Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FBI Director Robert Mueller said Wednesday that Al Qaeda was expanding its reach on the Internet to recruit and radicalize people, private investigator Bill Warner says shut down Jihad sites.

Al Qaeda websites present growing threat, FBI's Mueller warns. Al Qaeda once limited to areas surrounding Afghanistan may be using the Internet to recruit and radicalize, FBI Director Robert Mueller testified Wednesday before a House Appropriations subcommittee.

The United States faces an expanding array of Al Qaeda-related threats that extend far beyond the lawless regions of southwest Asia and into the US itself via radical Islamist websites, FBI Director Robert Mueller told a House Appropriations subcommittee on Wednesday.

“For those in the intelligence community there has been a shift in the degree of concern about affiliates of Al Qaeda growing in strength and presenting a much enhanced threat to the United States,” the Federal Bureau of Investigation director said.

Prior to the 9/11 attacks, he said, the Al Qaeda threat largely resided in or near Afghanistan. Now, however, US intelligence officials are monitoring the growth of groups based in Somalia and Yemen, among others.

Some 3,000 naturalized US citizens currently reside in Yemen, Mr. Mueller said, and intelligence officers are attempting to identify if any have been radicalized, trained, and tasked to return to the US to conduct attacks. In addition, Mueller warned of the threat of Al Qaeda supporters emerging within the US domestic population who have grown sympathetic to Al Qaeda through contact with militant websites.

FBI agents are attempting to head off traditional means of radicalization within American prisons or in small pockets in certain US communities. But Mueller said the hardest to counter is the militant international dialogue underway on pro-Al Qaeda websites.  “The one that is most worrisome is the Internet,” Mr. Mueller testified, more from this source............

Tuesday, March 23, 2010, The Internet is used as an operative and propaganda tool of Al-Qaeda and global jihad networks and needs policing and selective cyber strikes of jihad websites.

The Al-Hisbah (http://www.alhisbah.net/ ) website was one of the oldest, most important websites associated with Al-Qaeda and global jihad. It is not an online community open to all web surfers but rather a members-only Internet group. Those who want to join the website must undergo a screening process.

The website features technical information about the Internet (including information published by hackers working for Al-Qaeda), a wealth of information about radical Islamic literature and ideology, news, updates, as well as audio and video clips inciting to terrorism and violence. In addition, Al-Qaeda and global jihad use the website to recruit new members and handle terrorist squads (Note Jihad Jane).

Jihadist Web Site Taken Down, I was directly involved in taking down the Al-Hisbah (http://www.alhisbah.net/  ) website when it was hosted in Tampa Fl; TAMPA — One of al-Qaida supporters’ oldest and most stable Web sites apparently was taken down this morning.

It contained a 21-minute audio clip calling for Palestinians to attack Jews and the United States, according to organizations that track jihadists online. The site was taken down after a call from the Tampa Tribune to the host company, which operates in Tampa. Steve Eschweiler, general manager of that company, Noc4Hosts Inc., could not immediately be reached for comment.

The site — www.alhesbah.net/v/ – is the “principal and largest jihadi forum of supporters of al-Qaida and global jihad, and the oldest existing forums,” said Reuven Paz, director of the Jerusalem-based Project for the Research of Islamist Movements. “However, it is much more than just a forum and includes many other functions of very comprehensive and thorough indoctrination, guidance, recruitment for support, virtual military training and creation of global Islamic solidarity.”

Investigator Links 3rd Jihadist Web Site To Tampa Host. Tampa continues to be the focus of an international game of Internet whack-a-mole between jihadists who put up Web sites and organizations and individuals who try to shut them down. For the third time in a month, Sarasota-based private investigator Bill Warner has tracked to a Tampa hosting company what investigators call a significant Web site used by jihadists for communications, recruitment and fundraising. The company is based in the same building as the U.S. attorney’s office.  The Al-Hisbah and Al-Ekhlas websites appear to be still shut down

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cops Crib Aired Out in Panama City Fl By Gangster Disciples The "G's", What The Hell Is Going On In Panama City Fl, Nobody Shoots Up The Cop House.

