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Ottawa keeps mum on U.S. terror suspect's reported Canadian connection to Mississauga, Private Investigator Bill Warner quoted.

Private Investigator Bill Warner Quoted in Canadian Press Article on U.S. Terrorist Najibullah Zazi Trips to Mississauga Ont. Terror Central in Canada.

Ottawa keeps mum on U.S. terror suspect's reported Canadian connection. By Sunny Freeman, THE CANADIAN PRESS,, Updated: September 26, 2009 4:53 PM

TORONTO – Officials on both sides of the border erected a wall of silence Saturday over word that an Afghan immigrant arrested on terrorism-related charges in the United States made at least two trips to Canada.

The reference to Najibullah Zazi’s trips to Canada was almost made in passing Friday by U.S. prosecutor Tim Neff during a Denver court hearing. Zazi is accused of plotting to use weapons of mass destruction to attack commuter trains in New York City to coincide with the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

They say Zazi was stopped by police Sept. 10 as he entered New York, and he dropped his plans for an attack once he realized that law enforcement was on to him.

Neff did not give any other details on the Canadian trips and a spokesman said in an email later Friday that he had no comment on them. An FBI spokeswoman said Saturday the agency could not confirm “anything regarding this case at this time.” Reports say Saturday that agents with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service were knocking on the doors of relatives of Zazi in Mississauga, Ont, west of Toronto, Friday night.

But Canadian officials refused to acknowledge that the spy agency was investigating. CSIS spokeswoman Manon Berube said the service does not discuss its operations as a matter of course. “No comment on specific operations, but we would certainly be co-operating with our American counterparts,” she said.

She referred inquiries to Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan’s office, which in turn referred calls back to CSIS for operational security matters. Van Loan’s spokesman Christopher McCluskey refused to speak about the case.

“Beyond that, I cannot comment on any individual case before the courts, or any individual file that engages in national security.”

But a private investigator in the U.S., who touts himself as a specialist in tracking down suspected terrorists, as well as suspected philanderers, said the potential Mississauga connection is a “red-flag.” “That’s terrorist central in Canada,” said Bill Warner, a private investigator who boasts he has worked with the FBI on cases involving terrorism.

“If he was in that city, that’s one of the key spots in Canada for these terror connections and they link back into Atlanta, Chicago, Toledo,” Warner said. The FBI wouldn’t confirm Warner’s credentials, saying it could not reveal who the agency works with as a matter of policy.

Over the summer, he and three associates went from one beauty-supply store to another in a Denver suburb buying chemicals to make explosives like those that killed dozens of people in transit bombings in London and Madrid, investigators said. (With files from The Associated Press). more from this source……………


TOLEDO TO CHICAGO TO ATLANTA TO TORONTO TO TAMPA…”THE THIRD LEVEL”, training to do violent jihad activities (click images for details). The members of the Toledo Terror cell were Khaleel Ahmed his cousin Zubair Ahmed (no photo) both of Chicago and the 3 men from Toledo, Mohammad Amawi, 28, Marwan El-Hindi, 45, and Wassim Mazloum, 27 (their combined photo above), who now face maximum sentences of life in prison. Also linked to the cell are the two men from Atlanta, Syed Harris Ahmed and Ehsaanul Sadequee who had planned to truck bomb the CDC in Atlanta and who directly link to the Toronto cell were 14 men are currently on trial for a terror bomb plot.

Due t the fact the Ahmed Mohamed in Tampa Fl pled guility on the same day that the 3 Toledo terrorists were convicted, Friday 6/13/2008, he is a very strong contender to be part of this crew. Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd said he couldn’t comment on the Ahmed Mohamed plea agreement in Tampa. But he noted it was signed the same day federal prosecutors won terrorism convictions against three Ohio men.

A federal jury in Ohio convicted Mohammad Zaki Amawi, 28, Marwan Othman El-Hindi, 45, and Wassim I. Mazloum, 27, of conspiring to commit terrorist acts against Americans overseas and other terrorism-related violations. The three were convicted of conspiring to kill or maim U.S. military personnel serving in Iraq, and conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. Amawi and El-Hindi were also convicted of distributing information regarding the manufacture or use of explosives, according to Boyd.

Mohammad Zaki Amawi, Marwan Othman El-Hindi and Wassim Mazloum (Mazloum was a Toledo used car dealer) link to Zubair A. Ahmed (Chicago) who links to Syed Haris Ahmed (Atlanta) who admitted to taking “casing videos” of Washington landmarks, including the U.S. Capitol, that ended up on the computer of a London terrorist, this whole gang links to one another in 4 major US cities, who link to Toronto where Syed Haris Ahmed traveled to hook up with the Toronto Terror Cell, all just one big happy family !

February 26, 2005: In Atlanta, Georgia, Ehsanul Islam Sadequee, 18, resident of Roswell, Georgia, buys two Greyhound bus tickets for himself and Syed Haris Ahmed, 21, of Dawsonville, Georgia. March 6, 2005: Together, Ahmed and Sadequee take a bus to Toronto, Ontario. They spent six days in the Toronto area with at least three people under surveillance by anti-terrorism authorities, including Fahim Ahmad and Jahmaal James. According to published reports, the Atlanta men, Ehsanul Islam Sadequee and Syed Haris Ahmed, had met with Fahim Ahmad, who later emerged as the alleged leader of the Toronto 18. They also met Jahmaal James, a convert who reportedly traveled to Pakistan for marriage, but is accused of having gone there to attend a terrorist training camp.

