Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says "The whole world knows that Geert Wilders is a racist" and soon Wilders will be convicted for Hate Speech.

June 17th, 2011 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls Geert Wilders a racist

Robert F. Kennedy Jr has branded Geert Wilders as a racist. Whilst on a visit to the Netherlands he gave an interview to a popular Dutch TV station.

"The whole world knows that he is a racist." Robert F. Kennedy jr . , Robert F.  Kennedy jr, son of the murdered 1968 U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Sr., called the PVV leader Geert Wilders in an interview with Frenk van der Linden, a racist.

INTERVIEWER... You call him [Wilders] a racist

KENNEDY... Yeah of course


KENNEDY.... Because he is a fearmonger. And it struck me. It has occurred to me many times that every nation like every individual has a darker and lighter side. The easiest thing for a politician like Mr Wilders to do is to appeal to our self interest to our greed to our xenophobia to our bigotry to the smallness inside us all to our hatred and to our selfishness. And that it is much more difficult to do what my father did which was to convince people to step outside of their narrow interest and make sacrifices on behalf of our entire community and see ourselves as part of the larger community.

As a leader in the Party for Freedom (PPV) in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders is currently on trial for Hate Speech in Amsterdam, he ”incited hatred against people, namely Muslims, on the basis of their religion or race“ a verdict is expected in June 2011.

Geert Wilders stance on Muslims and Islam as a Religion is no different than the views of the KKK on Blacks or the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler’s view on Jews and Geert Wilders is an elected offical in a supposedly Democratic county. 

Wilders likens the Koran to Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” (which Wilders appears to base his game plan on). The MP, whose Party for Freedom came third in elections last year and gives parliamentary support to a right-leaning coalition, faces up to a year in jail or a 7,600 euro (10,300 dollar) fine for comments made in his campaign to “Stop The Islamisation of The Netherlands (SION).”

I have posted numerous articles about Dutch MP Geert Wilders and his links to Neo Nazi political parties and his over the top anti-Islam campaign that has branded his as a bigot, see Sunday, March 15, 2009 NEO-NAZI “FREEDOM PARTY” RISES TO POWER IN AUSTRIA, SAME POLICY AS DUTCH MP GEERT WILDERS “PARTY FOR FREEDOM“.

Geert Wilders, who is being prosecuted in Amsterdam on charges of inciting hatred and discrimination, is portraying himself as the protector of Dutch welfare, while calling for a tax on Islamic headscarves, a ban on the Qur’an, closure of Islamic schools, deportation of immigrants and proscribing mosque-building, Geert Wilders is following the Adolh Hitler game plan to a tee, more from this source…………..

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