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Debt Collectors at Eric Najork's CBHV Newburgh NY Have Over 20 Complaints With Better Business Bureau Central New York

Collection Bureau Hudson Valley, also commonly called CBHV, is a debt collection agency based n Newburgh, New York. In business since 1978, Collection Bureau Hudson Valley collects for many different industries, including consumer credit cards, student loans, finance companies, payday loans, utilities, telecommunications – including cell phone and cable television – physicians, hospitals and fuel providers.

The Better Business Bureau serving the central New York area notes over 20 complaints against Collection Bureau Hudson Valley, most of them concerning collection and billing issues. While the BBB website doesn’t provide details of the complaints, their nature can be surmised by the volume and content of other complaints and allegations from consumers about Collection Bureau Hudson Valley found online.
Complaints found at numerous websites and consumer watchdog websites suggest that collectors for Eric Najork at Collection Bureau Hudson Valley have a loose understanding or interpretation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. One woman contacted by CBHV, for example, complained that she informed the collector that she was in the process of filing for bankruptcy and offered to provide contact information for her lawyer to the company. The debt collector responded by refusing to accept the lawyer’s contact information and badgering the consumer to pay up her bill, stating, “If you can afford to pay a lawyer, you can afford to pay the bill you owe. You know you owe it.”

September 30, 2011 By Amanda Whistle.
GLOVERSVILLE – Profane and threatening language and a barrage of harassing phone calls are what a city woman is alleging a collection agency subjected her to before she called a lawyer. Jeri Ruck of Gloversville has filed suit against The Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York, alleging repeated violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The federal legislation guarantees consumers the right to dispute a debt and outlines what a collection agency can say and how often it can contact the consumer. CBHV President Eric Najork said he could not comment, CEO Eric Najork’s direct line (845) 913-7400.
The Justia docket database lists over 20 consumer lawsuits filed against Collection Bureau Hudson Valley since 2006, nearly all of them alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The short list of lawsuits filed against CBHV which is COLLECTION BUREAU OF THE HUDSON VALLEY, INC;
1). Oslan v. Collection Bureau of Hudson Valley, 206 F.R.D. 109 (E.D. Pa. 2002)
2), Kennedy v. Collection Bureau of Hudson Valley, Inc
3). Madorsky v. Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley, Inc.
4). Kreischer v. Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley, Inc.
6). Jeri Ruck Sues Debt Collector- Collection Bureau of Hudson Valley.

New York State Attorney General’s Office TO FILE A COMPLAINT;
Poughkeepsie Regional Office
One Civic Center Plaza – Suite 401
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-3157
(845) 485-3900
(Click here for Poughkeepsie complaint form)

Stop Collection Bureau Hudson Valley Harassment; If Collection Bureau Hudson Valley is attempting to collect a bill from you, you should know and understand the practices they use so that you can protect yourself. You should also understand the protections afforded by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act so that you’re aware of your rights. Bill collectors often count on consumers not knowing their rights so that they can bully and threaten them into making payments on debts that may not even be valid.

If you are represented by a lawyer for a bankruptcy or other financial matters, Collection Bureau Hudson Valley must stop contacting you as soon as they are informed that you have legal representation. If a collector contacts you about a bill, refuse to discuss it and refer him to your lawyer. Since Collection Bureau Hudson Valley has been alleged to have refused to accept contact information, protect yourself by informing the company in writing that you are represented and providing them with contact information for your lawyer in a way that you can prove.

Collection agencies may not misrepresent themselves when attempting to collect a debt. They must inform you that they are attempting to collect a debt and that any information you give them will be used to collect that debt. They may not, however, threaten to take collection actions that they do not intend or are not prepared to take. If a debt collector makes such threats and does not intend to carry them out, you can sue them in court for the violation. If your suit is successful, the judge can order a debt collection agency to pay you up to $1,000 and cover your legal expenses.

BOLO SCAM ALERT….Watch Out For Eric Najork and CBHV Newburgh NY it is a Scam Company Trying to Steal Your Money With Bogus Claims, see letter above. It has come to my attention from a client that CBHV collection agency in Newburgh NY is sending bogus claims to people on the East Coast for non-existent past due Comcast Cable bills like the one seen above (I have the original), do not pay CBHV collection agency Newburgh NY it is a scam.

Collection Bureau Hudson Valley Contact Information;
Collection Bureau Hudson Valley
155 North Plank Road
P.O. Box 831
Newburgh, NY 12551-0831

2 Truncali Dr, Marlboro, NY 12542
155 Plank Rd, Newburgh, NY 12550
Direct line (845) 913-7400
Fax (845)-913-7403
EMAIL eric@cbhv.com .

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