The three Toledo men accused of terrorism activities were not manipulated by a government informant and instead were planning acts for a holy war, a federal prosecutor told jurors yesterday in U.S. District Court in Toledo. Gregg Sofer, a U.S. Justice Department attorney, said in his closing argument that the defendants – Mohammad Amawi, Marwan El-Hindi, and Wassim Mazloum – were enthusiastic participants in forming a terror cell to wage war against American soldiers in Iraq. The trial for Mr. Amawi, 28; Mr. El-Hindi, 45, and Mr. Mazloum, 26, on terrorism-related charges ended Friday 6/13/2008 with convictions for all 3 men.

Up next to stand trial are the final 2 members of this Toledo terror crew the radical cousins Zubair A. Ahmed, age 27, who had resided at 3504 Green Bay Road, Apartment 309C, North Chicago, Illinois, and his cousin, Khaleel Ahmed, age 26, who had resided at 4501 N. Keystone Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Both are U.S. citizens. On or about February 21, 2006, ZUBAIR and KHALEEL communicated by telephone. ZUBAIR advised KHALEEL, in part and in substance, that he had heard a radio report of the arrest of Separately Indicted Co-Conspirator A (in Toronto), and others (the 3 on trial Toledo). ZUBAIR told KHALEEL, in part and in substance, that Separately Indicted Co-Conspirator A (in Toronto) could have gotten them in big trouble.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service first caught wind of a possible cell after a tip from British authorities, who had been monitoring the Internet movements of Younis Tsouli – a.k.a. “Irhabi 007″ - a London man accused of operating a series of al-Qaeda-linked websites. Officials believe Tsouli was using one of his chat rooms to communicate with radical recruits in Toronto and Atlanta.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jordanian Hosam Maher Husein Smadi arrested in alleged attempt to car bomb Dallas skyscraper, AL-QAEDA’S CAR BOMB RING IN AMERICA by private investigator Bill Warner.

Jordanian Hosam Maher Husein Smadi arrested in alleged attempt to car bomb Dallas skyscraper, AL-QAEDA’S CAR BOMB RING IN AMERICA by private investigator Bill Warner.

A 19-year-old Jordanian citizen was arrested Thursday in a dramatic FBI sting operation after he parked a vehicle laden with government-supplied fake explosives at an iconic downtown Dallas skyscraper and attempted to detonate it, authorities said.
An undercover FBI agent monitoring an online extremist Web site discovered Hosam Maher Husein Smadi espousing jihad against the U.S. more than six months ago. As more undercover Arabic-speaking agents engaged him, Smadi, living illegally in the U.S. in the small town of Italy, about 45 miles south of Dallas, pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden and expressed a desire to kill Americans, authorities said.

In conversations with agents posing as members of an al-Qaeda sleeper cell, Smadi said he came to the U.S. to wage jihad, or holy war. He told agents he wanted to target military recruitment centers, but eventually settled on financial institutions. "I want to destroy ... targets ... everything that helps America on its war on Arabs will be targeted," he told undercover agents in May.

The sting culminated in Thursday's arrest after Smadi parked a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, supplied by the FBI, in the underground parking garage of Fountain Place, a 60-story, emerald-green glass office tower in the 1400 block of Ross Avenue at North Field Street that is home to many businesses, including a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage office, more from this source.....

AL-QAEDA’S CAR BOMB RING IN AMERICA, BY PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER. Keynote Speech: John Loftus and Bill Warner “The Terrorists Among US: Al-Qaeda’s Car Bomb Ring in America”, The Stolen Cars of Al Qaeda.

How a Private Detective in Florida discovered a new global terrorist connection Written by Atty. John Loftus, /, research by Bill Warner WBI Inc Terrorism Research Ctr.  , international analysis by  . John Loftus the president of the Intelligence Summit and Bill Warner gave the speech at the Intelligence Summit meeting on March 7th, 2007 in St. Petersburg Fl, it is public record. Claude Salhani of UPI News reported that the only bright spot at the Intelligence Summit was Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner’s expose of the Stolen cars of Al-Qaeda, see click here.
“Bill Warner believes that AL Qaeda is recruiting an international network of teenage car thieves who have escaped international notice because their criminal records have been sealed as juveniles”

As these invisible criminals become adults, they switch from stealing cars to making bombs. The worst form of child abuse is teaching a child to hate. In general terms, the children Al Qaeda seeks are native born in the USA, Canada, or the United Kingdom. Their parents typically fled Pakistan in order to find freedom in the west. The parents are largely secular, extremely pro western and only nominally Muslim. Al Qaeda’s child recruits are all males, usually recruited around age 14-15.

They are bright kids, usually science or math majors, often denounced by their peers as nerds or geeks. In his July5, 2005 testimonybefore the Senate Banking Committee, terrorism expert Steven Emerson made a chilling prophecy. He said that hewould not be surprised someday to find an international network of stolen car rings raising money for terrorism,and shipping cars to the Middle East to be made into car bombs.

