Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Edgemont NY Neighbors Still Hope Lauren Spierer Will Be Found, Time To Take off The Gloves And Crack Down On Sex Offenders And Pals Near Smallwood Apartments.

EDGEMONT, N.Y. — It's been four months since Edgemont native Lauren Spierer, her photo above, disappeared in Bloomington, Ind. and the pain has not let up.  “It’s a continuous loop of sadness and anxiety,” said Loren Weiss, an Edgemont resident and friend of the Spierer family who went to Indiana in the first week after Lauren Spierer’s disappearance. "I never would have thought that it would go four months."

Spierer, a student at Indiana University, was last seen at 4:30 a.m. on June 3, after a night out with friends, IU Student Lauren Spierer Abducted Near W. 11th Street and N. College Ave, Her Keys Found Across The Street From Waffle House Open 24/7.

Lauren’s parents, Robert and Charlene Spierer, went to Indiana after the
disappearance and remained there searching for her since. They created a website and have been trying hard to keep their daughter in the public’s mind, drawing on various kinds of support, from fundraisings to vigils to concerts.

"They are functioning with the same intensity as they had on day one," Weiss said. "They're never going to give up. They really appreciate that the media is keeping the case alive."  After four months of their relentless effort, however, LaurenSpierer is still missing.

Standing at the door of his house, Martin Rivlin, 83, recalled the day four months ago when he first learned that Spierer had disappeared.  “A neighbor came by one night and said, ‘Did you know that the Spierer girl is missing? And it looks bad,’” Rivlin said.

Rivlin, a former lawyer and engineer, has lived for 38 years across the street from Spierers' house in Edgemont. Although he was not a close friend of the family, he said he casually met Spierer several times and called her a “lovely” girl.  “She was always pleasant, very pleasant,” Rivlin said.

A father of two and grandfather of four, he added that a missing child is the “most terrible thing that could happen to a parent.”  Nonetheless, Rivlin said that he, too, remains optimistic.  “She might still be alive,” he said. “She might be held somewhere.”

Lauren Spierer is not a runaway, she did not leave the area without some type of coercion, let’s get right down to it, Lauren Spierer was abducted. Prior to the early morning abduction of Lauren Spierer, she had been at Kilroy’s Sports Bar at 319 North Walnut Street, where she left her cell phone and shoes. Lauren Spierer was living at Smallwood Apartments 455 North College Avenue Bloomington, IN 47404, just a few blocks distance.

It appears from all reports that Lauren Spierer was in the habit of walking to Kilroy’s Sports Bar and other locations within 1 mile of her apartment at Smallwood. In a 1 mile radius of the Smallwood Apartments 455 Noth College Avenue address, where Lauren Spierer was living, live or work 36 Sex Offenders in 22 locations.

Two Sex Offenders work directly across the street from Smallwood Apartments at the Waffle House which is at 530 North College Avenue. Another Sex Offender works at Taco Bell 309 North Walnut Street which is right next door to Kilroy’s Sports Bar at 319 North Walnut Street.

There are no coincidences in criminal abduction cases, it is what it is, kidnappers, especially sex offenders WHO RE-OFFEND, plan out their abductions, they do surveillance on their victims, they know their habits, they know where the victim lives, eats and drinks and when the time is right they strike.

“The only place open at 4:30 am on Friday June 3rd, 2011 along the path that Lauren Spierer took up and then back down N. College Ave near her apartment at Smallwood Plaza was the Waffle House at 530 N. College Ave. The Waffle House is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, there are cars in the parking lot that faces N. College Ave at all times, it has been determined that two male registered sex offenders work at this Waffle House.”

Let’s get real here, Lauren Spierer is very, very young looking, she is 20 years old with blond hair and blue eyes, but at 4′ 11″ tall and 98 lbs she looks like a 14 year old or even younger and fits the profile of a target for a sex offender who just might be working in the the neighborhood, there is one more at Domino’s Pizza 527 N WALNUT ST which delivers to the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS.

These sex offenders mentioned above are also ex-cons who have spent time in the Indiana prison system, they are convicted felons and as such have no civil rights. It is time to crack down on Bloomington Sex Offenders with random search's, toss their apartments, again and again, interview them at work, again and again, do hard target surveillance on them, make them aware of a "heavy police pressence", it is not the prissy college boys who took or are hiding Lauren Spierer, one of these dirtbag sex offenders knows the real deal, "BLOOMINGTON COPS NEED TO LEAN ON THEM, HARD".

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at http://www.wbipi.com/