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Chester NY Town Board Names Government Watchdog June Maxam as Dog Catcher, Maxam blogs as "North Country Gazette", June Maxam Served 9 Months in Jail in 2003.

Sometimes it is not a good idea to piss off a private investigator, June Maxam publisher of the website North Country Gazette, how do you like me now, read on about her 9 months in jail and fired as the Chester NY dog catcher;

POSTSTAR.COM CHESTER -- Posted: Wednesday, November 16, 2011. A longtime critic of local government now works for the town. The Chester Town Board recently appointed June Maxam, publisher of the website North Country Gazette, to the post of animal control officer. JuneMaxam has used the website to blast the town and Warren County, and their officials, for years. She regularly tosses allegations of nepotism and back-door deals at local officials and fire officials.

But June Maxam's confrontational past is raising eyebrows in and around Chester Town Hall. Chester Supervisor Fred Monroe hasn't been immune to Maxam's poison pen.  "I know I've taken a pretty hard line approach and I've won a couple rounds," Maxam said. "Fred and I have had our ups and downs, but we respect each other." She said Monroe asked her to apply for the job. Some local officials said they expect criticism when news of the appointment spreads.

Maxam recently lobbed allegations of unethical and illegal conduct at local fire officials and the Warren County Sheriff's Office. June Maxam is currently appealing the ruling in a lawsuit filed earlier this year seeking to force the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company to release its financial records.

June Maxam served nine months in jail in 2003 on a felony conviction for falsely accusing her neighbors, Donald and Eleanor Lambert, of harassment. The conviction was overturned on appeal and dismissed in 2005. (June Maxam is the publisher of the website North Country Gazette).

Chester officials said she was chosen based on her record with animals, not her past interactions with local governments.The town makes about $4 per license, and it's that cash Maxam plans on using to fund her outreach and enforcement efforts. Maxam replaces Bill Mosher in the $6,600-a-year post. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press March 27, 2003 -- June Maxam, who has published the North Country Gazette in Chestertown, New York, since 1981, is serving a nine-month sentence in the Warren County Jail after a state appellate court in January rejected her appeal of felony convictions for falsely accusing her neighbors, Donald and Eleanor Lambert, of harassment.

"The record reveals that defendant has had a long and tortured relationship with the Lamberts, as well as just about every elected official and police agency in her community," the court wrote in its decision. "Defendant claims that all of these people have demonstrated animus toward her because she has criticized them in a local newspaper that she intermittently publishes." In July 2000, Maxam was convicted of two counts of filing false harassment charges and sentenced to nine months in jail, according to court documents. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

UPDATE Tuesday, November 22, 2011 ...Chester NY board reaffirms June Maxam appointment after hearing complaints. CHESTER -- The Town Board has decided to stick behind its appointment of June Maxam to the post of animal control officer, as dissent from local residents and officials continues to swell in what may be the most controversial hiring of a dog catcher in recent memory. Supervisor Fred Monroe said he asked the Town Board late last week if it wanted to hold a special board meeting to reconsider its decision to appoint the controversial website publisher to the job

Included in those displeased with the town's decision to put Maxam on the payroll are Eleanor and Donald Lambert. Maxam accused the Lamberts of harassment in 2003. The charges against the Lamberts were dropped and JUNE Maxam was convicted of filing false accusations, a felony, and served nine months in Warren County Jail.  "I'm livid. If I had a dog, I wouldn't allow her on my property," Eleanor Lambert said late last week. "They're rewarding her for all of the troubles and heartache." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

UPDATE POSTSTAR.COM Thursday, February 23, 2012 9:25 pm. Chester NY parts ways with June Maxam, notorious animal control officer whom supervisor praised has been fired.  CHESTER -- June Maxam’s short but controversial tenure as town animal control officer ended Thursday night as the Town Board overrode Supervisor Fred Monroe and sacked her.

Maxam’s employment status has been ambiguous for more than a week. She quit last week in an executive session of the Town Board, only to return the following day to pick up the equipment she turned in the night before and began again responding to animal complaints. Many town officials believed that Maxam’s job ended last week when she stormed out of the board room, but Monroe welcomed her back
On Thursday, the Town Board overruled the longtime supervisor, firing Maxam in a 4-1 vote. Only Monroe voted against removing her from the $6,600-a-year, part-time job. "The Town Board does not desire to continue to employ June Maxam," read Councilman Mike Packer from the resolution. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

Jailed for 9 months and fired as dog catcher, June Maxam appears to be the most hated person in Chester NY, most people dId not want her to even be the dog catcher at $6,600 a year, how low can you go.  Chestertown is a hamlet (unincorporated village) in Warren County, New York, United States, in the Adirondack Mountains, in the Town of Chester.

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