Sunday, July 24, 2011

Muslim Cab Drivers Want To Just Say No To Strip Club Ads On Their New York City Vehicles, GET REAL.

NY POST NYC...When it comes to smut, these cabbies just can't hack it! Racy strip-club ads plastered on top of yellow cabs are leaving modest drivers pink with embarrassment, saying they're ashamed to face their kids and friends during their off time.

Now, sheepish cabbies said they've had enough of the lingerie-clad temptresses, and they're demanding the city revise the rules to eliminate the humiliating ads.

Cabby Mohan Singh said his grandkids noticed a placard featuring a chesty woman in a "small bra" atop his cab.  "My children ask me, 'What is this? I want to go to a gentlemen's club?' " Singh moaned at the monthly TLC meeting yesterday. "What should I answer?"

Others fumed that promoting jiggle joints left them self-conscious while tooling about in conservative communities. "I see family and friends and I feel embarrassed," said Osman Chowdhury, a cabby for the past 15 years and leader of the Bangladesh Society in Queens, who uses the cab he owns while off-duty.

"It's made a lot of Muslims uncomfortable. It's a free society, (THAT IS RIGHT SO STFU) but we have no choice [about having the ads on their cars," said Chowdhury. Under the current rules, the owner of a taxi's medallion decides whether or not to put ads on the roof of the car.

"Get a grip boys it's New York City or find a new job".

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