Monday, May 07, 2012

Occupy Movement Gears up For Violence at RNC in Tampa, Occupy Plots Bombing of Buildings and Bridges at RNC See Photos of Arrested Occupy Tampa Members.

OCCUPY CLEVELAND terrorists Douglas Wright, 26 and Brandon L. Baxter, 20 discussed becoming suicide bombers or driving a car filled with explosives into the lobby of a bank and detonating it, but they said that they would have to be really drunk to pull it off, see 

Occupy Cleveland organizer Brandon Baxter said ‘blowing up the bridge would not stop money flowing to the “ONE PERCENT” and that blowing up the bridge would just piss off the people who take the bridge everyday“. Occupy Cleveland organizer Brandon Baxter suggested “derailing a passenger train off of a railroad bridge“, see

10 NEWS TV TAMPA...Did alleged bridge bombers also target the Republican National Convention? Five self-proclaimed anarchists were arrested Monday after allegedly conspiring to blow up a bridge about 15 miles south of Cleveland. Based on statements in the affidavit, not only are the suspects linked to the Occupy movement, but one of them mentioned the Republican National Convention in Tampa as another possible target.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen Anthony says, "The co-conspirators placed the inert IEDs at the base of a concrete support pillar and prepared to remotely detonate the devices." But officials say their plan fizzled out after an undercover agent sold them two inoperable explosive devices.  What's troubling for many, though, is that two of the men -- 26-year-old Douglas Wright and 20-year-old Brandon Baxter -- also discussed timing and how to "make a good statement" at the Republican Convention in Tampa.

Tampa Police confirm there is a special transportation committee set up whose prime objective is to keep our roadways and bridges safe during the convention and Ken Jones, the president of the Republican National Convention Host Committee, told 10 News earlier this year, "While it may be a little nervous to most people what we know is going on out there, we know they're going to do their job to protect us at this event." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

A Occupy Tampa member, is coordinating with Occupy groups from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Oakland and Chicago about the logistics of coming to Tampa in the fall — how to get here, how to get around, where to sleep, where to eat.  "I can't speak for everybody," he said, "but, I'm sure there are going to be rabble rousers. We can't control everybody, "We will try to minimize violence as much as possible," he said...Extremists seek the big stage because often that's the only way their ideas get any attention, with the whole world watching.
Jan. 25th, 2012....Occupy Tampa protesters Joseph Perry and Michael Fernandez glitter-bomb Rick Santorum at Lady Lake campaign stop. GOP presidential candidate was covered in glitter after three Occupy Tampa protesters threw a glitter bomb at him Monday during a planned speech at a Lady Lake American Legion Hall. Officers with the Lake County Sheriff's office said three men, identified as 20-year-old Joseph Perry of Malibar Fl, 18-year-old Michael Fernandez of Tampa Fl were with Occupy Tampa.

Occupy the RNC terrorists have set up a INTEL page with maps of “where banks, corporations, weapons manufacturers and other institutions in the Tampa Bay area that uphold capitalism, militarism, and the oppressive power structure are located and maps of where the delegates will be sleeping while there are in town” see  

10 NEWS TV TAMPA...Police arrested 29 Occupy Tampa protesters after asking them to vacate park.  Tampa police provided these names of OCCUPY demonstrators arrested at Riverfront Park Tampa on Thursday night December 1st, 2011, see 16 slideshow mugshots of arrested Occupy Tampa CLICK HERE:

Kelsy E. Omorrow, W/F, DOB 05-03-1991, (H) 8846 NW 2nd Street, Coral Springs, FL
George D. Scharrou, W/M, DOB 05-03-1987, (H) 4206 59th Place E, Bradenton, FL
Ronald W. Williams, W/M, DOB 09-16-1986, (H) 7406 Armand Drive, Tampa, FL
Carolyn J. Fernandez, W/F, DOB 05-31-1987, (H) 9466 Lynn Lane #A, Largo, FL
Maria M. Agosto, W/F, DOB 07-22-1959, (H) 1302 53rd St S, Gulfport, FL
Katie M. Christotilis, W/F, DOB 10-08-1988, (H) 15659 Morris Bridge, Thonotosassa, FL
James R. Dunson, W/M, DOB 12-24-1984, (H) 230 Mirror Lake Drive N, St. Pete, FL
Tommy L. Butler III, W/M, DOB 08-05-1986, (H) 1604 SE #rd Ave, Gainesville, FL
Brian M. Williams, W/M, DOB 01-10-1989, (H) 507 Holiday Terrace, Brandon, FL
George R. Carylon, W/M, DOB 09-07-1990, (H) 125 NW 6th St, High Springs, FL
Timothy J. Sommers, W/M, DOB 01-01-1988, (H) 39946 Sunburst Drive, Dade City, FL
Daniel Greenspan, W/M, DOB 03-15-1988, (H) 2701 N. 19th St, Tampa, FL
Elizabeth J. Toms, W/F, DOB 09-14-1991, (H) 1123 Graham Dairy Rd, Marathon, FL
Susan G. Shannon, W/F, DOB 01-08-1952, (H) 2711 W. North B St, Tampa, FL
Michael L Freincle, W/M, DOB 08-11-1987, (H) 525 Clearfield Rd, Brandon, FL
Sarah M. Blair, W/F, DOB 11-05-1983, (H) 1520 40th Ave N, St. Pete, FL
Mia S. DeFazio, W/F, DOB 04-11-1991, (H) 2845 Chelsea Place S, Clearwater, FL
William J. Livsey, W/M, DOB 05-21-1964, (H) 2301 Washington Rd, Valrico, FL
Cari S. Welsh, W/F, DOB 11-28-1984, (H) 3120 S. Pine Dr #92, Largo, FL
Bailey E. Riley, W/F, DOB 06-11-1993, (H) 3335 Petersburg PL, Palm Harbor, FL
Bettejo M. Indelicato, W/F, DOB 01-25-1961, (H) 1488 Algood Rd, Spring Hill, FL
Kade A. Kelly, W/M, DOB 11-18-1981, (H) 16603 Foothill Dr, Tampa, FL
Owen Gather, W/M, DOB 07-28-1980, (H) Pending

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