Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Anti-Muslim Bigot Pamela Geller Backs Out of Tea Party Convention in Daytona Beach Fl, Claims She Won't Speak If CAIR is Allowed to Speak.

Gutless bigot Pamela Geller runs from confrontation with CAIR at the Tea Party Convention in Daytona Beach Fl, this is the same group Pamela Geller has demonized over the past years, why is she running from them now?

ATLAS SHRUGS BLOG...I have decided not to speak at the Florida State Tea Party Convention on November 5th because of the organizer's decision to invite a speaker from the anti-Jewish, Hamas-linked CAIR, which is on AFDI's Threats to Freedom Index, and because CAIR has accepted the invitation.

As per a press release from Pam Dahl at the Tea Party Convention, "The leadership of CAIR is welcome to speak in Daytona Beach at our convention". The list of speakers at the Tea Party convention in Daytona Beach Fl is seen at this link, most of them unknowns; http://www.ttpnc.com/convention-speakers.shtml

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