Emerson did not know that Bill Warner, a Florida Private Investigator had been secretly working on this issue since 2002. Warner has uncovered documentary evidence that stolen cars from Florida were being shipped to Al-Qaeda front companies in Dubai, U.A.E., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Aqqaba, Jordan.

Furthermore, Warner claims that he has provided Federal agencies with a “smoking gun” document; a copy of the bill of lading from a Tampa used car lot shipping a vehicle directly to what appearsto be an Al Qaeda front company in Saudi Arabia. Even more embarrassing to the FBI, Warner showed the federal agents that the suspected used car lots in Florida all had a common link: these used car lots were either owned by convicted terrorist Sami Al Arian or run by one of his associates.

Recent history has demonstrated that there are few religious-ideological barriers in the world of international terrorism. The secular Ba’athist regime in Syria works closely with Hizballah, as a secular Ba’athist regime in Iraq has developed ties to al-Qaeda.It would be a mistake to assume that Islamist international terror groups are driven primarily by the religious associations with radical Sunni or radical Shiite Islam. These groups have their own geopolitical interests in bridging this great Islamic divide – particularly their antipathy for the United States and its allies.

Some of the automobiles can be easily identified, specialists said, while others have had their VINs ground down or have been fitted with fake ones. Investigators believe the cars were stolen by local car thieves in US cities, then smuggled to waiting ships at ports…”Black Cars” According to law enforcement surveillance, each car lot could ship an average of five used cars a month to the Middle East, where they have been resold for $30,000 to$45,000 (with some luxury cars selling as high as$75,000). That could earn as much as a quarter of a million dollars per month, or three million per year per car lot. Just from the few dozen car lots that are know to law enforcement, terrorist groups have the potential to raise close to one hundred million dollars per year.

Al Qaeda’s car smuggling system has been in operation for more than a decade. Conservatively, more than a billion dollars from the car connection has gone to the cause of global terrorism in the last ten years. Next to narcotics, the used car connection is possibly the largest source of terrorist funding in the world.

The Car Bomb Connection;
Al Qaeda did not invent the stolen car smuggling system;they copied it from the Soviet Union. Saleh Al Oufi was a loyal follower, and in 1994 quickly established a used car dealership in Medina,Saudi Arabia, as his commercial cover for Al-Qaeda.

Al Oufi and his clan were familiar with covert operations and were no strangers to terrorism. One of Al Oufi’scousins, Majid Moqed Al-Oufi, was one of the 9/11 hijackers on the plane that hit the Pentagon. AL Oufi’s business partner in the innocent sounding “Holy Water” export company was Ramzi Yousef, a major terrorist planner in his own right.

Saleh Al Oufi knew that his partner Ramzi had planned the first twin trade towers attack in 1993, and then came up with the “Bojinka plot” with KSM to blow up dozens of US aircraft over the ocean. Al Oufi knew that Ramzi came by his terrorist talents naturally: Ramzi’s uncle was Khalid Sheik Mohammed, chief architect of the 9/11 attacks.

For a humble used car dealer, Saleh Al Oufi had an unusually high percentage of terrorist friends and relatives. Family members have publicly confirmed reports that Al Oufi was close to Usama Bin Laden, and had met with bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar shortly before the 9/11 attacks. Al Oufi told his family that he had met the two Al Qaeda leaders both in Augustand September of 2001, and Al Oufi himself went back to Afghanistan following the US led attack.

In 1994-1995, Saleh Al Oufi used his commercial cover as a used car dealer to travel across Europe. Saudi government sources acknowledged that they could not rule out the possibility that AL Oufi could have used the trips to establish links to terrorist cells in Germany andthat AL Oufi’s used car business was a perfect cover for money laundering. One of his used car stops was Hamburg, Germany, where a young man named Mohammed Atta later found employment selling used cars in the open air car market on Feld Street. While it has been confirmed that Al Oufi’s cousin Moqed participated with Atta on the 9/11 attacks, it is not known if Al Oufi the car dealer ever met with Atta the car salesman during Al Oufi’s trips to the Hamburg car markets.

When Al Qaeda wanted to support a terrorist operation in a foreign country, they simply opened a used cardealership and shipped them cars stolen from another country to sell. Warner’s thesis was simple: “the cars are the cash.”

Four used car lots in Tampa had one other thing in common: they all had a connection to convicted terrorist Sami Al Arian. On one day in October 2004, one of Al Arian’s usedcar dealers made just one little mistake. They left four dock receipts on the dashboard of four cars about to beshipped overseas; a Chevy SUV, a Ford and two Mercedes. Warner photographed the Dock Receipt in one of theMercedes. The dock receipt laid out the details of the shipping connections.

The document confirmed that this ten-year-old Mercedes was about to be shipped to the Middle East. This car does not appear to have been stolen, but purchased at auction. Not that it would really make much of a difference if this particular car had been stolen because there is no way to trace it. Warner points out that two years after the Mercedes was shipped to Saudi Arabia, Florida’s bizarre computersystem continues to show that the car is still registeredto a Financial Car Dealer in West Palm Beach.

Warner says, “This is the used car dealer racket, the dealer is never shown as the registered owner of the car. There is nothing for an intelligence agency to trace. Ithappens all the time. “Except that this time, Warner photographed the dock receipt. It showed that the old Mercedes was to be taken by truck transport to the Jax-Port in Jacksonville, andthen by rail to Savannah, Georgia.

