune into online sermons put together by the group's founder Omar Bakri Mohammed in Tripoli, Lebanon, where he has been living since being banned from the UK after the 2005 London bombings.

Choudhary stated to CNN that he and Bakri were still loosely affiliated with The Islamic Thinkers Society, a New York based organization, which says the peaceful restoration of the Islamic Caliphate is one of its objectives, More.........................

The most recent incarnation of the group is “Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah,” which like Al-Muhajiroun is headed by Anjem Choudary. Though its core membership never rose above 200 committed members and a few hundred peripheral members, Al-Muhajiroun and its front groups were able to network through Islamic forums to gain further support for their activities.

Bakri intended to expand the sphere of operations of Al-Muhajiroun beyond Britain. Private investigator and self-styled “cyber vigilante” Bill Warner, currently based in Sarasota, Florida, unearthed details about the operations of Al-Muhajiroun in the United States.

Warner helped the BBC journalist Richard Watson to unravel the links of Mohammed Junaid Babar and other American Al-Muhajiroun members with a small mosque in Queens, New York, Masjid al-Fatima.Junaid Babar had been arrested in March 2004 in Queens as he went to a taxi-driving course. He was taken by the FBI to Room 538 of the Embassy Suites Hotel in Manhattan where he remained in negotiations for four days. Faced with a 70-year jail term, Babar agreed to give evidence against his associates.

On June 2, 2004, Babar pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to provide material support, and providing that support, to terrorists. In April 2007, under heavy security, Babar gave evidence at London’s Old Bailey against the Operation Crevice plotters.

In the borough of Queens, as Bill Warner discovered, Babar would attend a small mosque, the Masjid al-Fatima on 37th Avenue, Woodside. At some stage in the mid-1990s, this mosque had been infiltrated by radicals from Hizb ut-Tahrir. The mosque’s imam, Aqeel Khan, spoke of the problems caused by these radicals, who also stole money from the mosque’s funds.

Brother Fahad is Syed Hashmi. This individual was arrested on June 6, 2006 at London’s Heathrow airport, as he tried to board a plane to Pakistan. Hashmi was suspected of helping jihadists in their activities in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hashmi officially belonged to the Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS), which is believed by many to be – like Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah – another front for Al-Muhajiroun.

See communique, obtained by private investigator Bill Warner, from Hizb ut Tahrir which was posted on the Muttaqun website below,

June 2000


With Co-operation of Masjid Al-Fatimah

57-16 37th Ave.Woodside,Queens. N.Y. (U.S.A)

718-803-XXXX and 917-730-XXXX –Cell Phone


The Role of The Muslim Ummah in America

Friday June 2

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Saturday June 3

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* WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS? Br. Rawad (Member of Al-Muhajiroun)

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Sunday June 4
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Refreshments will be served!!“O you believe answer the call of Allah(swt) and His Messenger(saw) to that which gives you Life.”(8:24)
“Remember there is NO Life or Dignity without Islam!!!

When informed that I (Adrian Morgan) was writing about Al-Muhajiroun, Bill Warner told me: “Of course I have an opinion on our pal Anjem Choudary and Al Muhajiroun…New York City Cops take so seriously the threat from al-Muhajiroun that the NYPD keeps a Detective on full time in London working with Scotland Yard and MI5 to keep tabs on al-Muhajiroun activates and it is al-Muhajiroun no matter what other name they use.

People who are recruited by al-Muhajiroun are taught by the organization that Israel, the Jews and the West are evil and that it is their Muslim duty to fight them. Al-Muhajiroun recruits heavily on the internet and YouTube, Anjem Choudary has 81 related YouTube videos currently online see here.”

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Sabrina Boyd, her photo, declared her continued faith in Islam She Called The United States a Land of “Kafirs” Arabic For Infidels, We are Family.

Jude Kenan Mohammad Arrested in Pakistan Flipped On Raleigh North Carolina Crew of 7 Would Be Suicide Bombers, Wife Sabrina Boyd Claims They Are "Just Family", Yeah Al-Qaeda, by Bill Warner.

Sabrina Boyd says North Carolina terror suspect charges unsubstantiated. Wife, Sabrina Boyd, says terror suspect part of ‘ordinary family’, (yeah Al-Qaeda !)
Sabrina Boyd declared her continued faith in Islam. She called the United States a land of "kafirs" Arabic for infidels. Investigators arrested seven men involved in the group Monday, accusing them of military-style training at home and plotting terrorist attacks abroad.

The indictment names Daniel Patrick Boyd, 39, as the group's ringleader, and authorities said he recruited others to join his cause, including a man who went to Pakistan in Oct. 2008, his name is Jude Kenan Mohammad from Raleigh.

In January 1999, Daniel Patrick Boyd was living on an old farm in Raleigh and working as a self-employed "metal framer" making about $30,000 a year when he filed bankruptcy proceedings. He reported assets of $17,350 and liabilities of nearly $47,000 — including an $8,000 debt to the Internal Revenue Service.
In July 2004, the Boyds formed Saxum Walls & Ceilings Inc., with Sabrina Boyd listed as the registered agent. Two years later, the family purchased a 1,772-square-foot home on a quiet cul-de-sac in Willow Spring, a rural community just south of Raleigh.

Sabrina Boyd, 41, did not respond to requests this week to speak with the AP. But she told The News & Observer of Raleigh that her men are "completely innocent." Wearing a garb that revealed only her hands and brown eyes, she said the family's trips to the Middle East were to give her sons exposure to Arabic culture. Terror allegations against NC man shock neighbors

RALEIGH, N.C. — The wife of a North Carolina man charged with plotting violent jihad says they are an “ordinary family” and care about other human beings. Sabrina Boyd said in a statement issued through the Muslim American Society in Raleigh that the charges against her husband, 39-year-old Daniel Patrick Boyd, have not been substantiated. She asks that people not rush to judgment.