March 21st 2010, PANAMA CITY — Death and drugs are two signs of gang life in Panama City, according to local investigators. Now, as four alleged gang members move through the court system, evidence in their cases, including statements they made to police, provide a glimpse into their alleged crimes. Over 10 days last summer, the four dealt drugs, shot at Panama City Police headquarters (aired out the cops crib) and ultimately killed a man in a shootout, investigators said.

"Dear "NewsHerald" in Panama City when the "G's" gang bangers (two are ex-cons) were able to hit the Panama City Police Station with 5 rounds in a drive by, it is called airing out the "Cops Crib" not "shot at," they meant to kill cops". Did the Panama City cops take down these G's gang bangers hard, like in the photo above? Was SWAT called out and appropriate retaliation used in arresting these G's goons who shot up the Panama City Police Station, are you kidding me, what the hell is going on in Panama City Fl ?

8 arrested in 1971 SF cop killing tied to Black Panthers; By MARCUS WOHLSEN, Associated Press Writer Wednesday, January 24, 2007. The hunt for the killers of Sgt. John V. Young seemed plagued by stops and starts before authorities arrested eight men with ties to a militant black power group nearly 36 years after the slaying. On Aug. 29, 1971, two members of the group, armed with guns and dynamite, stormed a police station in San Francisco’s Ingleside neighborhood and fired a shotgun through a hole in the lobby’s bulletproof glass, killing Young, 51, and wounding a civilian clerk, carried out by the Black Liberation Army (BLA) the violent offshoot of the Black Panther party..

Authorities said the killing was one in a series of attacks by BLA members on law enforcement officials on both coasts. Carried out between 1968 and 1973, the campaign also included the bombing of a police funeral at a San Francisco church and the slayings of the two New York police officers, as well as three armed bank robberies that helped fund their operations, police said.

Seven suspected former BLA members were charged with murder and conspiracy. They are Bell, 59, and Anthony Bottom, 55, both currently incarcerated in New York state; Ray Michael Boudreaux, 64, of Altadena; Richard Brown, 65, of San Francisco; Henry Watson Jones, 71, of Altadena; Francisco Torres, 58, of Queens, New York; and Harold Taylor, 58, of Panama City, Fla.

"A surge in violent crime across Florida is the direct result of increased gang activity that should be battled with more state dollars and tougher prosecution, according to an interim report from a statewide grand jury. Every state and major city in the United States is plagued with local, loosely structured, street gangs that are mainly motivated by drug sales. Historically, disruptive incidents in our prisons have been based on the geographic origins of the inmates involved (e.g., Miami gang inmates vs. Tampa gang inmates)".

The first felony in Panam City Fl was June 10, 2009. It was a shooting. Shaka Collins, a 20-year-old member of the Gs, a local gang that police say has national ties, was sitting at his Panama City home that day when he saw Kevon Patterson. By his own confession, Collins had a beef with Patterson.

“He had jumped on me when we was locked up,” Collins told Panama City police. “He kind of scared me.” But Larry Porter (ex-con member of the G's Florida prison), another member of the Gs — along with Collins, Mark Davis and Jeffery Murray (ex-con member of the G's Florida prison) — said the shooting wasn’t about a disagreement. It was about gang life, what happens when a rival gang member is in the wrong part of town.

“Kevon’s a Blood” and was on G turf, Porter said. Patterson was shot in the leg but escaped with his life, officials said. Two days later, Collins was shooting again, Porter said, this time at the Panama City police headquarters on 15th Street. According to an investigative summary, five rounds struck the property. One hit the deputy chief’s car in the parking lot; one pierced the right lobby door at its base, shattering the glass out of the door and continuing into the lobby, striking the ceiling just above the secretary’s station; one sailed through the women’s restroom and into the chief’s secretary’s office; the last two struck above the lobby entrance.