Why ship an old car all the way to Georgia to be placed on a ship, when the Port of Tampa has such a fine export facility? “So does Miami,” Warner explained. Either port was a lot closer than Savannah. “Of course, the Tampa shipping lines might ask for extra documentation because the ships have to pass right under the nose of the CentralCommand Headquarters at McDill Air Force Base, and the Miami port is the only one in the country that bothers to x-ray the export containers to see if there are undeclared cars inside. “For a ring of cautious car thieves, Savannah is the next,best place to go. Once there, the cars can be placed on a container ship out to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. On theMercedes dock receipt, the typed-in destination of “Dubai” had been crossed out, and the word “Jeddah”written in.

Chevy and Ford SUV’s may have been the vehicle of choice for transporting terrorists, but when it came to car bombs, AL Qaeda had a clear favorite, also American made: GMC Suburbans. These vehicles were strong enough to be packed with a heavy load of explosives with out flattening the springs and giving away the threat to an American sentry. According to Interpol, a GMC SUV can carry 4000 pounds of explosives, vs. 1000 pounds for a luxury car, vs. 500pounds for a Japanese compact.

The American made GMC SUV’s had more kill capacity. Moreover, the GMC SUV’s looked like the typical kind of cars that American contractors drove, so there was a built in cover as the car bombers snuck up on the American soldiers guarding the checkpoints.

The Iraqi Baathists kill with IED’s buried in the street that blow upwards, the”foreigners” of Al Qaeda prefer car bombs because they blow sideways and cause more damage in a crowd. Al Qaeda does not care about Iraqis; Al Qaeda’s mission is to start a civil war. As AL Zarqawi put it in a letter to Osama Bin Laden: if we allow these elections to succeed, we shall have to leave Iraq and find another country. Saudi Arabia was no longer home. In the meantime, the cars keep loading onto the roll on-roll off ships, and the car bombs keep killing the innocent.

Bill Warner,
Private Investigator

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Najibullah Zazi, Mohammed Wali Zazi and Ahmad Wais Afzali the Imam of Masjid Gazrati Abu Bakr Mosque Arrested in New York City Subway Bomb Plot, They Link To Al-Qaeda

Click here for arrest warrant and affidavit of Mohammed Zazi

Click here for arrest warrant and affidavit of Ahmad Wais Afzali

Click here for a Microsoft Word version of the Zazi press release


WASHINGTON – The Justice Department today announced that two individuals in Colorado and one individual in New York have been arrested on charges of making false statements to federal agents in an ongoing terror investigation.

FBI agents in Colorado arrested Najibullah Zazi, 24, a resident of Aurora, Colo., and legal permanent resident from Afghanistan, and his father Mohammed Wali Zazi, 53, a resident of Aurora and a naturalized U.S. citizen from Afghanistan. In addition, FBI agents in New York arrested Ahmad Wais Afzali, 37, a resident of Flushing, N.Y., and a legal permanent resident from Afghanistan.

 (The Masjid Gazrati Abu Bakr mosque, spiritual home to 1,000 worshippers. According to the assistant Imam Ahmad Wais Afzali, more than 90 percent of the congregants are from Afghanistan, though the mosque also attracts Muslims from Pakistan, Bosnia, Africa and the Middle East. Afzali is from Afghanistan himself, but he came to New York with his family when he was eight and speaks English without an accent).

Each of the defendants has been charged by criminal complaint with knowingly and willfully making false statements to the FBI in a matter involving international and domestic terrorism. Najibullah Zazi and Mohammed Zazi are scheduled to make their initial appearances on Monday in federal court in the District of Colorado. Ahmad Afzali is scheduled to make his initial appearance on Monday in federal court in the Eastern District of New York. If convicted, each faces a potential eight years imprisonment

“The arrests carried out tonight are part of an ongoing and fast-paced investigation. It is important to note that we have no specific information regarding the timing, location or target of any planned attack. As always, however, the American people should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to their local authorities,” said David Kris, Assistant Attorney General for National Security. “I would like to thank the many agents, analysts and attorneys who are working extremely hard on this important matter.”

According to affidavits filed in support of the three criminal complaints, the FBI is investigating several individuals in the United States, Pakistan and elsewhere, relating to a plot to detonate improvised explosive devices in the United States. Records from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reflect that, on Aug. 28, 2008, Najibullah Zazi flew to Peshawar, Pakistan from Newark International Airport via Geneva, Switzerland and Doha, Qatar. CBP records further reflect that Najibullah Zazi traveled from Peshawar to John F. Kennedy International Airport on or about Jan. 15, 2009.

According to the affidavits, on or about Sept. 9, 2009, FBI agents observed Najibullah Zazi depart his residence in Colorado in a rented car. He drove to New York City, arriving the following day, and spent the night at a residence in Flushing, Queens (“the Queens Residence.”)

On Sept. 10, 2009, New York City Police Department (NYPD) detectives met with defendant Afzali, whom the NYPD had utilized as a source in the past. According to the affidavits, the detectives questioned Afzali about Najibullah Zazi and others and showed him photographs of Najibullah Zazi and others. Afzali allegedly told the detectives he recognized Najibullah Zazi and several of the men in the photographs.