Neighbors have said the Boyds showed no sign of violence and were often seen walking their dog around the lakeside cul-de-sac in a rural area south of Raleigh. If he's a terrorist, he's the nicest terrorist I ever met in my life. I don't think he is," said Charles Casale, 46, a neighbor in Willow Spring.

RALEIGH, N.C. — When someone in the Raleigh area needed a sheep or goat slaughtered according to Islamic law, Daniel Boyd was the man to see. "You find everything from halal meat and snacks to soft back prints of the Holy Quran in both English and Arabic," read a notice on the Web for Boyd's Blackstone Market in nearby Garner. There was even a place to worship in the back.

A federal indictment unsealed this week says Boyd, 39, is a radicalized Muslim convert who went by the nickname Saifullah "Sword of God" and was putting together a team of extremists to wage "violent jihad" overseas.

No one was aware of the Boyd Crew of would be terrorists, everything they were doing outwardly was legal, buying guns in North Carolina is no big deal, but the FBI and the CIA had an ace in the hole, Jude Kenan Mohammad, who they have been interogating in Pakistan since oct. 2008.

KHAR, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani intelligence agents re-arrested an American detained in the country's volatile Afghan border region and were questioning the man, police said in Oct 2008. The man — identified by police as Jude Kenan Mohammad — was carrying a laptop computer when he was arrested at a checkpoint in Shabqadar, in the Charsadda district of the Mohmand Agency in North Waziristan, near where Pakistani security forces have battled Islamic militants for two months.

District police chief Waqif Khan said the 20-year-old was released Tuesday but was picked up hours later at his home in the nearby city of Peshawar. "He is now in the custody of intelligence agencies, who are required to quiz him again for further satisfaction," Khan said. He has told us that he, Jude Kenan Mohammad, was a student at a Community College in Florida and wanted to enter the tribal region to see a friend," Khan said.

Peshawar is the main city in the northwest and lies outside the tribal zone, where special permission is needed to visit. Khan said the man had dual American-Pakistani citizenship.

Jude Kenan Mohammad's uncle, Evan Risueno, said Kenan left for Pakistan on Oct. 3 from Raleigh, North Carolina, and planned to visit his father, who is Pakistani, and two sisters who live in Pakistan. Risueno said Jude Kenan Mohammad had not spoken with his mother, father or sisters since his arrest."He's been there in the past, without any problem. All of my sister's children have been there without any problem," Risueno told The Associated Press from his home in eastern North Carolina.

Risueno said his sister was first told about her son's arrest by a U.S. government official. "She was contacted by someone from the U.S. consulate in Pakistan," he said.Risueno said his sister declined to speak with the media Wednesday, having been on the phone most of the day with government officials.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said U.S. officials had visited and spoken with the man. Judge Nasrullah Khan granted Pakistan police two more days to question the 20-year-old American, who has been identified as Jude Kenan Mohammad .

Police had sought an extra week. Police had brought Jude Kenan Mohammad to the court in a town in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province in handcuffs. The bearded suspect was dressed in the long shirt and baggy trousers worn by many Pakistani men.

Police detained Jude Kenan Mohammad Monday at a checkpoint leading into Mohmand, a tribal region considered a haunt of al-Qaida and Taliban militants. Officials said he lacked the permission required for foreigners to enter the tribal belt. A U.S. official confirmed to FOX News that the name of the 20-year-old being held in Pakistan is Jude Kenan Mohammad, not Juddi Kenan, as previously reported.

Authorities said Kenan had a U.S. passport as well as a camera, laptop and a dagger. Kenan said he was in the region to meet “Habibullah,” the police official said. Habibullah is a proper name in Afghanistan and is the name of an Afghan detainee who died in U.S. custody in 2002. The name means “God’s beloved” or “God’s favorite” in Arabic.

Officials told FOX News that Jude Kenan Mohammad is part of an ongoing FBI investigation, though he has yet to meet with anyone from the U.S. government, which hasn't been able to confirm any ties to terrorism.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

8th Terror Suspect Sought in North Carolina Suicide Bomber Crew is Jude Kenan Mohammad Exposed By Private Investigator Bill Warner.

8th Terror Suspect Sought in North Carolina Suicide Bomber Crew is Jude Kenan Mohammad as Per WRAL News Sources in Raleigh.


A U.S. official confirmed to FOX News that the name of the 20-year-old being held in Pakistan is Jude Kenan Mohammad, not Juddi Kenan, as previously reported. Officials told FOX News that Mohammad is part of an ongoing FBI investigation that has resulted in THE Monday, July 27, 2009 ARRESTS.

Oct.15 2008 : The mother of a 20-year-old American college student, Jude Kenan Mohammad, detained by Pakistani officials in the tribal region along the Afghanistan border, told FOX News that her son's incarceration is a case of "misunderstanding."

The North Carolina woman, who identified herself as the mother of Jude Kenan Mohammad, said that she recently contacted her son."I'm OK and he's OK. I don't understand. There must be a misunderstanding because my son is just fine. I'd rather not talk about it," she said.What radical jihad website located in Charlotte North Carolina could have provoked Jude Kenan Mohammad to make the trip to North Waziristan ?

Jude Kenan Mohammad from Raleigh NC, was arrested then re-arrested by Pakistani officials in the Northwest where al-Qaida and Taliban fighters have established bases and plan attacks on American and NATO forces across the border in Afghanistan., Jude Kenan Mohammad is of Pakistani decent.

COURT DATE: 09/22/08
FILE NUMBER ......08CR 730106
COMPLAINANT....SPEEDING 105 mph in a 55 mph
PLEA: ........VER: 22E9188
FILE NUMBER...08CR 724114 65.

SEE my post, Tuesday, October 21, 2008, FOX NEWS REPORTS: JUDE KENAN MOHAMMAD FROM RALEIGH NC WAS IN NORTHWEST PAKISTAN TO JOIN TALIBAN AND FIGHT US TROOPS. Jude Kenan Mohammad, the American from Raleigh NC, arrested in Pakistan last week, was in the tribal region of N. Waziristan to join the Taliban and fight American and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

A Pro-Taliban website is run out of Charlotte NC by Samir Khan, recruiting for the Taliban, see his hate spewing Anti-American site click here.

