Friday, September 02, 2011

"THE HIT" Photos of Sarasota Gators Youth Football and Cheer FACEBOOK Page Shows Thug Jamisen Saintvale Smashing Into Ref Jayme Ream, They Loved It.

The photo above was obatined from the Photos of Sarasota gators youth football and cheer FACEBOOK Page, see link click here, they appear to be very proud of “THE HIT”.  Ref Jayme Ream, 41, suffered a fractured shoulder in the melee, according to the Sarasota Sheriff's Office, these Newtown thugs are the worst of the worst.

SARASOTA SHERIFF DEPARTMENT…Sheriff Tom Knight today announced a list of charges that the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has filed on one player and three coaches relating to an incident that occurred during a youth league football game on August 27, 2011. The referee of the game, 41-year-old Jayme Ream of St. Petersburg, Florida, suffered a shoulder fracture because of the incident.  43-year-old Dexter Austin of Bradenton, Florida, 38-year-old Timothy Howard of Sarasota, Florida and 28-year-old Antonio Bradley of North Port, Florida, have all been charged with one count of Battery on a Sports Official a FELONY.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE….Sarasota Gators coaches Dexter Austin, Timothy Howard, 38, and Antonio Bradley, 28, were each charged with one count of battery on a sports official. Howard, 38, of Sarasota, was also charged with one count of battery on one of the coaches for the opposing North Port Husky’s team. Jamisen Saintvale, the 14-year-old player who tackled referee Jayme Ream of St. Petersburg, was also charged with battery on a sports official.

Sarasota Gators Coach Antonio Bradley is Convicted Drug Dealer Who Did 3 Years in Prison and has an extensive criminal record in Sarasota County.  Sarasota Gators Coach Antonio Bradley got out of prison on 8/31/2010, great role model

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