According to affidavits, on Sept. 11, 2009, defendant Mohammed Zazi placed a call to Afzali which lasted approximately 20 minutes. That same day, the FBI lawfully intercepted a phone conversation between Mohammed Zazi and his son, Najibullah Zazi. An affidavit alleges that, during the conversation, Mohammed Zazi told his son that he had spoken to Afzali who had informed him about being visited by law enforcement and shown photographs. Mohammed Zazi told his son that Afzali would call him and he advised his son to speak with Afzali “before anything else,” according to affidavits.

In the midst of this phone call, Najibullah Zazi allegedly received a call from Afzali, who discussed his meeting with law enforcement the day before. According to a draft summary of the transcription, Afzali allegedly stated: “I was exposed to something yesterday from law enforcement. And they came to ask me about your characters.” Afzali also allegedly asked Najibullah Zazi about his last trip to Pakistan and added, “Listen, our phone call is being monitored.”

According to the affidavits, in another legally intercepted phone conversation on Sept. 11, 2009, Najibullah Zazi told Afzali that his car had been stolen and that he feared he was being “watched.” Afzali allegedly asked if there was any “evidence in his car,” and Najibullah Zazi said no.

That same day, FBI agents conducted a legally authorized search of Najibullah Zazi’s rental car, which was parked near the Queens residence. During the search, agents found a laptop computer containing a jpeg image of nine-pages of handwritten notes. According to the affidavits, the notes contain formulations and instructions regarding the manufacture and handling of initiating explosives, main explosives charges, explosives detonators and components of a fuzing system. On Sept. 12, 2009, Najibullah Zazi flew from La Guardia Airport in New York to Denver.

On Sept. 16, 2009, FBI agents interviewed Najibullah Zazi in Denver. According to an affidavit, when he was asked about and shown handwritten notes regarding explosives found on his laptop computer, Najibullah Zazi falsely asserted that he had never seen the document before and stated he had not written the notes.

On Sept. 17 and 18, 2009, Najibullah Zazi was further interviewed by the FBI in Denver. According to affidavits, Najibullah Zazi admitted in the interviews that during his 2008 trip to Pakistan, he attended courses and received instruction on weapons and explosives at an al-Qaeda training facility in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan.

The affidavits allege that, on Sept. 17, 2009, Afzali was interviewed by authorities in New York where he falsely asserted in a written statement that he did not tell Najibullah Zazi or Mohammed Zazi that authorities had approached him seeking information about Najibullah Zazi. According to the affidavits, Afzali also falsely asserted that he never told Najibullah Zazi that they were being monitored on the phone and that he never asked Najibullah Zazi about evidence in his car.

The affidavits further allege that, on Sept. 16, 2009, Mohammed Zazi was interviewed by the FBI in Denver where he was asked whether anyone had called him and told him about his son’s activities and any trouble regarding his son. According to the affidavits, Mohammed Zazi falsely stated that he had never called anyone in New York other than his son and he had never received a call from anyone in New York. He allegedly revised his statement to say he had received one call from an individual who informed him that his son had missed his flight. According to the affidavits, Mohammed Zazi was later asked if he knew anyone by the name of Afzali and he said he did not.

These prosecutions are being handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Offices for the Eastern District of New York and the District of Colorado, with assistance from the Counterterrorism Section of the Justice Department’s National Security Division.

The investigation is being conducted by the New York and Denver FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces, which combined have investigators from more than fifty federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Al-Qaeda Agent Najibullah Zazi And His Father Muhommed Zazi Arrested By the FBI In Connection To New York City Subway Bomb Plot.

Al-Qaeda Agent Najibullah Zazi And His Father Muhommed Zazi Arrested By the FBI In Connection To New York City Subway Bomb Plot.

Federal agents took the man at the center of an FBI terrorism probe into custody at his apartment in Aurora late Saturday night. Najibullah Zazi and his father Muhommed Zazi, 53, were led away in handcuffs and arrested.

CBS4 News has learned that while the charges against the two men involve allegations of lying to federal agents, a possible terrorist plot is spelled out in arrest affidavit. It describes several individuals in the United States and Pakistan engaged in a plot to detonate improvised explosive devices inside the United States.

It says handwritten notes were transferred in image files to the computer of Najibullah Zazi. The notes contain formulas and instructions on building bombs.The two men will spend the weekend in jail before their initial court appearance on Monday.

Najibullah Zazi had been scheduled to go to the Federal Building in Denver on Saturday for a fourth day of meetings with federal agents but a spokeswoman for Zazi's defense team said Zazi and his attorney contacted the FBI to cancel the meeting.

Zazi, a 24-year-old airport shuttle driver, has insisted he is not involved in terrorism and has no links to al-Qaida. He completed a third day of questioning Friday and was allowed to return to his suburban Denver apartment, more from this source.....

At least two more arrests related to the investigation were expected in New York City, CNN said, citing a source close to the investigation. The arrests came after Najibullah Zazi refused a fourth day of questioning by the FBI Saturday after three straight days of interrogation in Denver.

ABC News reported investigators had found Zazi's computer showed he had researched New York sites likely to be crowded with people, including baseball and football stadiums, as well as a recipe for making homemade bombs of the size and shape used in a 2005 attack on London subways. Sources told CNN Zazi also had videotapes of Grand Central Station.