Investigators determined Porter, Collins and Davis were in Davis’ car during the drive-by shooting (the G's). One of Davis’ girlfriends — he had several as well as a wife, police said — was behind the wheel. However, each of the men point their fingers at one another as the actual shooter that day. The woman driving the car named Porter, 31, and Davis, 26, as the shooters.

The Gs; No one gave a reason for shooting the police station, but investigators and gang experts said the motive is clear (kill cops): If you want to move up in a gang, the best way is to commit crimes, sell drugs and make money for the gang’s leaders. “The more heinous things you do, the higher you move up in the organization,” said Sheriff’s Sgt. Myron Guilford, coordinator of the Bay County gang task force.

Guilford said the Gs pay dues to, and are part of, a national gang, the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples. The group is one of the two largest gangs in Bay County, he said. The other one is their rival, the Bloods, more from this source..........

See Florida Department of corrections information on Gangs of Florida, click here.

The high court impaneled the 18-member grand jury last June at the request of Gov. Charlie Crist to investigate a spike in gang activity in Florida, particularly the southern counties. The grand jury found that gangs are using the Internet, particularly MySpace (see photo above for SUR 13) and other social networking sites, to recruit new members and are trying to infiltrate the military and law enforcement academies to get advanced weapons training. The report also points out that the gangs are branching out into white collar crimes such as identity theft and fraud.

These local groups form based on common interests and a sense of loyalty to individuals from their city, neighborhood, street, or housing complex. They adopt generic names such as Players, Posse, Sur 13, Crew, Mafia, Gang, the G's and Bad Boys and attach their particular street or avenue name to it.

This increases the importance of tracking the development of gang membership while inmates are in custody. Tracking enables Department of Corrections to notify local law enforcement of new members or of any changes in a member's affiliation.

The Florida Department of Corrections has identified hundreds of these local gangs in every city from Pensacola, Panama City, Bradenton (SUR 13) to the Florida Keys. This includes small rural towns, upper middle-class neighborhoods, schools, and other areas where we tend to deny gang existence.

Here is a short list of gangs/security threat groups the Florida Department of Corrections have encountered:

10th Street Thugs, Miami
112 Avenue Boys, Miami
18th Street Gang, Multiple Cities/Counties
205th Street Players, Miami
22 Ave. Players, Dade
23rd Street Boys, Ft. Pierce
25 Street Folk, St. Petersburg
35th Street Players, Miami
39th Ave North Boys, Clearwater
3-D Kings, Sunrise
4 Avenue Players, Leon
56 Ave Players, Miami
6 Street Mob, Broward
69 Folk, Pensacola
773 Boys, Quincy
8 Ball Posse, Sarasota
98 Posse, Ft. Pierce
Apopka Boys, Apopka
Asian Bloods, Multiple Cities/Counties
Asian Gangsters, Pinellas
Baby Demons, Miami
B-Boys, Pinellas City
Bad Boys, Hillsborough
Basin Street Rat Pack, Tallahassee
Bellaire Boys, Clearwater
Black Angels, Wimauma
Black Gangster Disciples, Panama City Multiple Cities/Counties
Black Guerilla Family, Multiple Cities/Counties
Black Hawks, Hillsborough
Black United Soldiers, Tallahassee
Blackheart, Miami
Bloods, Panama City, Multiple Cities/Counties
Blue Arrows, West Palm Beach
Crypt Disciples, Pensacola
Danger Zone, Palatka
Davie Boys, Broward
Death Squad, Pompano Beach
Devil Boys, Tampa
Dixie Court Players, Okeechobee
Dixie Playboys, Ft. Lauderdale
Dog Pound Gangsters, Polataka
Dogg Pound, Miami
Du Rag Posse, Palm Beach
Eastside, Bradenton
Eastside Locos, Manatee
Eastside Posse, Orlando
Eau Gallie Posse, Eau Gallie
Ebony Kings, Jacksonville
El Rukn, Multiple Cities/Counties
Fort Pierce Boyz, Fort Pierce
Fountain Head Posse, Melbourne
Fourth World Mafia, Pompano Beach
G.O.D.S. MG, Multiple Cities/Counties
Gang Colors, Miami
Gang Of 14, Jacksonville
Gangster Disciples, Panama City, Multiple Counties
Gaylords, Coral Springs
Hollywood Criminals, Hollywood
Holton St. Boys, Leon
Imperial Gangsters, Multiple Cities/Counties
Jackson Height Posse, Tampa
Jacksonville City Boys, Jacksonville
Jamaican Posse, South Florida
Latin Disciples, Multiple Cities/Counties
Latin Eagles, Multiple Cities/Counties
Latin Folk, Miami
Latin Force, Multiple Cities/Counties
Latin Gangster Disciples, Multiple Cities/Counties
Latin Kings, Tampa, Bradenton, Multiple Counties
Latin Thug Posse, Palm Beach
Legion, Hollywood
Money Kings, Ft. Myers
Most Powerful Nation, Davie
MS 13, Multiple Cities/Counties
Nasty Boys, Titusville
Neta, Orlando
SUR 13, Bradenton, Sarasota