See my post on Jude Kenan Mohammad in Northwest Pakistan,Wednesday, October 15, 2008. Pakistani intelligence agents re-arrest American, Juddi Kenan aka Jude Kenan Mohammad from North Carolina.

See my first report on Jude Kenan Mohammad in Northwest Pakistan, Monday, October 13, 2008, American man arrested in Pakistani border region, Juddi Kenan from Florida Community College. aka Jude Kenan MohammadKHAR, Northwest Pakistan - Pakistani intelligence agents re-arrested an American detained in the country's volatile border region and were questioning the man, police said Wednesday.

The man — identified by Pakistani police as Jude Kenan aka Jude Kenan Mohammad — was carrying a laptop computer and a dagger when he was arrested Monday at a checkpoint in the northwestern district of Mohmand, near where Pakistani security forces have battled Islamic militants for two months (Al-Qaeda - Taliban turf).

Mum of American, Jude Kenan Mohammad, arrested in Northwest Pakistan says it's a misunderstanding. North Carolina (US), Oct.15 : The mother of a 20-year-old American college student, Jude Kenan Mohammad, detained by Pakistani officials in the tribal region along the Afghanistan border, told FOX News that her son's incarceration is a case of "misunderstanding."

The North Carolina woman, who identified herself as the mother of Jude Kenan Mohammad, said that she recently contacted her son."I'm OK and he's OK. I don't understand. There must be a misunderstanding because my son is just fine. I'd rather not talk about it," she said.

What radical jihad website located in Charlotte North Carolina could have provoked Jude Kenan Mohammad to make the trip to North Waziristan ? The Pro Al-Qaeda Web site Run by a Charlotte Man Samir Khan, as per Cyber Vigilantes Track Extremist Web Sites by Bill Warner

Bill Warner
private investigator

US Al-Qaida Member Sentenced to Life for Bush Plot, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali grad of the Islamic Saudi Academy same as hi-jacker Raed Al-Saif in Tampa Fl

US Al-Qaida Member Sentenced to Life for Bush Plot, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali was a graduate of the Islamic Saudi Academy high school same as hi-jacker Raed Al-Saif in Tampa Fl

A U.S. court has sentenced an American al-Qaida member to life in prison for plotting to assassinate then-President George W. Bush in 2003.Omar Abu Ali at U.S. District Court in Virginia after his son Ahmed Omar Abu Ali was re-sentenced to life in prison for joining al-Qaida and plotting to assassinate then-President George W. Bush, 27 July 2009.

A judge in the eastern U.S. state of Virginia had originally sentenced Ahmed Omar Abu Ali to a 30-year prison term. But a higher court ruled the punishment was too lenient and sent the case back for re-sentencing.The U.S.-born Abu Ali was convicted in 2005 of involvement in an al-Qaida plot to kill Mr. Bush and carry out other terrorist acts.

Prosecutors said the 28-year-old joined al-Qaida while studying in Saudi Arabia in 2002.

Saudi authorities detained Abu Ali in 2003 in a crackdown on militants and jailed him for 20 months before extraditing him to the United States.U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee said Monday he increased Abu Ali's sentence to a life term because of his refusal to renounce terrorism and the risk he would pose to the public if released.

Abu Ali says Saudi authorities tortured him into confessing. Judge Lee, a jury and an appeals court all rejected the claim.

A lot of the so-called conservative right wing Islamic Watch Dogs like
Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs have completely overlooked the fact (or are ignorant of the fact) that Raed Al-Saif the Saudi born "Muslim on a Plane with a Knife" in Tampa was also a grad of the Islamic Saudi Academy high school.

The Story No-one’s Talking About: Another Arab Muslim “Student” Tries to Bring a Knife on a Plane in Tampa, story broke wide open by private investigator Bill Warner. And Bill notes that Alsaif is a graduate of the Islamic Saudi Academy Alexandria, VA–an extremist school linked to Al-Qaeda and that the Alsaif family is prominent in Al-Qaeda. Let’s hear it for those Saudi Muslim student visas!

**** UPDATE: Bill Warner also points out that on the very same day (June 4, 2009) that Alsaif tried to sneak the butcher knife onto the U.S. Airways flight bound for Phoenix, Arizona, two other men, Roshid Milledge and Damien Young, were caught trying to do the same thing from Philadelphia–also on a U.S. Airwarys flight bound for Phoenix, Arizona.

Both flights were scheduled to take off within 35 minutes of each other. Coincidence? Or mass hijacking plan a la 9/11? Don’t bet against the latter. Posted by Debbie on June 17, 2009 10:41 AM to Debbie Schlussel.

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U.S. Indicts 7 in Charlotte-Raleigh North Carolina For Terrorism Plot In Gaza Via Israel Set Up By Leader Daniel Patrick Boyd.

U.S. Indicts 7 in Charlotte-Raleigh North Carolina for Terrorism Plot in Gaza via Israel. Among other acts, the indictment alleges that Daniel Boyd traveled to Gaza in March 2006 and attempted to enter Palestine in order to introduce his son to individuals who also believed that violent jihad was a personal religious obligation. Later, in October 2006, defendant Ziyad Yaghi allegedly departed the United States for Jordan to engage in violent jihad.

Seven Charged with Terrorism Violations in Charlotte-Raleigh North Carolina, Daniel Patrick Boyd, Hysen Sherifi, Anes Subasic, Zakariya Boyd, Dylan Boyd, Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, Ziyad Yaghi, FBI Press Release. “The threat that terrorists and extremists pose to America and our allies has not dulled or gone away,” said Owen D. Harris, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Charlotte Division. “These arrests today show there are people living among us, in our communities in North Carolina and around the U.S., that are honing their skills to carry out acts of murder and mayhem.”