The network quoted unnamed law enforcement officials as saying Zazi has admitted to FBI interrogators that he has ties to al-Qaida and has received explosives training at a terror camp in Pakistan. ABC said other men associated with Zazi, one in Denver and the other in New York, may be prosecuted. The other men were not identified. Unnamed officials quoted by ABC said Zazi had sent text messages suggesting an attack was imminent, more from this source.....

Najibullah Zazi had lived in the Queens section of New York on Parsons Blvd FLUSHING, NY 11354 (11/15/2007). A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing obtained by CBS News raises more questions about the 24-year-old Afghan national now at the center of a multi-state terror investigation.

The filing was made by Najibullah Zazi on March 26, 2009, in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Eastern District of New York. It was officially discharged by Bankruptcy Judge Elizabeth S. Stong just last month, on August 17, 2009. In his petition to the court, Zazi claimed a total of $51,491.11 in debts and just $2,400 in assets. He declared he was as “self-employed street vendor” with a monthly income of $800.

The filing lists 20 creditors - all for credit cards. The companies include Bank of America ($1,099), Capitol One ($4,162), Discover ($5,173), two cards from Chase ($1,365 and $3,974), and four cards from HSBC ($13,282 total). In the five months between April and August of 2008, Zazi opened up 15 separate revolving credit card accounts eventually racking up more than $38,000 worth of debt ($38,786) on those cards, more from this source.....

Najibullah Zazi appeared to be financing his NYC bomb plot with credit cards totaling $51,491.11 .

Friday, September 11, 2009

There back, the al-Ekhlaas Forum, Same Jihad Guys From Last Year and hosted in the USA, again. Investigator Links 3rd Jihadist Web Site To Tampa Host.

There back, the al-Ekhlaas Forum, Same Jihad Guys From Last Year and hosted in the USA, again. Investigator Links 3rd Jihadist Web Site To Tampa Host.
Feb./08...For the third time in a month, Sarasota-based private investigator Bill Warner has tracked to a Tampa hosting company what investigators call a significant Web site used by jihadists for communications, recruitment and fundraising. The company is based in the same building as the U.S. attorney's office. Warner, who says he tracks jihadists online to disrupt their activities, says he noticed that the site once again is being hosted by Noc4Hosts

The site, /, appears to show images of mujahedeen firing on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, among other images. The Web site was hosted by Noc4Hosts Inc. until it was taken down this month after a call from The Tampa Tribune. Previous incarnations of the Web site have contained programs to give jihadists more secure communications capabilities. This week, another site considered to be a key conduit for jihadists was taken down by Noc4Hosts after a call from the Tribune. That site,  , is considered the principal and largest jihadist forum of supporters of al-Qaida and global jihad and the oldest, said Reuven Paz, director of the Jerusalem-based Project for the Research of Islamist Movements.

The al-Ekhlaas forum is back. Their new links are:  
For those of you who don’t know, the al-Ekhlaas Forum is considered to be one of the top-notch jihadi forums. It was shut down sometime last year (I think September?). This forum has members of various jihadi movements that post their works here for the world to see. When they went down, the al-Fallujah forum took this position. Al-Fallujah has gone off and on quite a few times the past year, but is currently running into some issues. Now, there’s a few observations I have made about this al-Ekhlaas announcement: The usage of the number 19 in their URL. Why 19? My best guess is that since 9/11 is tomorrow, the forum is dedicated to the 19 hijackers. This follows my second point. Why do they say it’s a gift from Shaykh Usama? It could possibly be that the forum was strategically chosen to appear on the anniversary of 9/11, to anger the Kuffar, and please the Mu’mineen. I remember that on every 9/11, the forums get smashed heavily and get taken down. So for this forum to appear the day before could say that they are ready for any event. Since this is supposed to be something that al-Fajr Media is bringing back, I find it very odd that their official message doesn’t bear the al-Fajr signature. And this is happening at a time when all the major Jihadi forums went down recently (Al-Ansar (their arabic one), al-Shamoukh, al-Faloja, and al-Qimmah). I’d rather not go into that right now nor my thoughts on it, but that’s just something to think about. My advice is to not register with the al-Ekhlaas forum for now.

The al-Ekhlaas forum is back
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

PI Bill Warner: U.S. company hosted web site used by Al-Shabaab group tied to suspected terrorist from Daphne Al.

PI Bill Warner: U.S. company hosted web site used by Al-Shabaab group tied to suspected terrorist from Daphne Al.

Posted by Brendan Kirby, Staff Reporter NEWS-REGISTER newspaper Daphne Al, September 10, 2009 10:23 AM

A Web site used by a Somali jihadist group that has been tied to a suspected terrorist from Daphne was hosted by an Internet company based in the United States, according to a private investigator.
Bill Warner, an investigator from Sarasota, Fla., who tried to shut down a number of Web sites linked to extremist groups, said he first targeted an al-Shabaab Web site in May 2008 after the U.S. government labeled it a terrorist organization. Dotster Inc. of Vancouver, Wash., took the Web site down in January, Warner said, after an order from the federal government.

Warner said he has run a detective agency for 15 years and has been trying to shut down terrorist Web sites -- on his own time without pay -- since 2003. When watching an April 2007 al-Shabaab Web posting, he said, he was particularly intrigued by one of the men on the Web site, a fair-skinned man, who stood apart from the Somali fighters.

