Monday, April 18, 2011

Newtown Black Thugs Run Wild in Sarasota Fl Gunning Down British Tourists James Kouzaris And James Cooper After Tough Guy Police Chief Peter Abbott Had Been Run Off.

UPDATED March 20th, 2012.

Shawn Tyson's gun was a .22LR caliber Smith and Wesson 317 AirLite 8 shot Silver Revolver with black hand grips, see photo above, this is a $500.00 gun at retail, Tysons' pals sold it for $50.00.  If you, or anyone you know in Sarasota purchased a gun that looks like the one above in April 2011, you've got two bodies on it and you DO NOT want to keep it.  The smart move would be to drop it off at the cop house or contact me, no questions asked, and I will pick it up and turn it over to the cops.

Black Teen Shawn Tyson was arrested for the murder of Brits James Kouzaris and James Cooper in Sarasota Fl, he had been arrested just 8 days earlier for firing a gun into a car but he was released back into the Newtown jungle, supposedly the Sarasota Police Department was working his case as per the new black Police Chief Mikel Hollaway.

James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24, were in Florida when they were killed at 3 am on Saturday April 16th in a gangland area rarely visited by tourists (Never visited by tourists). They apparently accepted a lift from someone they met in a bar, (woman?) thinking they were being driven home. A 16 year-old, named locally as Shawn Tyson, was charged with their murder. It emerged yesterday that he was freed by a judge last week despite being arrested over an armed robbery.

The bodies of Mr Cooper, a tennis coach who once played Andy Murray, and Mr Kouzaris were found riddled with bullets on a one-way street in the public housing known for drug dealing and gang activity. Police are investigating the theory that the pair spent the night bar hopping in Sarasota.

Sarasota police chief Mikel Hollaway said detectives had their suspicions but it would be unfair to state them. He said he believed the victims were there of their own volition, good call "Sherlock", they had been lured to the area, most likley a woman is involved.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THE SARASOTA COURT SYSTEM? The gangs and drug dealers in the Newtown section of Sarasota Fl are running wild, maybe the Sarasota Manager ought to rethink the expulsion of tough New York City Cop Peter Abbott that had been the previous Chief of Police in Sarasota Fl and had kept a lid on these animals.

The Sarasota City Manager, Robert Bartolotta, wanted the Sarasota Police Department more responsive to community concerns especially among the black minority community of Newtown, so out goes tough guy Peter Abbott as Chief of Police and in comes the new black Police Chief.

How is that kindler, gentler handling of the Newtown-Sarasota thugs working for you now that two young white British tourists are lured into Newtown and slaughtered with a machine gun, nice going Sarasota City Manager Robert Bartolotta, you don't fight hard core criminals with supposed youth programs and cookies and milk, you crack heads and put their ass in jail and keep their ass in jail.

Former Sarasota Police Chief Peter Abbott Bio....Position: Chief of Police Sarasota Police Department till May 2010
Education: 1980 - Graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelor's degree in business.
Administration. 1997 - Completed the Police Management Institute, Columbia University School of Business.
Professional Experience: 1980 - Following the Police Academy, began law enforcement career as a patrolman with the New York City Police Department, 73 rd Precinct in Brooklyn. 1985 - Promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the Ceremonial Unit.
1987 - Promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as platoon commander in the 115 th Precinct, Queens.
1992 - Promoted to Captain and served as Executive Officer at the 7 th Precinct, lower eastside of Manhattan, then as commanding officer of the Building Maintenance Section.
1995 - Commanding officer of the 106 th Precinct, serving there until 1997 and commanded 200 uniformed officers and civilian employees.
1997 - Commanding officer of NYPD's Mounted Unit.
1999 - Promoted to Deputy Inspector.
2000 - Named commanding officer of the Administrative Services Division at Police Headquarters, supervising more than 400 uniformed and civilian employees citywide.
2001 - Promoted to Inspector in the Office of the First Deputy Commissioner. Served as a direct confidential advisor to the First Deputy Commissioner (second highest ranking member of the NYPD) on policy issues and decisions. Served as Commissioner's representative in the situation room of the NYPD Command and Control Center in the aftermath of the September 11 th World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

Former Sarasota Police Chief Peter Abbott was apparently too tough on the black thugs in Newtown with his New York City ways for Sarasota City Manager Robert Bartolotta, God Help Us All.

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