Monday, May 23, 2011

Did Fatima Abdallah Kill Herself By Repeatedly Striking Her Head On A Coffee Table And Floor Or Was She A Tampa Honor Killing?

I have read the detailed reports that have been filed by Florida Family Association and Prestige Investigations, Inc of Lutz, FL and viewed the crime scene photos that depict the death of Fatima Abdallah and find fault with an accidental death ruling, see full report at

The Tampa Police Department and Medical Examiner determined that Fatima Abdallah’s cause of death resulted from the decedent allegedly beating her own head against a coffee table and on the carpeted floor until she died, this is unrealistic.

One glaring problem I have with the report by relatives of  "Fatima Abdallah beating her own head against a coffee table and on the floor until she died', is that in one of the crime scene photos of Fatima Abdallah there is a mark in her left jaw area that appears to be the indent in her face from being punched by someone wearing a large V shaped ring, not from hitting one's face on a flat coffee table or on a carpeted floor, see her photo above.

The mark on the face of Fatima Abdallah, as seen above, is largely consistent with a right handed assailant striking Fatima Abdallah with a round house punch, I have seen many a bar fight and the results of same and when someone punches you in the face with a ring on, it always leaves a mark.

In the crime scene photos of Fatima Abdallah there are no marks on her forehead, all the bruising and damage is around her nose and mouth, again this is not consistent with someone who was banging her head/face on a coffee table or floor. 

Fatima Abdallah's nose is broken in the photos and her eyes blackened, if one was to smash one's face on a coffee table and break their nose they most likely would have knocked themselves unconscious, how does Fatima Abdallah continue to bash her face on the coffee table and the carpeted floor?

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