Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Petite Blonde Female Goes Missing This Time it's University of Louisiana Senior Mickey Shunick, When Will the FBI Connect the Dots.

Vanished without a trace, another petite blonde female disappears, "None of the video cameras got checked over the weekend because the managers weren't in and waited two days to check the video cameras," her father said, referring to security footage of various establishments she visited or might have passed by, reported Lafayette newspaper The Advertiser. "If somebody has abducted her and taken her on the interstate I-10 [highway] or something, they got a two-day head start."  

Police say Mickey Shunick is a 5'1" white female, with blonde hair and weighs 115 pounds. She was last seen wearing a pastel, multi-colored striped shirt, light wash skinny jeans and grey shoes. Shunick departed the residence on a black Schwinn bicycle with gold handle bar grips and wearing a brown leather backpack purse.

The college student, who turned 22 on Monday, is reportedly a senior anthropology major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It is believed that she was going to her residence on her bike at 2:00 am on May 19th near the intersection of Ambassador Caffery Parkway and Congress Street in Lafayette LA. Detectives are asking anyone with any information about the case to contact the Lafayette Police Department . 

The location where Mickey Shunick went missing is only about 1 1/2 miles from I-10, see map click here.   Mickey Shunick FACEBOOK PAGE, a photo is posted of her riding the bike mentioned in the article above CLICK HERE.

As more and more time passes by the missing person and/or kidnapped cases of petite blondes like Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Paige Johnson, Holy Bobo, Lauren Spierer and others appears to be the work of a serial sexual predators who has  a specific type of female that he seeks out, a small petite female with long blonde hair. Cops claim the cases of all these missing petite blonde females are not related, oh really?

1). Kelli Bordeaux, blonde hair, 5′ 0″ tall and 99 lbs, 23 years old.
2). Heather Hodges, blonde hair, 5' 1' tall and 99 lbs, 22 years old
3). Paige Johnson, blonde hair, 5′ 1″ tall and 110 lbs, 18 years old.
4). Holly Bobo, blonde hair, 5′ 3″ tall and 110 lbs, 21 years old....Kidnapped
5). Lauren Spierer, blonde hair, 4′ 11″ tall and 95 lbs, 21 years old.
6). Karen Swift, blonde hair, 5′ 5″ tall and 136 lbs.....Murdered
7). Kate Markham, blondish hair, 5′ 3″ tall and 128 lbs, 22 years old
8). Brittanee Drexel, blonde hair, 5' 0" tall and 105 lbs, 17 years old.
9). Crystal Hall, reddish blonde hair, 5′ 3″ tall and 105 lbs, 24 years old.
10). Carmen Purpura, blonde hair, 5' 1" tall and 105 lbs....Murdered
11). Misty Gwinner, blonde hair, 5' 2" tall and 119 lbs, 18 years old....Murdered

And now 22 year old college student Mickey Shunick is missing, she is a white female with blonde hair, she is 5' 1" tall and weighs 115 lbs, see a pattern here?

Is an Online Predator Using Facebook to Locate, Stalk and Abduct Females In Real Time.   What do the unsolved missing, kidnapped and murdered cases of petite blondes, Karen Swift, Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Paige Johnson, Holy Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Brittanee Drexel and Katelyn Markham all have in common other than their petite size, blonde hair, good looks and unsolved cases…….they all posted photos with bios and locations to Facebook of themselves.

“While you’ve been having fun posting messages to friends, reconnecting with old pals, accepting invites to parties and uploading pictures from your life a stranger in another city has been keeping tabs on you. That stranger liked your beach side picture, it caught his eye right away after he used the Facebook search tool to seek out girls aged 17 – 28.”

“From your hometown the stranger is able to find the address of your school. He already knows your work address because you added it on your profile.  A few weeks go by and he’s been watching you with great interest. He knows the names of your close friends, he sees all the pictures you put up and the names you tag to those pictures.” Next, he visits where you work or your school or the bar you hang out in and he’s got your photo in his phone. You don’t know him but he sure knows you.
I feel that these very attractive petite blonde females were unknowingly getting a lot of attention online through their Facebook page or MySpace or any ad they may have posted online. I have found through multiple missing person and infidelity investigations that young females post way too much information about themselves along with provocative photos on FaceBook and MySpace.

All of these very attractive females, Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Paige Johnson, Holy Bobo and Lauren Spierer and others had FaceBook pages or online ads with photos of themselves.

How Online Predators Make Use of Your Facebook Profile, see

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