Friday, April 13, 2012

Al Qaeda Jihadist Bryant Neal Vinas Witness at New York City Trial of Subway Bomber Adis Medunjanin.

                                       Bryant Neal Vinas aka "Bashir al-Amreki"

FOX NEWS...When shadowy American Bryant Neal Vinas  who became a sworn member of Al Qaeda was captured in Pakistan in 2008, U.S. intelligence officials sensed they had struck gold. The young jihadist was whisked away to a New York courtroom in early 2009, where he secretly pleaded guilty to terrorism charges and was then held in seclusion. His identity -- but not much else -- was made public a few months later.

More than three years later, the world could get a full introduction to Bryant Neal Vinas at a trial starting Monday of another man accused in a foiled plot to attack New York City subways. Vinas' name appears on a list of potential witnesses in the case against Adis Medunjanin -- and officials say he would offer a unique perspective on the inner-workings of the terror group and how it indoctrinates born-in-the-USA extremists, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

BILL WARNER PI NEWS....LONG ISLAND Man Bryant Neal Vinas aka Bashir al-Amreki” Joined the US Army blogged for Malika El Aroud Joined Al-Qaeda Then Flipped on Them. Bryant Neal Vinas grew up in the solid middle class of Suffolk County, the son of an engineer, the child of a couple that had emigrated from South America, a fan of football and video games, an altar boy and, eventually, a Boy Scout.

But Bryant Neal Vinas became very angry, according to his mother, when his parents’ bitter divorce cleaved through his adolescence. He opted against college and instead joined the United States Army at 18.  Years later, he became a Muslim, joined a mosque, began visiting jihadist Web sites and, in 2008, found himself traveling to Pakistan, and eventually Afghanistan. There, this young man from an American suburb tried to kill American soldiers in a Qaeda rocket attack against a military base, according to federal court papers unsealed in Brooklyn.

Mr. Vinas worshiped at a mosque on Long Island, where he worked briefly as a truck driver and in a car wash, according to officials, one of whom said he had been largely “self-radicalized.” This official said that Mr. Vinas had met some people at the mosque, the Islamic Association of Long Island, but largely turned toward jihad on the Internet.

Mr. Vinas, 26, pleaded guilty in January to conspiring to murder United States nationals, providing material support to Al Qaeda and receiving military training from the group. He also told Brooklyn federal prosecutors and F.B.I. agents about discussions he had with operational planners from Al Qaeda about a plot to blow up a Long Island Rail Road train inside Pennsylvania Station, according to several law enforcement officials.

The cases in Belgium and France center on two groups of French and Belgian citizens, several of whom trained in the camps, as well as a Moroccan-born woman, Malika El Aroud, who has been accused of using the Internet to recruit the young Muslim men to train with Al Qaeda.

Mr. Vinas is expected to be a key witness in those cases because he spent time in the training camps with the men.  Mr. Vinas, who is in custody in New York, has also provided a 20-page witness statement that will be entered into evidence in the Belgian case, one law enforcement official said.

Ms. El Aroud, a Belgian citizen, has become one of the most prominent Internet jihadists in Europe. Her husband killed the anti-Taliban resistance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud two days before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at the behest of Osama bin Laden.

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