Saturday, June 18, 2011

SIOA/SIOE/EDL Neo Nazi Summit In Europe This Summer in France, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller To Officiate This Hate Fest.

SIOA/SIOE/EDL Neo Nazi Summit in Europe this Summer radical activists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller to officiate this hate fest in France, que up the riot police.

From Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch blog; This is an important chance to show the Islamists that the infidels are prepared to fight for their freedoms. The choice has really come to "Join or die" as Benjamin Franklin put it. Although if we fail we could suffer fates worse than death (see for more on that subject). I will be there in spirit, and only wish I could be there in person.

EDL Neo Nazi group;  This is England: EDL, Masked like terrorists members of Britain's fastest growing protest hate group.  The rise of the English Defence League has been rapid. Since its formation at the start of the summer of 2009 the group has organised nearly 30 major protests in Britain's cities, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Luton, Nottingham, Glasgow and Swansea.

EDL leaders are professional and articulate and they claim that the EDL is a peaceful, non-racist organisation. But the truth is there is evidence that the EDL movement has a more disturbing side. They have a 'street army' filled with football hooligans and evidence that violent neo-Nazi groups including Combat 18, Blood and Honour and the British Freedom Fighters have joined ranks.

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, the two Directors of the anti-Muslim group “Stop Islamization of America,” are both supporters of Fascist MP Geert Wilders and the British organization called the English Defense League (EDL) — an offshoot of the neo-Nazi British National Party, composed in large part of skinheads, white supremacists, and football hooligans.

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