Seven Charged with Terrorism Violations in Charlotte-Raleigh North Carolina, Samir Khan’s pro Al-Qaeda website in Charlotte NC was shut down in June 2009. The overall theme of the terrorist actions of this North Carolina crew led to GAZA with "Shadid's" going into Israel, so we got Hamas or PIJ involved here with an assist from Al-Qaeda. These guys appear to be Palestinians, they were going to be suicide bombers in Tel Aviv Israel. PDF DOJ Indictment see pages 5 to 7.. Click Here.

United States Attorney’s Office
Eastern District of North Carolina
Charlotte NC
Contact: (919) 856-4530

RALEIGH, NC—Seven individuals have been charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and conspiring to murder, kidnap, maim, and injure persons abroad, David Kris, Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division; George E.B. Holding, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina; and Owen D. Harris, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Charlotte Field Division, announced today.

On Wednesday, July 22, 2009, a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of North Carolina returned a sealed seven-count indictment against the following defendants:
Daniel Patrick Boyd, 39, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina.
Hysen Sherifi, 24, a native of Kosovo and a U.S. legal permanent resident located in North Carolina.
Anes Subasic, 33, a naturalized U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina.
Zakariya Boyd, 20, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina.
Dylan Boyd, 22, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina.
Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 22, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina.
Ziyad Yaghi, 21, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina.

All the defendants are charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, as well as conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim and injure persons abroad. In addition, Daniel Boyd, Hysen Sherifi and Zakariya Boyd are each charged with possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.

The indictment said Boyd, a U.S. citizen, trained in Afghanistan and fought there between 1989 and 1992 against the Soviet Union before returning to the United States. Court documents charged that Boyd, also known as 'Saifullah,' encouraged others to engage in jihad. Two of the suspects are Daniel Patrick Boyd's sons: Zakariya Boyd, 20 and Dylan Boyd, 22. In 1991, Boyd and his brother were convicted of bank robbery in Pakistan — accused of carrying identification showing they belonged to the radical Afghan guerrilla group, Hezb-e-Islami, or Party of Islam. They were each sentenced to have a foot and a hand cut off for the robbery, but the sentenced was later overturned.

Daniel Boyd and Dylan Boyd are also each charged with selling a firearm to a convicted felon. Finally, Daniel Boyd is also charged with receiving a firearm through interstate commerce and two counts of making false statements in a terrorism investigation.

The defendants were arrested at various locations this morning by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. They made their initial appearances today in federal court in Raleigh, N.C. At that time, the indictment was unsealed.
According to U.S. Department of Justice release, all were arrested at various locations this morning by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

The indictment alleges that Daniel Boyd "is a veteran of terrorist training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan who, over the past three years, has conspired with others in this country to recruit and help young men travel overseas in order to kill," said David Kris, an assistant attorney general in the Justice Department's National Security Division.

Given the weapons allegedly involved in this conspiracy and the seriousness of the charges, the many agents, analysts, and prosecutors who were able to bring about this case and safely remove these defendants from our streets deserve special thanks,” said David Kris, Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division.

“These charges hammer home the point that terrorists and their supporters are not confined to the remote regions of some far away land but can grow and fester right here at home. Terrorists and their supporters are relentless and constant in their efforts to hurt and kill innocent people across the globe. We must be equally relentless and constant in our efforts to stop them,” said U.S. Attorney George E.B. Holding.

“The threat that extremists and radicals pose to America and our allies has not dulled or gone away. These arrests today show there are people living among us, in our communities in North Carolina and around the U.S., that are honing their skills to carry out acts of murder and mayhem. Their ultimate goal is to wage war on freedom and democracy.

The FBI and our law enforcement partners are doing all we can to stop them from thriving and successfully attacking again,” said Owen D. Harris, Special Agent in Charge of the Charlotte Division of the FBI. “We will remain vigilant, so must the public. If you see or hear something—act—call your local police department or the FBI. September 11th is not a vague memory for us, nor should it be for anyone.”

“The cooperation between federal, state and local authorities throughout this investigation has been outstanding. It is only with our ongoing law enforcement partnership through the Joint Terrorism Task Force in conjunction with North Carolina’s fusion center, ISAAC, that we are able to ensure public safety from these terrorist threats,” said North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Director Robin P. Pendergraft.

The ConspiracyAccording to the indictment, during the period from 1989 through 1992, Daniel Boyd traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan where he received military-style training in terrorist training camps for the purpose of engaging in violent jihad. Following this training, he allegedly fought in Afghanistan.

From roughly November 2006 through at least July 2009, the indictment alleges that Daniel Boyd and the other defendants conspired to provide material support and resources to terrorists, including currency, training, transportation, and personnel.

The defendants also conspired to murder, kidnap, maim, and injure persons abroad during this period. The object of the conspiracy, according to the indictment, was to advance violent jihad, including supporting and participating in terrorist activities abroad and committing acts of murder, kidnapping, or maiming persons abroad.

The indictment alleges that, as part of the conspiracy, the defendants prepared themselves to engage in violent jihad and were willing to die as martyrs. They also allegedly offered training in weapons and financing, and helped arrange overseas travel and contacts so others could wage violent jihad overseas.

As part of the conspiracy, the indictment further alleges that the defendants raised money to support training efforts, disguised the destination of such monies from the donors, and obtained assault weapons to develop skills with the weapons. Some defendants also allegedly radicalized others to believe that violent jihad was a personal religious obligation.

Recruitment and Travels
In June 2007, Daniel Boyd and several other defendants departed the United States for Israel in an effort to engage in violent jihad, but ultimately returned to the United States after failing in their efforts. According to the indictment, after his return to the United States, Daniel Boyd made false statements twice to federal officials about who he had planned to meet on his trip to Israel.

