Saturday, November 26, 2011

Orlando Mom Michelle Parker's Missing Person Case Does Not Add Up.

Michelle Parker went missing on Thursday November 17th, 2011 from the southern part of Orlando and there are some things that make no sense in underworld thug life of Florida if she had been car-jacked.

1).  Michelle Parker's 2008 black Hummer H3 was found the next day, Friday November 18th, near the Mall at Millenia, about eight miles from the Waterford Lakes area, the "Glow" vinyl letters (see above) had been scrapped off.

2). When Parker's brother Dustin texted Parker to ask where she was on November 17th, he got an immediate response. It was one word: "Waterford (shopping mall)." This message triggered a red flag for Launer.   "She would never have texted back 'Waterford.' Her texts are a book. In every text that she would send, she would have xo's, smiley faces, hearts," Launer said. "I personally do not think that was from her, not at all for one second, because she wouldn't have said that.

For those of you who are not familiar with what a Hummer H3 looks like, just think of a mini tank made road ready, the Hummer H3 is a very large vehicle that stands out in a crowd, you can spot one in a mall parking lot in about 2 seconds.  So why would a car-jacker (who just happens to have a razor scraper in his pocket) take the time to remove the vinyl letters on Michelle Parker's Hummer and increase his exposure time.

Those who live the "thug life' in Florida can be profiled in the age group of 17 to 29, they are very tech savvy and know police procedures, they are smart enough to know if they car-jack someone the first thing they do is get rid of any phones and would never respond to any text. Get Real here, these dirtbags who prey on women are in it for a quick buck, steal the car, push the driver from the vehicle and disable any electronics in the vehicle, they are in it for the vehicle, the driver is a liability to them and they know additional charges mount up if any harm comes to the driver.

What is the real deal here?

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