That man went by the name Abu Mansour al-Amriki. Fox News reported last week that his true identity is Omar Hammami and that he faces a secret indictment in Mobile's federal court on a charge of providing material support to terrorists.

Hammami, 25, attended Daphne High School and the University of South Alabama. Warner said news reports of Hammami's past as a computer science student confirmed his suspicions that al-Amriki had provided technical assistance to al-Shabaab.

At that time, I suspected he was involved with setting up the Web site," he said. "It appears Omar, with his background, is the perfect guy to set this up for them." Rick Schwein, the assistant special agent in charge of counter-terrorism efforts at the Mobile office of the FBI, said he could not comment on a specific case. In general, he said, the bureau works within the constraints of the law to take down Web sites that lure recruits and coordinate terrorist activity. "It's something that is of great concern to us," he said.

Warner said federal investigators often do not want to tip their hand by moving on a Web site before they have mined it for intelligence. Foreign terrorist groups prefer to use American Web-hosting companies because the larger bandwidth they use allows higher-quality video postings.

Newspapers in Phoenix and Tampa, Fla., reported that Web hosting companies in their cities took down jihadist Web sites after Warner pointed them out in early 2008. But officials at Dotster, which hosted the al-Shabaab site at , initially resisted Warner's efforts, he said. "It was blatantly recruiting suicide bombers," Bill Warner said. More.............

Monday, September 07, 2009



Adam Gadahn, the former Garden Grove jail inmate in Orange County, Calif., who's become known as al Qaeda's media director, resurfaced in a new video released on the Web (first week of October 2008) after nearly nine months of silence. Adam Gadahn has come a long way from his Garden Grove CA days (see jail photo above) where he got his SSN 623-78-xxxx in 1995 and started surfing the Internet.

In 1995, at age 16, Adam Gadahn moved in with his grandparents in Santa Ana, California, where he worked in a computer store and explored the Internet, Gadahn was setting up web sites on the Internet for his heavy metal music reviews and then he discovered Islam ; The turning point, perhaps, was when I moved in with my grandparents here in Santa Ana, the county seat of Orange, California. My grandmother, a computer whiz, is hooked up to America Online and I have been scooting the information superhighway since January. But when I moved in, with the intent of finding a job (easier said than done), I begin to visit the religion folders on AOL and the Usenet newsgroups, where I found discussions on Islam to be the most intriguing.
Adam Gadahn worked for his aunt's radio and television production company in Los Angeles during the mid-1990s, and she thought he would become a broadcast journalist. In one of his last conversations with his family, Adam Gadahn said he was working for a newspaper in Pakistan (possibly As-Sahab) a family member told the Register in a 2004 interview. Adam Gadahn and some of his mentors in Orange County CA became the nucleus of what is now the As-Sahab media production wing of al-Qaeda.

Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansour Al-Amriki from Daphne AL;
MOBILE, Ala. -- University of South Alabama officials told the Press-Register that reported terror suspect Abu Mansour al-Amriki -- known during his Alabama days as Omar Hammami of Daphne, Ala. -- was a student at USA from the fall of 2001 to the end of fall 2002.

Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansour Al-Amriki a computer science major, was considered a sophomore when he left the University of South Alabama, a USA spokesman said. Said Keith Ayers, the USA spokesman: "Apparently when he came here he was just another Mobile-area Baldwin County high school student.
Abu Mansour Al-Amriki American Website Producer for Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda Terrorists; Abu Mansour Al-Amiriki shows up in Mogadishu Somalia two years ago (2007), same time al-Shabaab website set up, April 13th 2007.

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) - A man who calls himself an American promotes holy war in Somalia in a video posted on an Islamic militant Web site. Abu Mansour al-Amriki (Amercian from South East) put out a recruitment video for the Somalia terror group Al-Shabaab, released on or about March 31st 2009, Al-Shabaab are directly linked to Al-Qaeda, click here for video.

Friday, September 04, 2009



Mohammad Lutfi, Orlando Sentinel, 12/14/04,1,6155912.story

Imagine that you are an Arab living in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Egypt or Jordan. Perhaps you are a Muslim living in India, Iran or Indonesia. You are listening to two voices.

One voice comes from George W. Bush, president of the United States. He led what I consider an illegal invasion of Iraq, which has led to the deaths of innocent civilians. He led an intervention in Afghanistan, which also contributed to the killing of innocent people who had no relation with al-Qaeda (What the hell ?) or with politics in general. Bush tells you, an Arab, how peaceful Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is. He's warning Iran, one of theworld's largest Muslim nations, to surrender its peaceful nuclear program (What the Hell, again?) while recruiting the United Nations and allied nations to impose sanctionsagainst Syria and Iran. Yet in the heart of Arab and Muslim land, Bush justifies maintaining Israel's weapons of mass destruction. He also threatens Syria (With good reason). The United States and Israel claim that Hamas' offices inSyria pose a threat even though, to my understanding, these Palestine resistance fighters have refused to declare war on America.

Bush accepts the idea of at least some Israeli settlements, which I consider illegal in the occupied West Bank. The International Court of Justice -- commonly known as the World Court -- has condemned Israel's security wall and land grabbing. It has demanded that Israel remove the wall, return the property and compensate the owners for their hardships. Bush has downplayed the court's order. In fact, the United States has vetoed many U.N. resolutions against Israel through the years.