Clint Eastwood in the movie "Gran Torino" had a simple solution to any gang activity near his home, see photo below.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FOX NEWS Individuals can be radicalized over the Internet on their own through a process of self-radicalization to become a Muslim terrorist.

Recent U.S. Terror Cases Show Evolving Threat;  More than a dozen Americans have been captured or identified by the U.S. government and its allies over the past two years for actively supporting jihad, or holy war. Individuals can be radicalized over the Internet on their own through a process of self-radicalization to become a Muslim terrorist,  Shut jihad websites down.

FOX NEWS WASHINGTON -- One was a drywall contractor and father, another a petite woman who cared for the elderly, another a U.S. military officer. The most alarming thing about a string of recently arrested terror suspects is that they are all Americans.

Over the past week, a Pennsylvania woman accused in a plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist, and a radicalized New Jersey man held by authorities in Yemen, have become the latest cases among more than a dozen Americans captured or identified by the U.S. government and its allies over the past two years for actively supporting jihad, or holy war.

Some, according to prosecutors, were inspired by the U.S. involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Others, like the accused Pennsylvania woman, wanted to avenge what they considered an insult to the Prophet Mohammed. Many traveled overseas to get terrorist training. Some used home computers to foment plots.

There is no evidence that these cases are connected in any way. But they underscore the new reality that there is a threat from violent Islamic extremism from within the U.S. It is difficult to say whether the uptick in cases is because law enforcement has gotten better at catching suspects or if there are simply more to catch.

Most of the cases ended with suspects captured before they could act on their plans. But some were nearly ready to spring to action, like Queens resident Najibullah Zazi, 24, who pleaded guilty in February as the leader of a plot to bomb the New York subway system.

And law enforcement was too late to prevent a shooting rampage in December on the military post at Fort Hood, Texas. Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, 39, a U.S.-born Army psychiatrist of Palestinian descent, is charged with killing 13 people.

Determining how quickly a suspected homegrown terrorist goes from adopting extremist rhetoric to becoming a suicide bomber is also a challenge to law enforcement. Some people never make that leap. Others do it in a matter of months or years.
"Individuals can be radicalized in a number of ways -- by direct contact with terrorists abroad or in the United States, over the Internet or on their own through a process of self-radicalization," said Assistant Attorney General David Kris, the top counterterrorism official at the Justice, more from this source................

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Friday, March 12, 2010

U.S. Company Hosted Web Site Used by Omar Hammami and Al-Shabaab Group That Recruited Sharif Mobley and Jihad Jane.

U.S. Company Hosted Web Site Used by Omar Hammami and Al-Shabaab Group That Recruited Sharif Mobley and  Jihad Jane. A Web site used by a Somali jihadist group that has been tied to a suspected terrorist from Daphne was hosted by an Internet company based in the United States, according to a private investigator.

Bill Warner, an investigator from Sarasota, Fla., who tried to shut down a number of Web sites linked to extremist groups, said he first targeted an al-Shabaab Web site in May 2008 after the U.S. government labeled it a terrorist organization.

