Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LA TIMES: Jewish Group Cancels Muslim Basher Pamela Geller Speech, She Can't Get No Respect, LOL.


What a joke the lunatic fringe led by Pamela Geller have become, one thing you can count on now is if your group wants these nutbags to come to your town you can expect trouble, read the LA TIMES article below, oh by the way Pamela Geller is Jewish;

"Pamela Geller's hate speech is not welcome in Los Angeles."

LA TIMES: Jewish group cancels speech by controversial author Pamela Geller. Hours before the activist Pamela Geller was set to give a lecture, the Jewish Federation cancels the event. She later speaks at a hall a few miles away. Pamela Geller, the controversial author and activist, was set to deliver a lecture Sunday morning to the Zionist Organization of America that she had given many times before, billed by organizers as a revelation of the "root cause of war in the Middle East.

But instead of taking her place before the few dozen people inside the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Geller and those who had come to see her milled around the sidewalk on Wilshire Boulevard. The Jewish Federation, just hours earlier, canceled the event, read the whole thing click here.

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