Sunday, March 11, 2012

Occupy Sarasota Thug Paul M. Tuttle Would Rather Fight Than Switch, Sends Me A Threatening Email.

And now it all starts, threat received from Occupy Sarasota Protester PAUL M. TUTTLE; “If you have any balls at all fatty, My names Paul Tuttle, I’m 5ft 8inches, bald and 130lbs. I would LOVE to talk to you face to face to face and see what kind of boy your momma raised” be there Thursday 11:00AM, 3/15/2012, BANK OF AMERICA MAIN ST SARASOTA FL….  

"Your Band of Brothers would be disapointed if they where still alive and saw you spent your time making up boldfaced propaganda lies  

Occupy Sarasota Paul M. Tuttle also had the nerve to mention my father and 3 uncles, (and post their WWII photo on the Communist propaganda website "Occupy Sarasota"), who all fought at D-Day agaisnt the Nazis in 1944 so that some Insignificant P.O.S. like Paul Tuttle would have the right to stand up in Five Points Park Sarasota and make a fool of himself shouting anti-American slogans in 2012.
SDS in the 1960's was the precursor to the violent Weatherman Group in the 1970's which in turn has been reborn in the violent OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT in 2011 and now in Sarasota with Occupy thug Paul M. Young, what comes around goes around.

Occupy Sarasota Protester PAUL M. TUTTLE wants to bring more violence to Sarasota Fl just like in New York City, by challenging me on Thursday March 15th, 2012 in front of the Bank of America on Main Street Sarasota Fl, just like in New York City, right Paul?

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