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Main Street Groceries a/k/a Tony's Groceries in Tampa has been central to the sale of stolen cigarettes, bootleg DVD's and stolen infant formula with a side of drug dealing. The stolen cigarette scam went "up in smoke" two different times with arrests of kingpin boss Khaldoun Khalil Khawaja, also known as Tony Khawaja who got probation both times.  Khaldoun Khalil Khawaja, DOB 03/28/1964, also known as Tony Khawaja has been arrested at least 12 times since 1999 in Tampa Fl he owns TONY'S CONVENIENCE STORES, INC 2117 W Main St. Tampa Fl.

April 5th, 2012...TAMPA TRIBUNE Man arrested for federal tax fraud at brother's sentencing, Authorities say Khaldoun "Tony" Khalil Khawaja paid pennies on the dollar at his Tampa convenience store for more than $1.8 million in fraudulent tax refunds, then sent the checks to his brother in Virginia. The brother, Muawia "Mike" Khalil Abdeljalil, also owned three convenience stores in the Roanoke area. Khawaja Corporation, trading as Mera Mart, 2607 Cove Rd., Roanoke City, Roanoke, Va, 24017. 

August 29, 2008 ......Counterfeit merchandise, gambling devices seized. Police seized $10,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise and several gambling devices at the One Stop Shop in Doe Run. Agents with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Enforcement Division conducted an underage buyer operation at the convenience store at 445 Doe Run Road around 1:45 p.m., according to Special Agent Buddy Driskill.

The convenience store is owned by Khawaja Corp. The officers for the corporation are Muawia Abdeljalil and Khalil Khawaja (TAMPA), who are both citizens of Jordan. ABC Agents and investigators with the Franklin County Sheriff's Department seized four computers with illegal gambling software, Driskill said. The counterfeit merchandise included athletic shoes, apparel, accessories and bootleg CDs.

JANUARY 12th, 2012.....Tony Khawaja was charged in a single-count Indictment with being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. The charge arose out of an undercover operation by law enforcement conducted at Main Street Groceries a/k/a Tony's Groceries 2117 W Main St. Tampa Fl, which the Government asserts is owned and operated by Tony Khawaja . On May 5, 2011, an undercover officer, who was accompanying a confidential informant, made audio and video recordings of conversations held with Tony Khawaja  while he was negotiating the cashing of allegedly fraudulent U.S. Treasury checks in the back office of the store. (Where did all this cash go?)

APRIL 5th, 2012.....Tampa Muslim Mafia Boss Khaldoun Khalil Khawaja, also known as Tony Khawaja Gets 37 Months in Federal Prison For Felon in Possession of a Gun, More Charges to Follow.  During the execution of a search warrant, law enforcement recovered two firearms and various ammunition from Main Street Groceries a/k/a Tony's Groceries. One was a 12 gauge single shotgun was found in the back office. The second firearm, a Glock, Model 26, 9mm caliber pistol, was found on a shelf underneath the cash register, ammunition was found in a desk drawer of the office. 

This case is part of Operation Rainmaker, a coordinated effort among the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Florida and various federal and local law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Secret Service, IRS, United States Postal Inspection Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Tampa Police Department, and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department to combat the filing of false tax returns in the Tampa Bay region.

ST PETE TIMES October 5th, 2005 Tampa Muslim Mafia Boss Khaldoun “Tony” Khalil Khawaja Runs Smuggled and Stolen Cigarette ScamSEARCH WARRANT SERVED AT THE MAIN STREET GROCERY TAMPA FL. A scheme to facilitate the theft and resale of smuggled cigarettes has been uncovered as the result of an ongoing criminal investigation run by the Tampa Bay Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF). 

According to Lance Newman, Florida Department of Law Enforcement special agent in charge and, Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee, RDSTF co-chairs, intelligence collected by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States indicated that the proceeds from the sale of stolen property, particularly SMUGGLED CIGARETTES and BABY FORMULA in convenience stores, have allegedly been forwarded to foreign groups associated with funding terrorist organizations (like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad which has numerous links in Tampa).

Sami Al-Arian (TAMPA FL): The North American leader of the Islamic Jihad, responsible for raising funds for the organization's terror activities. He was arrested in 2003 and later indicted by the US attorney general for 50 counts of operating a racketeering enterprise and supporting terror acts. He pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to help members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and sentenced to 57 months in prison.


Saad Odeh Saad DOB 02/15/1968 Tampa Fl, charged with H/USM MONEY LAUNDERING. ST PETE TIMES, Published August 30, 2003...Suspect in baby food scam has Al-Arian tie, see

In Tampa law enforcement officials are investigating a variety of criminal enterprises suspected of funding Middle East terrorist groups such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), including the stealing and reselling of baby formula, such as Saad Saad, his photo above, in Tampa Fl at Mike's Food Store where convicted terrorist supporter of the PIJ Sami al-Arian owned the property.

Saad Saad, the owner of Mike's Food Store at 6824 N 50th St., was arrested by Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies Thursday on charges of racketeering and dealing in stolen property.  Cops discovered that Saad was renting the N 50th Street property from Sami Al-Arian, who was arrested by federal agents in February. Al-Arian, a former University of South Florida professor, has been charged with supporting, promoting and raising money for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group considered responsible for more than 100 deaths.

TAMPA CONVENIENCE STORE OWNER SAMER SALEH CHARGED WITH 7 FELONIES ON 11/12/2008 WHILE SERVING TIME IN COLEMAN A . Samer Saleh's partner Saad Saad was arrested in 2003 for dealing in stolen property with the possible support of terrorism at Mike's Food Store in Tampa. Hillsborough Sheriff's chief Deputy David Gee said Saad Saad made $4,000 to $5,000 per week in profit from the stolen baby food scam.

The Saad Saad, Samer Saleh and Marlon Mejia Tampa Money Laundering investigation by the US Justice Dept. started in April 2004, with a Federal Grand Jury, the case, 8:06-CR-00400-T-27EAJ was sealed until October 2007, all the while that Saad Saad was on felony probation.

Saad Saad's co-defendants in this money laundering-narcotics case were Samer Saleh and Marlon Mejia. Saad Saad sent $45,000 to England in $500 individual money orders over a 20 day period in Oct 2004. Saad Saad was purchasing the money orders at his SNAX Food Stores at 2113 E. Linebaugh Ave and 934 E. Henderson Ave in Tampa Fl.  SAMER SALEH -White-M -release date from Coleman Federal prison 02-15-2011

The SNAX Foods stores were vital to the money laundering scheme of Saad Saad as he purchased over $100,000 in money orders from at least two of the SNAX Food stores and sent the money orders to an undisclosed location in the UK.

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