Sunday, October 16, 2011

Newtown Youth Ctr Director Jerry Fogle Caught With Hooker In Car, Claims She Was Showing Him Where Synouvs Bank Is on Saturday Morn, Bank is Closed on Saturday.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE...Newtown Youth Ctr Director Jerry Fogle said he was trying to get directions to a bank to deposit checks Saturday, October 8th, for his wife when he asked the prostitute — identified in the police report as Amber May O’Brien — for directions. “I had no idea, I mean at all,” that she was a prostitute, he said. “She wasn’t dressed inappropriately or anything at all.” Police officers saw Amber O’Brien get into a white Chrysler 300 that had been sitting at a stop sign at 22nd Street and North Tamiami Trail just before 10 a.m. Saturday Oct. 8th.
Known prostitute Amber O’Brien, 21, was stopped later in the parking lot of the Sarasota Court Motel and asked about the incident. Amber O’Brien said Jerry Fogle had been seeking oral sex and that she has performed that sexual act for him in the past. She called Fogle a “sweetheart” and said she alerted him when she saw the patrol car following. Jerry Fogle denied ever receiving oral sex from Amber O’Brien, and said he had never seen her before. Amber O’Brien has been arrested 18 times in Sarasota County on offenses that include possession of narcotics paraphernalia and prostitution, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.
“ Jerry Fogle then showed the Sarasota Police officer some checks and deposit slips and said he was trying to find a bank to make a deposit Saturday October 8th.”

INCIDENT REPORT, Public Works Employee Jerry Fogle…On Monday October 10th a meeting was held with Sarasota Police Chief Holloway, Jerry Fogle and Public Works Director Doug Jeffcoat to discuss the supposed incident with the prostitute.  There was a second meeting that evening with Mrs. Fogle, Jerry Fogle and Public Works Director Doug Jeffcoat where Mrs Fogle claimed that she gave Jerry Fogle checks that had to be deposited that day, Saturday October 8th, as she needed to cover checks sent out to pay bills as they were living paycheck to paycheck. Public Works Director Doug Jeffcoat found that Jerry Fogle's story was credible and no further actions are warranted.
The Synovus bank that Jerry Fogle was looking for is located at the corner of Proctor Rd and South Tamiami Trl, the Synovus Bank's listed address is 4775 South Tamiami Trl Sarasota Fl and is six miles from the 22nd Street and North Tamiami Trail location where he picked up hooker Amber O'brien. 
Hooker Amber O’Brien said she knew where the Synovus Bank was and she was heading that way (oh really, she was walking). The Synouvs Bank at 4775 South Tamiami Trl Sarasota Fl, both inside and the drive up window, is closed on Saturday and marked that way in big gold letters on the front door and drive up window, see photo above. Even if Jerry Fogle used the Synovus Bank ATM to deposit the paper checks on Saturday they would not clear till the following Tuesday.
Synovus Bank in Sarasota offers Free OnLine Access Internet Banking with Bill Pay, and in the the fall 2011 Synovus bank launched Mobile Banking service, were you will be able to bank via text message, Droid/iPhone applications (apps) and web-enabled apps, so why was Jerry Fogle running around with a hooker in his car looking for a Synovus bank where he could deposit paper checks on a Saturday ?

As far as Jerry Fogle being on his cell phone talking to his wife while hooker Amber O’Brien was in the car, so what.  My job is to follow errant husbands while they are out on the town with their girlfriends.  I photograph errant husbands talking to their wives all the time with the “girlfriend” hanging on his arm in the car, in a bar, anywhere.  The husband always wants to know where the wife is, so he calls her, wives do not always know about the husbands girlfriend, but the girlfriends always know about the wives, especially if there is money involved.
It appears that neither Sarasota Police Chief Holloway or Public Works Director Doug Jeffcoat bothered to check out Jerry Fogle's story, the Synouvs Bank at 4775 South Tamiami Trl Sarasota Fl was closed on Saturday October 8th and any paper checks deposited at any Bank or ATM on a Saturday are not credited to your account until the following Tuesday, so what was the big rush on Saturday morning.

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