Dotster Inc. of Vancouver, Wash., took the Web site down in January 2009, Warner said, after an order from the federal government. Warner said he has run a detective agency for 15 years and has been trying to shut down terrorist Web sites -- on his own time without pay -- since 2003.

When watching an April 2007 al-Shabaab Web posting, he said, he was particularly intrigued by one of the men on the Web site, a fair-skinned man, who stood apart from the Somali fighters.
That man went by the name Abu Mansour al-Amriki. Fox News reported last week that his true identity is Omar Hammami and that he faces a secret indictment in Mobile's federal court on a charge of providing material support to terrorists.  Hammami, 25, attended Daphne High School and the University of South Alabama.

Warner said news reports of Hammami's past as a computer science student confirmed his suspicions that al-Amriki had provided technical assistance to al-Shabaab.  "At that time, I suspected he was involved with setting up the Web site," he said. "It appears Omar, with his background, is the perfect guy to set this up for them."

Rick Schwein, the assistant special agent in charge of counter-terrorism efforts at the Mobile office of the FBI, said he could not comment on a specific case. In general, he said, the bureau works within the constraints of the law to take down Web sites that lure recruits and coordinate terrorist activity.  "It's something that is of great concern to us," he said.

Warner said federal investigators often do not want to tip their hand by moving on a Web site before they have mined it for intelligence.  Foreign terrorist groups prefer to use American Web-hosting companies because the larger bandwidth they use allows higher-quality video postings.

Newspapers in Phoenix and Tampa, Fla., reported that Web hosting companies in their cities took down jihadist Web sites after Warner pointed them out in early 2008. 

The Arizona Republic Al-Qaida Web site was hosted in Phoenix. Bill Warner, a Sarasota, Fla., private investigator who has worked with federal agencies on terrorist-related issues, has been tracking terrorist-related Web sites for months.

Web Sleuth Tracks Another Jihadist Site To Tampa Host For the third time in a month, Sarasota-based private investigator Bill Warner has tracked to a Tampa hosting company what investigators call a significant Web site used by jihadists for communications, recruitment and fundraising.
But officials at Dotster which hosted the al-Shabaab site at www.kataaib.net , and the local newspaper "The Columbian" initially resisted Warner's efforts, he said.

The Columbian Newspaper Dotster under fire for Web content.”  Florida resident Bill Warner, who describes himself as an anti-terrorist vigilante, is among a collection of online activists who want to use public pressure on Dotster to get www.kataaib.net shut down.
Al-Shabaab links to Al-Qaeda Were Published Wednesday 5/07/2008 in Columbian Newspaper, IN OUR VIEW: INTERNET CENSOR BILL WARNER.  Bill Warner, a Sarasota private investigator ( http://www.wbipi.com/  ), wants Dotster Inc. of Vancouver to refuse service to http://www.kataaib.net/  . Warner, who has launched similar purge efforts in other cities with other Internet companies, says http://www.kataaib.net/  supports an al-Qaida organization in Somalia, where war and genocide are tragic facts of daily life.

Dotster representatives could not be reached for comment Wednesday. The company told the newspaper in Vancouver last year that its passes along all complaints to law enforcement agencies but does not censor customers' content.  "We are not in a position to judge and be a jury on what content may be legal or acceptable," Brian Unruh, the firm's chief financial officer, told the newspaper.

Warner said the al-Shabaab site clearly crossed the line. And while the message was in Somali, he said, a mirror site run by a man in the United Kingdom had an English-language version. "It was blatantly recruiting suicide bombers," he said, more from this source.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Radical English-Language Islamist Websites Promote Violent Jihad, Case In Point Colleen Larose aka "Jihad Jane", Najibullah Zazi, Maj. Nidal Hasan, Sharif Mobley and Omar Hammami

Radical, English-language Islamist websites (or easy Google Tranlations available) that promote a violent jihad, or holy war, against the West have become more effective at recruiting Americans and providing a place for armchair terrorists to meet and plan attacks in the U.S. or abroad, experts say.  Shut down Jihad sites !

