Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Jewish Congressman Anthony Weiner Married To Muslim Huma Abedin Top Aide to Sec. of State Clinton And He Sends Naked Pics To Online Babes, WTH?

The internet has taken over the penis control of American males, when a Jewish Congessmen form New York City feels the urge to send "pics" to college age babes and he is just recently married (within one year) to Huma Abedin who is expecting their first child and she is a Muslim who works for Sec. of State Clinton, "what the hell' has long gone out the window.

Anthony Weiner, 44, proposed to Huma Abedin, 33, over Memorial Day weekend in 2009 what an asshole!  Huma Abedin was born in Michigan to a Pakistani mother and an Indian father. She grew up in Saudi Arabia and attended college in the United States.

After interning in the First Lady’s office in 1996, Huma Abedin, on the left of the threesome, became a linchpin of Clinton’s entourage, and was described by admirers as maintaining both her flawless couture and her calm in the throes of Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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