On the other hand, you have Osama bin Laden, a Muslim Arab, saying that the United States is evil, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and interested in controlling Arab land and oil and in maintaining brutal Arab dictators in power. Bin Laden is recruiting Muslims and Arabs to stand up and fight against their enemies -- that's Israel and America. As an Arab or Muslim listening to both Bush and bin Laden, whom should you believe and whom should you trust?..."

Are you implying that Osama bin-Laden is the right choice for Arabs, Mr. Mohammad Lutfi, director of the "Palestinian Defense league" ?

From the Public Records of the Florida Division of Corporations it appears that Mohammad Y. Lutfi who has been shadowing the ongoing hearings of Rifqa Bary in Orlando had been the Florida Director of the militant (redundant) "Palestinian Defense League" in Orlando see click here. It also appears that he is self employed Grocery Store Owner.

Mohammad Y. Lutfi is/was the owner of Lutfi Investment Co ( Real Estate Investments) 720 S Orange Blossom Trl Orlando, FL 32805, from the public records of the Orange County Clerk it appears that Mr. Lutfi has had several, no many, no 29 business civil law suit conflicts, of which he appears to be the defendant in most cases, in the Orlando Fl area dating back to 1983.

University of South Alabama Computer Science Major Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansour Al-Amriki Appears To Have Designed the Somali Al-Shabaab Website Hosted in Vancouver WA USA.

University of South Alabama Computer Science Major Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansour Al-Amriki Appears To Have Designed the Somali Al-Shabaab Website Hosted in Vancouver WA USA.

MOBILE, Ala. -- University of South Alabama officials today told the Press-Register that reported terror suspect Abu Mansour al-Amriki known during his Alabama days as Omar Hammami of Daphne, Ala. was a student at USA from the fall of 2001 to the end of fall 2002. Abu Mansour al-Amriki was a computer science major, Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansour al-Amriki was considered a sophomore when he left the University of South Alabama, a USA spokesman said.

See the Columbian Newspaper's article on the Al-Shabaab website by clicking on "In Out View-Interent Censor", the Columbian Newspaper's attack piece on private investigator Bill Warner that was run on May 7th, 2008, criticizing his efforts to shut down the Al-Shabaab terrorist website that was hosted in Vancouver WA and appears to have been desigend by University of South Alabama computer science major Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansour al-Amriki .

In our view: Internet Censor, Wednesday, May 7, 2008
COLUMBIAN EDITORIAL STAFF, The Columbian 701 West 8th St. Vancouver, WA 98660, 800-743-3391

A Florida man's heart might be in the right place, but he is misguided in his bid to get a Vancouver Internet service company to drop a Somali-language Web site. Bill Warner, a Sarasota private investigator ( ), wants Dotster Inc. of Vancouver to refuse service to  . Warner, who has launched similar purge efforts in other cities with other Internet companies, says  supports an Al-Qaeda organization in Somalia (Al-Shabaab), where war and genocide are tragic facts of daily life (the site appears to have been desigend by University of South Alabama computer science major Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansour al-Amriki).
"There are groups like this one (Al-Shabaab) that associate with al-Qaida through Web sites that help promote the ideology, help find new recruits and help the effort to support terrorism," Warner said in a Tuesday Columbian story by Courtney Sherwood. "It's not freedom of speech. This site should not be hosted in Vancouver."
Certainly the world has changed since 9/11, and we don't fault any citizen for being alert to signs of possible terrorism. But the line separating suspicion (and the alerting of authorities) from vigilantism and paranoia gets blurry fast, as it did in World War II when the U.S. government rounded up 120,000 Japanese Americans on the West Coast and put them in camps, for fear they would assist the Axis countries.
Dotster, which employs about 100 here and has clients worldwide, already works closely with the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies, says its CEO, Clint Page. Dotster has more than 3 million domain names under its management, each with numerous Web pages. About once a week, Page told us, Dotster discovers one with questionable content, such as child pornography, anti-Semitism, credit card scams or possible terrorist sympathies. In other instances, authorities discover them first and come to Dotster. Closing a site before the FBI has finished probing it might actually impede an investigation.

"We have a close relationship with all law enforcement," said Page, who in the late 1980s was vice president of the Columbia River Economic Development Council in Vancouver. "We routinely go to authorities with complaints." Two of the most common, Page said, are child porn Web pages originating in the former Soviet Union and illegal gambling pages out of China.

Without subpoenas, Dotster is limited in what it may legally provide authorities, but, Page says, the company is as helpful as it may be under the law. With subpoenas, which it does get on occasion, Dotster provides even more information. "We cooperate as fully as we legally can as soon as we can," he said. "A lot of times these Web sites are fleeting - shut down shortly after they are activated."

Another problem with Warner's approach is the danger of it leading to abuses. If Web service is denied because of protests from concerned citizens, what would be next after ? Political-advocacy pages? The ACLU? The National Rifle Association? Minor political parties?

"We can't just arbitrarily go in and shut down sites based on what someone finds offensive," Page said.

Certainly a Web page,  that is intended to inspire terrorism should be probed and be a candidate for closure. But the FBI or other experts should make that decision, with a judge if that's required by law. It's not Warner's call. "We can't just arbitrarily shut down sites based on what someone finds offensive."