Thursday, May 03, 2012

Media Says Serial Killer William Clyde Gibson Linkled to Missing IU Student Lauren Spierer, I Don't See it.

Ex-Con Sex Offender William Clyde Gibson Linked to Murder of 3 Women Including Petite Blonde Stephanie Kirk.  Ex-Con Sex Offender William “Clyde” Gibson III appears to a serial killer, he is linked to the murder of Stephanie Kirk, Karen Hodella and Christine Whitis. Information from the Floyd County Sheriff Department indicates that William “Clyde” Gibson III is 54 years old, he is 6′ 1″ tall and weighs 200 lbs, he has jail house tat’s all over his chest, arms and back.

William “Clyde” Gibson III did 7 years in Indiana State Prison system for sexual abuse 1st degree in 1992. Violent Sex Offenders are never “cured” they always will re-offend, case in point, ex-con sex offender William “Clyde” Gibson III who now appears to be also a serial killer, but "Clyde' is a local guy, I don't see him driving 90 miles to Bloomington to abduct Lauren Spierer. 
New Albany, IN
William “Clyde” Gibson sex crimes were committed in Louisville KY and New Albany IN which are just across the river from each other, see map above, he does not appear to travel outside of his local "comfort" zone.
William “Clyde” Gibson III was working as a hardwood floor installer in New Albany IN, he was living at his father's home and was picking up women at local bars in New Albany IN, in fact that is where he found Karen Hodella, 45 and Stephanie Kirk, 35 who both ended up dead with Kirk buried in his backyard, Clyde's last known address was his fathers house, 885 WOODBOURNE DR. NEW ALBANY, IN 47150.
NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - New Albany police are looking for help from the FBI's Behavior Analysis Unit in their ongoing investigation into William Clyde Gibson, III. The New Albany man has been linked to the murders of three women.

You may have heard people who work in the BAU called "profilers" on TV, even though technically no one person holds a job by that title. A former federal agent says these specially trained investigators will be able get into the mind of Gibson. "They derive some sort of intrinsic thrill through killing people," said retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent David Beyer of the motivation of some serial killers.

                    Victims, Christine Whitis, 75, Karen Hodella, 45, Stephanie Kirk, 35

"It appears that what they're dealing with is a serial killer," he said.  Beyer says when it comes to Gibson, the label fits. The FBI defines a serial killer as someone who's killed two or more people at different times.  "Oftentimes they're the average person in the community," Beyer said. "They have a family, they're thought of fairly well by their neighbors and even participate in church activities."

Beyer says the BAU will look at the evidence in this case, unsolved homicides and Gibson to see if they can connect the dots.  "Why did they do it?" he said. "That information can help them unravel the crimes that they know about but also to potentially link this perpetrator to other crimes in other communities or perhaps other crimes within this community."

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