In February 2008, Daniel Boyd allegedly solicited money to fund the travel of additional individuals overseas to engage in violent jihad and in March 2008, discussed with Anes Subasic preparations to send two individuals abroad for this purpose. He allegedly accepted $500 in cash from defendant Hysen Sherifi to be used to help fund jihad overseas and later showed Sherifi how to operate an AK-47 assault weapon.

In July 2008, Sharifi allegedly departed the United States for Kosovo to engage in violent jihad. According to the indictment, Sharifi later returned to North Carolina in April 2009, for the purpose of soliciting funds and personnel to support the mujihadeen.

Weapons and TrainingThe indictment also alleges that Daniel Boyd obtained a variety of weapons in furtherance of the conspiracy to murder persons overseas and provide material support to terrorists. These included a Bushmaster M4A3 rifle that Boyd allegedly received illegally via interstate commerce in 2006, as well as an ETA M16 V System C-MAG that he purchased in 2006. In 2007, he allegedly purchased a Ruger mini 14 long gun.

During 2008, the indictment alleges that Boyd purchased a Mossburg 100 ATR .270 rifle, a Llama Camanche III .357 revolver, a Century Arms AK Sporter 7.62 X 39 rifle and a Ruger mini 30 7.62 X 39 rifle. During 2009, Boyd allegedly purchased a Ishmash SAGA .308 rifle, a Century Arms Polish Tantal 5.45 X 39 rifle, a Century Arms C91 rifle .308, a Century Arms M70B1 7.62 X 34 rifle, a Ruger mini 14 5.56 rifle, and a Smith & Wesson MP15 .223 rifle.

The indictment further alleges that in February 2009, Daniel Boyd and his son, Dylan Boyd, knowingly sold a Beretta 9 mm handgun and ammunition to a convicted felon. In addition, the indictment alleges that in June 2009, Daniel Boyd and his son, Zakariya Boyd, used firearms in furtherance of a crime of violence, specifically conspiracy to murder.

Finally, the indictment alleges that Daniel Boyd and several of the defendants practiced military tactics and the use of weapons on private property in Caswell County, N.C., in June and July 2009.

Each of the defendants faces potential life imprisonment if convicted of conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim, and injure persons abroad. In addition, conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists carries a maximum 15-year sentence.

The charges of receiving a firearm through interstate commerce and selling a firearm to a convicted felon each carry a maximum 10-year sentence. Making false statements in a terrorism investigation carries a maximum eight-year sentence, while possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence carries a consecutive five-year sentence.

This investigation is being conducted by the Raleigh Joint Terrorism Task Force of the Charlotte Division of the FBI and NCISAAC, the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

The prosecution is being handled by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Barbara D. Kocher and Jason Cowley of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina, and Trial Attorney Jason Kellhofer, of the Counterterrorism Section in the Justice Department’s National Security Division.

The public is reminded that an indictment contains mere allegations. Defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

bill Warner

private investigator

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Handcuffed Inmate Bernadette Gregory Dies Apparent Suicide Lowell Correctional "Hell Hole" in Ocala Fl She Hung Herself in Secure Tango Dorm Lockdown.

 UPDATED December 20th, 2015

LOWELL — "A 42-year-old inmate at a state prison for women died last week in an apparent suicide. The Lowell Annex, part of the larger Lowell Correctional Institution, is north of Ocala. Bernadette Gregory was serving a 14-month sentence at the annex for robbery, according to records from the Department of Corrections and the Marion County court clerk. Gregory died on Wednesday, 7/22/2009. Authorities are investigating, and the official cause of death has not yet been determined, but DOC spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger said suicide is suspected. Lowell inmates come from all parts of Florida, but Gregory had local roots. She was from Marion County and a local judge sentenced her to the prison term. The Lowell Annex opened in 2002. Lowell Correctional Institution's roots date back to 1956".

From information obtained from confidential informant and former Lowell prison inmate Linda Thompson, it appears that Bernadette Gregory, was subjected to some abuse by male correctional officers before her "apparent suicide". Bernadette Gregory appears to have gotten into a confrontation with one of the correctional officers (CO) on or about Tuesday 7/21/2009, the CO first attempted to mace Bernadette Gregory when the mace failed to work the male CO hit her in the head with his radio. Bernadette Gregory was then handcuffed and leg shackled and put in a wheel chair to be transported to "Tango Dorm" lockdown, as she was transported across the Lowell Annex yard she was dumped out the wheel chair onto the ground and left to lay in the 90 degree heat. Bernadette Gregory was placed in secure lockdown for her confrontation with the Lowell CO, while in secure "Tango Dorm" lockdown, Bernadette Gregory hung herself.

Bernadette Gregory was scheduled for release in 6 months in Jan 2010, she was in prison on a snatch and grab rap with no weapon, why would she hang herself ?
DC Number: G05707
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5'05''
Weight: 165 lbs.
Birth Date: 02/28/1967
Initial Receipt Date: 02/26/2009
Current Facility: LOWELL ANNEX
Current Custody: CLOSE
MARION 0702552 Prison term 1Y 2M 0D
I have written before on the "Hell Hole" this woman's prison at Lowell Correctional has become, see “Women in Chains” Ex-Florida prison boss: Drunken orgies tainted system, Female Inmates Sexually Abused at Lowell CI in Ocala Fl, In Texas Jailers Charged with Inmate Sex. Deficient medical care for the inmates, constant abuse by the CO's (a lot of them are males), strip search's in public areas of the prison, rampant drug use smuggled in by CO's used as barter for sex, all of the dorms are concrete and metal buidings with no air conditioning and frequent plumbing problems with toilets backing up, try that with a 106 heat index day During July in Florida.