For nearly a year, a middle-aged woman from suburban Philadelphia used her computer to fashion a new, frightening identity, federal court documents say. The stream of Internet messages in which she sought assistance to wage violent jihad in Asia and Europe literally transformed her, the documents allege, from 46-year-old Colleen LaRose to "Jihad Jane."

Court records allege that others used the Internet to further their plans: accused terrorist Najibullah Zazi, the Denver airport shuttle driver charged with plotting attacks against the New York City transit system; Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, charged with the shooting deaths of 13 people at Fort Hood in Texas; and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian charged with the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an airliner over Detroit.

Current jihad linked websites that promote terrorism on the interent are and

"Muslim Brothers Members Contact the weak and the owners who browse the Internet cafes you can browse the Forum through the Special Style Click  Here "


Samir Khan runs/ran a pro al-Qaeda website in Charlotte NC. The American government is aware of this website. In fact, sites like Khan’s are the focus of a 23-page report released just weeks ago on Capitol Hill. WBTV obtained a copy. The report repeatedly warns of the dangers. Like the following one line: “Over the last year, Al-Qaeda also made a tactical decision to increase its production of online propaganda and make more of it accessible to English-speaking audiences.”

Private investigator Bill Warner is in Florida studying Jihad-ist websites across the world. WBTV traveled to Sarasota to interview him because he says Charlotteans need to recognize someone in their backyard is helping the enemy. “His website is concise. Easy to read. Informative. If you want to be a terrorist, this is where you go,” says Warner. “He’s a great facilitator for Al-Qaeda.” Is he? Is Samir Khan working for Islamic extremists

Al-Qaeda promoter Samir Khan in Charlotte NC had several jihad websites that were all shut down, see www.revolution.muslimpad.com, and see The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge at www.revolution.ansar1.net/  and his ”Al-Thabaat Islamic Network” at http://www.thabaat.net/  met the same fate, the “new” website http://revolution.thabaat.net/?p=706  of Samir Khan in Charlotte NC was also shut down, June 3, 2009. Al-Qaeda promoter Samir Khan in Charlotte NC currently runs “Inshallahshaheed” also see Abu Risaas on Facebook click here also see prior posts by Abu Risaas on the Al-Qassam English Forum click here were he signed as The ignored puzzle pieces of knowledge, Oops this link appears to be shut down.
Jailed Jordanian Cleric Is a Poster Boy for Al Qaeda Recruiters. FOX News, March 11, 2010.  A jailed Jordanian cleric, Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Tahawi aka Abed Shihadeh al-Tahawi who is behind bars for promoting terrorist attacks appears to be the face of Al Qaeda’s newest recruitment campaign. American intelligence agencies are monitoring jihadist Web sites and forums for mentions of al-Tahawi to gauge the reaction and temperament of his supporters, and to gain insight into the cleric himself, according to documents obtained by FoxNews.com.

Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Tahawi aka Abed Shihadeh al-Tahawi, who is influential in Jordan but little known elsewhere, has been the subject of recent widespread praise from suicide bombers and jihadist leaders. Experts say the attention he's getting from his fellow terrorists suggests an attempt by Al Qaeda to recruit his followers and turn his imprisonment into a flashpoint that can be channeled to open a new front in Jordan.

Al-Tahawi, also known as Abed Shihadeh al-Tahawi, is an influential local leader of Salafi Jihadism, an extremist, militant sect of Islam that prizes martyrdom, seeks jihad and provides the ideological basis for Al Qaeda. He is a close associate of Jordan’s most important Salafi Jihadist leader, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, who served as a mentor to the future Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi when the two were imprisoned together in Jordan.

