Saturday, June 25, 2011

Field Asset Services a Foreclosure Cleanup Business Empties Out Wrong House in Foreclosure Blunder in St Pete Fl, Rip These Dirtbags a New One.

Tampa retiree Benito Santiago Sr says he lost all his belongings in foreclosure blunder made by Field Asset Services (Trashout Business) who cleaned out his house.

TAMPA — After going out of town, an 82-year-old man returned home to find his house emptied out. Even the trash was gone. He found a padlocked door and a sign for a company that cleans out properties in foreclosure. But Benito Santiago Sr.'s home wasn't in foreclosure, public records show.  In a lawsuit filed this month in Hillsborough Circuit Court, Santiago claims that Field Asset Services Inc., took his property and changed his locks in the fall of 2009. He sued the company, along with Countrywide Home Loans, for damages.

Pictures of his deceased wife were among the items taken. He lost everything, including his furniture and an antique wagon wheel. The incident upset him enough that he moved in with a friend.  "Everything was taken out of the property," he said. "I feel nervous. I'm not going back." Neither Field Asset Services nor Bank of America, which now owns Countrywide, commented on the incident when contacted by the St. Petersburg Times. Field Asset Services said it doesn't discuss client cases, Field Asset Services denies all, read more click here.

Field Asset Services as seen in the photo above at the top of the post is a nationwide foreclosure cleanup business based in Austin Texas.

Field Asset Services (Trashout Business) foreclosure cleanup business.
101 W. Louis Henna Blvd # 400
Austin, Texas 78728-1284
Phone - 1-512-467-1537
Main: 1-800-468-1743
Fax: 1-512-467-1794
Are you interested in becoming an Field Asset Services (Trashout Business) vendor? Call us at 1-800-468-1743 Or send us an email at
Field Asset Services is recruiting for Florida, Alabama and Georgia, searching for vendors who can do the following:
1). Rekeys
2). Board-ups
3). Debris Removal
4). Janitorial
5). Lawn Mowing
Field Asset Services (FAS) is a subsidiary of TFC, The Franchise Company. TFC is a leader and innovator, both in franchising and in property service management across North America. For more information, visit
TFC is a subsidiary of FirstService Corporation, (NASDAQ: FSRV, TSX: FSV) a global diversified leader in the rapidly growing real estate services (FORECLOSURE) sector. Further information may be obtained at 

German owned company, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company has been described as the absolute worst when it comes to foreclosures. It operates freely in the United States, using Nazi-like tactics to throw American people out of their homes without proper legal standing. If your neighborhood looks like the Warsaw Ghetto thanks to this and other banks' actions, you can thank our federal government for its complicity.

Deutsche's hired hand in illegal operations is a Texas-based company called Field Asset Services, Inc. out of Austin.  Field Asset Services claims to be a home preservation company but that really means that for a fee from their numerous big clients (the banks and mortgage companies), they will hire local trash-out companies, those vultures of the foreclosure trade to come to your home, break in, remove your belongings (a.k.a. steal from you), change the locks and then toss out whatever debris they find -- that could be your furniture or anything else the vultures decide they don't want for themselves. There are no rules they must follow. Once a home is foreclosed upon legally or illegally, the mission of these companies is to just show up and do their dirty work.

Just Two Lawsuits; There are at least two lawsuits filed against Deutsche and Field Asset Services. A Michigan couple had their home broken into, their belongings removed and their utilities turned off. In California, another couple was able to stop the home invaders because of a lucky chance that one of them happened to be home at the time of the attempted break-in, but they then suffered utility shut-offs during their year long battle to stay in the home, read more click here.

“Make My Day Law”, In Florida if someone attempts to break into your home, you have the right to use deadly force to stop them from illegal trespassing or if the occupant of the home reasonably believes that the intruder intends to commit some other felony such as a burglary.  Maybe if some of these vultures of the foreclosure trade had a few bullet holes in them they would think twice about emptying out an occupied home.   

A Castle Doctrine (also known as a Castle Law or a Defense of Habitation Law) is an American legal doctrine arising from English Common Law that designates one's place of residence (or, in some states, any place legally occupied, such as one's car or place of work) as a place in which one enjoys protection from illegal trespassing and violent attack. It then goes on to give a person the legal right to use deadly force to defend that place (his "castle"), and any other innocent persons legally inside it, from violent attack or an intrusion which may lead to violent attack. In a legal context, therefore, use of deadly force which actually results in death may be defended as justifiable homicide under the Castle Doctrine.

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