Lowell Correctional Institute Female Inmates’ Complaints Hit Wall. TAMPA WFLA, News Channel 8, reviewed 468 complaints alleging improper conduct ranging from love letters to voyeurism to sex between prison staff members and female inmates – Wendy Baker said she was handcuffed and helpless when the officer escorting her across the prison yard knelt down and pulled up her socks to ease the chafing of her leg shackles. What he did next, she said, paralyzed her with fear, rekindled memories of childhood abuse and made her want to die. `I felt like I couldn’t breathe,” Baker said. “I wanted the world to end right there.” Baker later told prison inspectors that Lowell Correctional Institution Officer Shonne Webb-Bey molested her, and it wasn’t the first time. 

State records indicate Lowell’s warden, Gerald Abdul- Wasi, fired Webb-Bey based on Baker’s allegation and the sheer number of inmate complaints. Lowell Correction Institution located in Ocala, Florida was the first Florida prison for women. It was opened in April 1956 as the Florida Correctional Institution. It houses all security levels: minimum, maximum, and death row. It has a maximum population of 1,244 female inmates ranging anywhere from youth (14-18) to adults (18+). Offender Search for the Lowell CI Facility: Browse current population. Male officers are sometimes present during many of the private moments in the lives of women prisoners at Lowell CI, when they dress and undress, take showers, or go to the toilet. 

Still more of a problem is that in almost all states male guards are permitted to carry out pat-down searches of female inmates, touching women through their clothes, including their breasts and genitals.Allegations of sexual abuse of women in prison and the number of successful lawsuits by women prisoners have both been growing. Serious charges involving well over a thousand women inmates have been brought, and in many cases substantiated, in forty-eight out of the fifty states. And that number almost certainly represents a small fraction of the incidents that occur. So what really happened to Bernadette Gregory and what kind of "investigation" will take place, so far in 2015 there has been none.

Bill Warner
private investigator 

Saturday, July 25, 2009

ATTN: Investigative Reporter Australian Newspapers.....Taliban official website is hosted in Milton AU

ATTN: Investigative Reporter Australian Newspapers.....Taliban official website, the "Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan" is hosted in Milton AU.

July 19, 2009 , An Australian soldier has been killed in Afghanistan by an explosive device, A second Australian digger was seriously wounded in the explosion, along with three Afghan civilians, including an eight year-old boy. The soldier killed was 22 years old and had been in the army for just over three years, Air Chief Marshal Houston said.

He was a member of the Force Protection Combat Team and was on foot near a compound when the explosion occurred. Air Chief Marshal Houston described him as a "brave and dedicated'' soldier who was "operationally experienced and highly skilled''.

"He was a very professional soldier who served enthusiastically and with distinction. " He died ensuring that terrorist groups do not have Afghanistan as a base from which they can plan and mount attacks.'' And in Milton AU the Taliban have been operating and recruiting on their official website

Extremist Web Sites Are Using U.S. Hosts, Ease and Anonymity Draw Taliban, al-Qaeda. By Joby Warrick and Candace RondeauxWashington Post Staff WritersThursday, April 9, 2009; Page A01...... In April the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan website was hosted in the USA, now it is in Australia.

AL-QAEDA TERROR WEBSITE WWW.AL-EKHLAAS.NET THAT POSTED THREAT TO KILL GORDON BROWN AND TONY BLAIR IS SHUT DOWN TODAY. The threats appeared on the website hosted by APNIC, which has been used by al-Qaeda and is monitored by intelligence agencies, in January. They warned of a wave of suicide attacks in Britain and against British interests around the world unless the group’s demands for a withdrawal from Iraq and the release of Muslim prisoners were met.

Jul24 2009 VOICE OF JIHAD....

Eight Americans were killed in Jalriz, Wardack province. (Mujahid 24.7. 09) In Jalriz district, Wardack province, Mujahideen destroyed two American tanks by a remotely -controlled device. Witnesses say, eight American soldiers were killed in this blast. The destroyed tanks are lying in the site.

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OrgName: Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
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Bill Warner
private investigator
Sarasota Fl

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foiling the Next 9/11 and Not Even Knowing It Private Investigator Bill Warner Exposed US Airways Plot

Foiling the Next 9/11 and Not Even Knowing It, Private Investigator Bill Warner Exposed US Airways Plot. The United States may have narrowly missed a repeat of the 9/11 attacks in June — and, apparently, even the FBI doesn’t realize it. (Private Investigator Bill Warner was the only person to put together the two US Airways Flights with weapons smuggled on the planes on the same day with the same destination, Phoenix AZ.).

On June 4, a 24-year-old Muslim man named Raed Abdhul-Rahman Al-Saif wasarrested for trying to bring a seven-inch knife on board a U.S. Airways flight at Tampa International Airport, destined for Phoenix. The blade was seen by a screener and Alsaif was caught before he could get onto the airliner. 

Of course, he says he is innocent, as some forgetful friend gave him the luggage bag and failed to mention that a knife was embedded inside the material, which the criminal complaint states was “artfully” concealed in such a way as to allow for it to be retrieved once the flight took off.
Alsaif graduated from the Islamic Saudi Academy in Virginia in 2003. For those that don’t remember, this school has been embroiled in a little bit of controversy the past two years. In October 2007, the U.S. Commission on International Religion Freedom requested that the State Department close the school, citing the use of textbooks filled with extremism.
The commission again reported on the school’s radical curriculum in June 2008. One graduate has been convicted of working with al-Qaeda, while two former students were kicked out of Israel upon landing due to clear signs they were planning suicide bombings.

Private investigator Bill Warner notes that when Al-Saif was booked and photographed by police in October on his second arrest on drug charges, he had a beard — a beard that was shaven off before he attempted to board the U.S. Airways flight, More................

See Private Investigator Bill Warner's original expose post one day after the arrest of Raed Al-Saif was made public, Wednesday, June 17, 2009, Were Two U.S. Airways Planes Going To Be Hijacked As they Headed To Phoenix AZ On June 4th 2009 From Tampa And Philadelphia at 8:00AM ?

On June 4th 2009 two separate incidents took place with airplanes of US Airways, a man, Damien Young, on the Philadelphia PA flight to Phoenix AZ Flight Number 1195 scheduled to leave at 7:10am, had smuggled onboard a 9mm handgun.