Al-Tahawi's most notable fan was Himam al-Bilawi, the Jordanian physician turned triple agent who blew himself up in Khost, Afghanistan, on Dec. 30, killing seven CIA officers. Near the end of a 44-minute video interview that he taped in anticipation of his homicide attack, al-Bilawi addressed al-Tahawi:

"Jordan sentenced 12 Islamic terrorists Sunday 11/09/2005, to prison terms ranging from one year to 3 years for a terror conspiracy targeting the US and Israeli embassies in this Arab kingdom. Prosecutors accused the defendants of planning attacks on the embassies, located in the Jordanian capital, Amman, plus a hotel popular with Israeli tourists in the northern city of Irbid, the group mastermind is Abed Shihadeh al-Tahawi . The 12 defendants, who entered no pleas, were also accused of planning to attack the home of a cultural festival director as well as an American troupe performing at the annual event".

"The defendants were in court Sunday for the handing down of the guilty verdicts, which can be appealed. Another four defendants were acquitted for insufficient evidence. Evidence presented to the court did not say how or when the attacks were planned by the defendants, who were detained in August and September before carrying out their plots, the court heard. Group mastermind Abed Shihadeh al-Tahawi, 55, was accused of pursuing the fundamentalist ideology of "takfiri" - a policy of killing anybody considered to be an infidel."

"Court documents accused al-Tahawi of recruiting his accomplices while preaching in mosques in Irbid, 80 kilometers north of Amman. During the trial that opened in March, the defendants repeatedly praised Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian-born leader of al-Qaida in Iraq who is responsible for scores of deadly suicide attacks, beheadings and kidnappings. But the charge sheet did not directly link the defendants to al-Zarqawi or any other known terrorist group. Jordan has been battling Islamic extremists for several years and regularly sentences militants either at large or in custody to heavy prison sentences".

Jihadi Websites: Should they be shut down to pervent terrorist messages or used as surveillance?

On Tuesday’s CBC Radio “The Current show private investigator Bill Warner exposed how al-Qaeda is winning the war of words on the internet, recruiting, solicitating and instructing would be suicide bombers on the who, what, where and how to join.

Bill Warner has shut down numerous Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda linked websites, such as the “Al-Qaida Web site was hosted in Phoenix” a Web site used by al-Qaida to recruit car bombers, encourage war on the West and provide a forum for Islamic militants went online from Phoenix, there have been at least 37 MSM articles featuring Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner's work on shutting down terror websites, see click here.

Bill Warner, Sarasota, Fla., private investigator has worked with federal agencies on terrorist-related issues, has been tracking terrorist-related Web sites for months.”The Web sites are a big part of the support network of terrorism financially,” he said.

“They use the Web sites to request money from the U.S. and the U.K. They ask people to take money to Pakistan.” Warner said he blames Web-hosting companies for failing to monitor content. Instead, he said, they wait until the site is brought to their attention to take action. “All you’ve got to do is look,” Warner said, pointing to the Phoenix Web site as an example. “You are one click away. First, there is a very benign front page, but all of a sudden, you see tanks being blown up and Osama bin Laden and martyrs. It doesn’t matter that you can’t read Arabic.”

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

UPDATE; York University launches investigation of Mississauga student Salman Hossain running anti-Semitic website filthyjewishterrorists.com Which was shut down on Wednesday afternoon.

York University launches investigation of Mississauga student Salman Hossain running anti-Semitic website www.filthyjewishterrorists.com .

York University is taking steps that could result in the suspension of a student after the National Post reported he was being investigated by the Ontario police hate crimes and extremism unit.  Salman Hossain his email address salman.hossin@gmail.com .

While police are investigating Salman Hossain over Internet postings that support the genocide of Jews, whom he refers to using a long list of offensive terms, the university said yesterday it had also begun to examine the student's behaviour.

"We're still attempting to get in touch with him directly.  "We're trying to get to a face-to-face meeting with him as soon as we're able, to confront him with this information," said Keith Marnoch, a York University spokesman.

"Basically, if he acknowledges this is his writing and posting of material and so on, we would probably move swiftly with the tools at hand here which would most tangibly be an internal tribunal through our student code of conduct."

