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Anders Breivik Admits Norway Murders, He Published 1,518 Page Manifesto And Quotes Jihad Watch Boss Robert Spencer As He Explains How He Built His Bomb.

BBC NEWS Sunday July 24th, 2011....  Anders Behring Breivik has been charged with committing acts of terrorism, and is due to appear in court on Monday when judges will decide whether he should be detained as the investigation continues.

The suspect is reported to have had links with right-wing extremists. Still pictures of him, wearing a wetsuit and carrying an automatic weapon, appeared in a 12-minute anti-Muslim video called Knights Templar 2083, which appeared briefly on YouTube.

A 1,518-page document written in English and said to be by Mr Breivik - posted under the pseudonym of Andrew Berwick -was also put online hours before the attacks, suggesting they had been years in the planning.

Below find just a few of the "Quotes" by Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer found in the 1,518 page Manifesto called 2083 put out by Anders Behring Breivik.

I could also recommend some books that people should read. About Islam I recommend essentially everything written by Robert Spencer (ALSO LINKS TO PAMELA GELLER "ATLAS SHRUGS").

A History of Optics, Part 1
A History of Optics, Part 2

A History of Optics, Part 4
A History of Optics, Part 6

The History of the Calendar

Robert Spencer;  The Hadith is absolutely necessary to make any sense of the Quran because Allah addresses Mohammad in the Quran and they talk about incidents in Muhammad’s life but they don’t fill in the narrative details.

Robert Spencer; Islam understands its earthly mission to extend the law of Allah over the world by force. Now this is distinct from extending the religion by force. Muslims often indignantly deny that Islam was spread by the sword as the old expression goes and that anybody is ever forced to convert to Islam. 

Robert Spencer; On September 11th, 1683 the siege of Vienna was broken. That was the high point of Islamic Jihad expansion into Europe. After that Islam went into a decline and the Islamic world was colonised and in a drastically weakened state.

Robert Spencer; The most important thing of what the west needs to know about Islam today is that it has a political character and that it is not simply a religion.

Robert Spencer; It’s unfortunate but it’s no negotiating with Jihadists. There is no striking a deal with them. Islamic law is very clear on that and here once again is an example; we need to take Islam seriously! Islamic law does not allow for treaties.

Sources: Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer.

Deport all Muslim individuals from European soil.
The Muslim riots in France, on July 8th-15th, 2009, illustrated this well. The French Interior Ministry issued orders to the prefects not to communicate to the media the crime statistics and other essential information. (PAMELA GELLER "ATLAS SHRUGS")

Convert to Christianity (Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant). Every individual is to accept baptism, the ritual act by which one is admitted to membership of the Christian Church, as a member of the particular Church in which the baptism is administered. Attempt of al-taqiyya (Islamic deceit) for shorter or longer periods in order to try to wait for a regime change will not be tolerated.

Creating your mining/agriculture cover before an acquisition phase. As for creating an agriculture cover relating to the acquisition of substantial amounts of nitro-fertilizer; I originally had planned to create yet another agriculture prospectus and website etc. for use in the fertilizer-acquirement phase.

Guns, Ammo, Bombs, Bullet Proof Vests see page 856, Anders Behring Breivik has created his own "Al-Qaeda Playbook" for the counter-jihadists.  A briefcase full of high grade anthrax has the potential to kill as many as 200 000 people if dispersed effectively. However, this is not our objective. Our aim is to execute surgically precise attacks with a medium to low amount of casualties (concentrations of category A and B cultural Marxists/ multiculturalists).

Obtaining material for a radiological bomb, In order for us to construct and detonate a radiological bomb, we must acquire radioactive material by stealing it or buying it through legal or illegal channels.

THE BOMB.. Events on the farm from May 2nd 2011 to July 22nd 2011:

This log contains a lot of what can appear as "wining" but it serves to reflect my mental state during the stay, a relatively detailed log of events and how I overcame the obstacles that arose. It can also serve as an educational guide or a blueprint for which the goal is to create a more efficient time budget. Learning from other peoples mistakes is always preferable to making them all yourself. It should be possible to drastically reduce the time spent on preparation, assembly (of the bomb) and manufacturing based on the experiences shared in this log.

Wednesday May 4, 2011 - Day 3: Finished creating the metal skeletons for the blast devices and completing other practical issues relating to gear and equipment.

Sunday May 22 - Day 21: Started relocation of fertilizer. Broke down a 600kg bag into 13-14 x 50kg bags, loaded in the truck, drove 100 meters and carried them with a "carry trolley" into the barn.

Monday June 13 - Day 43: I prepared a test device today and drove off to a very isolated site. The test bomb was composed of a 3g DDNP primary and a 30g PA secondary.

Saturday July 2 - Day 62: Going over the travel route for both plan A and B (locations) for the upcoming event, familiarizing myself with the driving routes and plotting in destinations in my Garmin GPS.

Tuesday July 5 - Day 65: Spent a few hours on ammunition administration. Replaced most of the .223 HP (hollow point) rounds with SP rounds. According to my research; HP rounds for .223 tend, 80-90% of the time, to not mushroom as intended, which defeats much of their purpose.

Friday July 15 - Day 75: I took the train to the capital (Oslo) today to pick up the car I had reserved. Took a taxi from the train station to the car rental company. Came back to the farm late in the evening.

Friday July 22 - Day 82: Initiate blasting sequenses at pre-determined sites. Test dirt for gram of gold per kg. Have enough material for at least 20 blasts. Start capitalization of project as soon as I have results. Time is running out, liquidity squeese inc. Call/email all my investor contacts with updated online prospectus/pdf.

I believe this will be my last entry. It is now Fri July 22nd, 12.51.
Sincere regards,
Andrew Berwick aka Anders Behring Breivik
Justiciar Knight Commander
Knights Templar Europe
Knights Templar Norway

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