Roshid Milledge, a U.S. Airways employee, aided and abetted Young's possession and concealment of the dangerous weapon on board the aircraft.A man, Raed Abduhl-Rahman Alsaif ,24,on the Tampa FL flight to Phoenix AZ, flight Number 1077 that was scheduled leave at 7:45am, attempted to smuggle onboard a 7 inch butcher knife.

Raed Abduhl-Rahman Alsaif was a graduate of the of the Islamic Saudi Academy Alexandria, VA Class of 2003. New York Sen. Charles E. Schumer has recently questioned whether the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Virginia, is another example of radical Islamic madrassas funded by and linked to terrorism here and abroad.

Bill Warner
private investigator

L.I. Man Bryant Neal Vinas aka Bashir al-Amreki" Joined the US Army blogged for Malika El Aroud Joined Al-Qaeda Then Flipped on Them.

L.I. Man Bryant Neal Vinas aka Bashir al-Amreki" Joined the US Army blogged for Malika El Aroud Joined Al-Qaeda Then Flipped on Them, Dead Man Walking.

Bryant Neal Vinas grew up in the solid middle class of Suffolk County, the son of an engineer, the child of a couple that had emigrated from South America, a fan of football and video games, an altar boy and, eventually, a Boy Scout.

But Bryant Neal Vinas became very angry, according to his mother, when his parents’ bitter divorce cleaved through his adolescence. He opted against college and
instead joined the United States Army at 18.
Years later, he became a Muslim, joined a mosque, began visiting jihadist Web sites and, in 2008, found himself traveling to Pakistan, and eventually Afghanistan. There, this young man from an American suburb tried to kill American soldiers in a Qaeda rocket attack against a military base, according to federal court papers unsealed in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

Mr. Vinas worshiped at a mosque on Long Island, where he worked briefly as a truck driver and in a car wash, according to officials, one of whom said he had been largely “self-radicalized.” This official said that Mr. Vinas had met some people at the mosque, the Islamic Association of Long Island, but largely turned toward jihad on the Internet.

Mr. Vinas, 26, pleaded guilty in January to conspiring to murder United States nationals, providing material support to Al Qaeda and receiving military training from the group.

He also told Brooklyn federal prosecutors and
F.B.I. agents about discussions he had with operational planners from Al Qaeda about a plot to blow up a Long Island Rail Road train inside Pennsylvania Station, according to several law enforcement officials.
The cases in Belgium and France center on two groups of French and Belgian citizens, several of whom trained in the camps, as well as a Moroccan-born woman,
Malika El Aroud, who has been accused of using the Internet to recruit the young Muslim men to train with Al Qaeda.
Mr. Vinas is expected to be a key witness in those cases because he spent time in the training camps with the men.

Mr. Vinas, who is in custody in New York, has also provided a 20-page witness statement that will be entered into evidence in the Belgian case, one law enforcement official said.

Ms. El Aroud, a Belgian citizen, has become one of the most prominent Internet jihadists in Europe. Her husband killed the anti-
Taliban resistance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud two days before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at the behest of Osama bin Laden.
Wednesday, May 28, 2008,
On Wednesday May 28th 2008 the Sarasota Herald Tribune reprinted a story from the NY Times concerning and romanticizing Malika El Aroud a Belgium female "Islamic Blogger" with blue slippers monogrammed in gold SEXY, she advocates the violent over through of the USA, the UK and every other non-believer Western Country, quote "She calls herself a female holy warrior for Al-Qaida" the same al-Qaida that Osama ben-Laden admits was responsible for the attacks on September 11th 2001 in the USA....

Malika El Arouud's first husband had a part in the execution of the beginning of the 9/11/01 attacks, in early 2001 she followed her husband to Afghanistan as he trained at an al-Qaida camp, she was installed in a camp for foreign women in Jalalabad, her husband became ready for his mission and two days before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, carried out a suicide bombing in Afghanistan that killed the anti-Taliban resistance leader
Ahmed Shah Massoud at the behest of Osama bin Laden.
Massoud was the target of a suicide attack which occurred at Khwaja Bahauddin on September 9, 2001. The attackers were two Arabs, Abdessater Dahmane and Bouraoui el-Ouaer both Tunisians, Malika El Around's husband Abdessater Dahmane was killed, and she took to the Internet as the widow of a martyr, this woman is a terrorist.

Bill Warner
private investigator

Long Island NY Traitor and Muslim Convert Bryant Neal Vinas aka "Bashir al-Amreki" Gave Al Qaeda Info On NY City Subways, LIRR.

Long Island NY Traitor and Muslim Convert Bryant Neal Vinas aka "Bashir al-Amreki" Gave Al Qaeda Info On NY City Subways, LIRR.

A Long Island man confessed to feeding Al Qaeda information about New York's subways and LIRR trains, triggering last year's Thanksgiving Eve Subway terror alert, the feds say.

Bryant Neal Vinas, 26, the son of South American immigrants and a convert to Islam, was captured in November in Pakistan after he joined in a rocket attack on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, according to court papers unsealed Wednesday.
He confessed his treason almost immediately and began cooperating, offering information of potentially great value because he had met with high-level operational leaders, sources said.

The court papers unsealed Wednesday said Vinas provided "expert advice and assistance" derived from his "specialized knowledge" of New York's subways and the Long Island Rail Road.

Vinas' hometown of Patchogue is the same middle-class community that produced Lt. Michael Murphy the Navy SEAL who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Vinas began attending a mosque in Selden, L.I., and dressing in Islamic garb, but never explained his conversion to his Peruvian-born father. Vinas began spending time away from home, he told his father he attended a mosque and community center about eight miles away in Selden, the Islamic Association of Long Island , 10 Park Hill Dr, Selden, NY‎, a former FBI counter-terrorism official said suspected extremists had been identified at the mosque.