Mr. Hossain has already acknowledged to a reporter and on a website that the writings in question are his.  Yesterday, (BEFORE HIS WEBSITE WAS SHUT DOWN)he posted more vulgar comments on the Internet about Jews, Christians and non-extremist Muslims.

He also refused to back down from his support for a genocide against Jews, writing, "Yes, I can call for the slaughter of an entire people." Police have long been familiar with Mr. Hossain, who claims to have worshipped at a Mississauga mosque with the ringleader of the Toronto 18 terrorist group.

Counter-terrorism investigators first took notice of the Bangladeshi-Canadian three years ago, when he posted messages on the Internet supporting terrorist attacks in Canada.

Ontario Provincial Police brought a hate crimes case against him last year, but Attorney-General Chris Bentley decided not to press charges because he said Mr. Hossain was undergoing rehabilitation to correct his offensive behaviour.

But Mr. Hossain has recently resumed his online campaign on a conspiracy-theory website.  THE WEBSITE http://www.filthyjewishterrorists.com/  WEBSITE WAS SHUT DOWN WEDNESDAY 3/03/2010 AFTERNOON !

Internal Server Error;  The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, support@supportwebsite.com  and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. …Apache/1.3.33 Server at http://www.filthyjewishterrorists.com/  Port 80

His byline appears on some articles and hundreds of others were posted by him. The Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto Police Service are investigating, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..........

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc, SHUT DOWN JIHAD WEBSITES.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Toronto man investigated again for hate writings is Salman Hossain a Mississauga university student, FilthyJewishTerrorists.com Website Shut Down Today, Mississauga Terror central in Canada.

Salman an-Noor Hossain's website www.FilthyJewishTerrorists.com  has been shut down today, he is a Mississauga university student ! 

Salman Hossain his email address salman.hossin@gmail.com .
Killing Canadians 'best way': student.....The author of the hate messages is  Salman an-Noor Hossain a Mississauga university student in his mid-twenties who claims to know the infamous Khadr family and several of the men arrested in Toronto in June, 2006, on terrorism conspiracy charges. He confirmed to the National Post that he was the author of the postings but later declined to comment further on the advice of his lawyer. While he writes that he approves of attacking Canadian troops, he also says he would not do so himself.

3/03/2010....TORONTO -- Just months after Ontario decided not to charge a Toronto man with hate crimes, partly because he was undergoing rehabilitation, he is again being investigated over his online writings on a website called Filthy Jewish Terrorists.

Police are probing Salman Hossain's recent postings on the Arizona-based Internet site on which he writes harshly about Jews, Christians and moderate Canadian Muslims, whom he calls "traitors."

http://www.filthyjewishterrorists.com/  WEBSITE IS NOW SHUT DOWN !

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He refers to Jews as "diseased and filthy," "the scum of the earth," "psychotic" and "mass murderers" and writes that "a genocide should be perpetrated against the Jewish populations of North America and Europe."

In addition, he blames Jews for terrorist plots, such as the Toronto 18 bomb conspiracy, which was the work of Islamist extremists. He also praises God for "the victorious resistance operations" in Afghanistan.

Abbee Corb of the Hate Crimes Extremism Investigative Team, which is made up of representatives of 13 Ontario municipal police forces, confirmed yesterday that an investigation was underway.

"We are, as a team, collectively looking at this individual. As far as what investigations we have underway, of course that information I can't release because that could compromise any investigations that are ongoing. "However, you can rest assured that the hate crimes extremism investigative team - again 13 police services - is looking into him and investigating him as we speak."

In an email exchange with a National Post reporter, Mr. Hossain was unapologetic. Asked about the investigation, he responded that, "Your hate laws are only being used to stop the truth from being spoken."

"I don't fear telling the truth and I don't answer to racist genocidal Jews who want to call ME a hater, when Jews hate ALL NON-JEWS. It's not my fault you people rape babies, then cry foul when someone exposes it."

Canada's hate crimes law prohibits supporting or promoting genocide, as well as the communication of statements (other than in private conversation) that willfully promote hatred against an identifiable group, more from this source...........

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.