Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Somalia's al-Shabaab youth movement becoming strongest Al Qaeda force we have on the planet and the locals in Vancouver WA would not shut down the al-Shabaab recruiting website.

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration put Somali shipments on the no-fly list Monday, declaring the war-torn country's militants a direct threat to the U.S. homeland. "The ban on air cargo from Yemen will continue and has been extended to all air cargo from Somalia as well," Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said.

Napolitano said toner cartridges over 1 pound won't be allowed to be shipped, either, because Yemen's Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula tried to conceal a PETN bomb in some last week to blow up cargo planes.

Somalia's increasingly influential al-Shabaab "youth movement" is causing new jitters for U.S. terrorism fighters. The group, boasting alliances to AQAP in Yemen and Osama Bin Laden's Pakistani-based terror network, has up to 3,000 fighters - and a batch of American recruits.

There have been several prosecutions in New York City federal courts since last year of wanna-be Shabaab jihadis, including Betim Kaziu, a U.S. citizen from Brooklyn charged with trying to join up.

"If you make the assumption that the thousands of Shabaab adhere to the same ideology as their leadership, then that's the strongest Al Qaeda force we have on the planet," a defense official told the Daily News, more from this source......

The Al-Shabaab terror group had it’s official recruiting website, http://www.kataaib.net/  hosted in the USA by the Dotster Web Company in Vancouver WA, I have been attacked by the Media in Vancouver WA who have printed stories claiming that my insistence on shutting down the Al-Shabaab website, somehow borders on Internet Censorship (Bill Warner Internet Censor), wake up Columbia Newspaper, you did not need to continue to support the Al-Shabaab website from Vancouver WA for over 2 years. 

The Columbian Newspaper; In our view: Internet censor (Bill Warner), Wednesday, May 07, 2008″. The Columbian Newspaper runs an attack piece against me (private investigator Bill Warner) because I complained about their softball article on the severity of the Somalia Al-Shabba website http://www.kataaib.net/ that is the mouthpiece for the al-Shabaab linked al-Qaeda group espousing Islamic terrorism propaganda daily run by Omar Hammami from Daphne AL USA.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, Sex, Crime, Cheaters and Terrorism Sarasota Fl.