The NY subway system has been and will be a target of Al-Qaeda. The following events give credence to the need for a vibrant intelligence program that uniquely addresses the counter terrorism security equities of New York City. Each of them inextricably link New York City and terrorism in the post- September 11 period.
UPDATE 8/15/07 NYPD TERROR REPORT, TERRORIST PLOT TO BOMB NEW YORK SUBWAY SYSTEM---The New York Daily News, citing unidentified police sources, reported that at least one of the suspects may be a member of the Islamic terrorist group HAMAS. The federal complaint said that one of the terrorists, Abu Mezer, had claimed in an application for political asylum in the United States that he had been arrested in Israel for allegedly "being a member of a known terrorist organization. Sources say that what was found in the apartment was four pipe bombs wired together with a hobbyist toggle switch.

The Media Anthrax Case: October 2001 ---In the space of a week, employees and visitors of the New York Post, NBC, CBS and ABC News in New York City were victim to anthrax attacks. A woman at another Manhattan location died of inhalation anthrax through cross contamination of the mail.
The Iyman Faris case: late 2002/early 2003 ---Al Qaeda operative Iyman Faris, on orders from Khalid Sheik Mohammed (mastermind behind September 11, 2001), twice examined the Brooklyn Bridge to evaluate the feasibility of destroying it. Deterred in part the NYPD’s high visibility policing, Faris reported that the “weather is too hot,” meaning security was too tight to carry out the attack. He is serving 20 years in prison for conspiring against targets including the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Subway Cyanide Plot: February 2003 ---An arrest of a jihadist in Saudi Arabia revealed computer records of a plot to attack the New York City subway system using hydrogen cyanide in dispersal canisters. Surveillance of the subway stations had previously been undertaken.

Iranian Agent Reconnaissance: 2003-2004 ---On three occasions security personnel from Iran’s Mission conducted surveillance of New York City landmarks and infrastructure including bridges and the subway system leading into Manhattan. The U.S. Government and the NYPD are concerned that they were building “off the shelf” reconnaissance of New York targets in advance of any future attacks against New York by terrorists supported by Iran, such as Hezbollah. This would replicate Iranian action prior to the 1994 bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires where 85 persons were killed.

The Mohammed Babar Case: April 2004 ---An Al Qaeda operative was arrested by NYPD detectives and FBI agents in Queens, New York for his role in a plot to bomb pubs, restaurants, and train stations in London (they since have flipped him). He had been a member of a radical organization which still exists in the New York City area (Al-Muhajiroun). He was also linked to the Masjid al-fatima aka Islamic Center of Queens SEE VIDEO HERE, and has testified against 5 Uk terrorists who planned to bomb a disco, they were all convicted. Mohammed Junaid Babar is currently testifying in a UK courtroom against 3 more terrorist pals.

The Citigroup/Stock Exchange Case: July 2004 ---A laptop commuter of an Al Qaeda operative is recovered containing detailed reconnaissance plans ---a prerequisite for attack--- of the New York Stock Exchange and Citigroup headquarters in mid-town Manhattan.

Dhiren Barot, aka Aba Esi al-Hindi was convicted Nov. 7, 2006 in London and sentenced to life in prison for his role in plotting the destruction of London hotels, in addition to New York financial institutions, he is linked to al-Muhajiroun and to Mohammed Junaid Babar.

The Herald Square Case: August 2004 ---Shahawar Matin Siraj (Al-Muhajiroun) and James Elshafay were arrested for plotting to bomb the 34th Street and Sixth Avenue Subway station, located just a block away from Madison Square Garden, where the 2004 Republican National Convention was to be held. He is linked to the Mosque in Queens and to Mohammed Junaid Babar.

The Uzair Paracha Case: November 2005 ---Uzair Paracha, a Pakistani-born resident of New York City, was convicted of providing material support to Al Qaeda. Paracha’s father, who knew Bin Laden, was part owner in a Manhattan garment district business. It is believed that Paracha’s ultimate goal was to use that business’s shipping containers (Newark NJ) to smuggle weapons or explosives into New York City.

The Tariq Shah Case and Dr. Sabir of Boca Raton FL: May 2006 ---Tariq Shah, a Bronx resident and martial arts expert, was indicted for providing material support to Al Qaeda. Shah had conspired to provide martial arts and hand-to-hand combat with weapons training to Al Qaeda.

The Syed Hashmi Case: June 2006 ---Syed Hashmi, a Queens resident active in the New York City chapter of a radical Islamic group known as al-Mujairoun, was arrested in London where he was engaged in providing material support for Al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan. He is directly linked to the Masjid A-Fatima Mosque aka Islamic Center of Queens and to Mohammed Junaid Babar.

Path/Ground Zero Case: July 2006 ---Lebanon authorities arrested a principal in a plot to attack the PATH subway linking New Jersey to Lower Manhattan and to blow up the retaining wall at Ground Zero at the former World Trade Center site in an effort to flood lower Manhattan.With this operational environment in mind, the NYPD leadership has taken steps to assure that New York City’s post-September 11, 2001 counter terrorism and security interests were pursued thoughtfully and aggressively. Most important, it has been a well informed program thanks in large measure to its intelligence investigative, information gathering and analysis efforts.

Arrest of Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari, a/k/a "Michael Mixon," Feb. 2007 on attempt charges of terrorism financing, material support of terrorism, and international money laundering; Alishtari, a 53-year-old resident of Ardsley, New York, facilitated the transfer of $152,000 with the intention that it be used in Afghanistan and Pakistan to help train terrorists. Specifically, in the latter half of 2006, Alishtari accepted payment to discreetly transfer these funds, believing that they were earmarked for Pakistan and Afghanistan terror training camps.

The NYPD does a terrific job in keeping NYC safe, the undercurrent of an impending terrorist attack, attributed to members of al-Muhajiroun underscores the need for increased surveillance and tactics to deter those who intend to inflict mass causalities in the Manhattan area.

Bill Warner
private investigator