Friday, November 04, 2011

It's like they're throwing a "party" and the guests of honor aren't going to show up in Daytona Beach at the Tea Party Convention, Organizer Pam Dahl has no clue.

TAMPA TRIBUNE....Few top Republicans coming to Florida Tea Party Convention in Daytona Beach.   Very few of the top Republican presidential and Senate candidates and Florida elected officials plan to attend the event, which begins today, and is scheduled to include Senate and presidential candidate forums.

Most are citing scheduling conflicts, government business or the pressure of campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire as their reasons for missing the event. But political experts say the declining public reputation of the tea party movement may also be part of the reason (featured speaker is extremist Pamela Geller).

Spokesmen for Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney all said they won't make it.  Also not showing are Florida's three Cabinet members, all Republicans – Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, Attorney General Pam Bondi and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. The latest tea party hero in Florida and nationwide, Rep. Allen West of Plantation, won't be there either.

Pam Dahl of the Tri-County Tea Party of The Villages, chief organizer of the event, was surprised this week when a reporter told her which presidential candidates said they weren't coming. She said she thought Bachmann, Perry and Paul were coming. "That's news to me," she said, THIS WOMAN, PAM DAHL, IS CLUELESS.

Florida Tea Party Convention Daytona Beach – Hate-Group Extremist (Yes), Major Politicians (No).  Four Of Florida’s Top Politicians Cancel, While Anti-Muslim Mouthpiece Pamela Geller Continues To Roar

Daytona Beach, FL The brochure and web site proudly displays the fact that three of Florida’s most powerful politicians – Gov. Rick Scott, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and U.S. Representative Allen West – were confirmed guest speakers at the event (this was a lie). The downloadable flyer also adds Attorney General Pam Bondi as being “invited” into the mix.

But a closer inspection of some of the other confirmed names scheduled to appear at The Florida Tea Party Convention 2011 – being held Nov. 4-6 in Daytona Beach at the Volusia County Ocean Center – reveals the participation of one of the most politically extreme individuals to ever have access to a soapbox or a computer keyboard. Pamela Geller is a person so controversial that other host sites have pulled out of events featuring this caustic mouthpiece.

The bottom line is that some of them simply have no business rubbing elbows with the likes of Scott, Bondi, Rubio or West. Or so one would think, anyway. Good thing then that all four have bailed on the event.

Another hotel turns away Pamela Geller and anti-Shariah group; A week after a Hyatt Place hotel forced the Sugar Land Tea Party to move their controversial event featuring Pamela Geller, the same thing seems to be happening in Nashville. The Tennessean reports that Hutton Hotel canceled a contract for an event where Geller, her partner Robert Spencer and other anti-Shariah activists were scheduled to speak.

Extremist Pamela Geller is bad for business.

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