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Texas “Honor Killer” Yaser Said would only work the graveyard shift from midnight to 7:00am, picking up drunks coming out of nightclubs and strip joints in the Irving TX area, anytime, anywhere.

A week before Christmas 2007, Yaser Said dropped his leased taxi off at the King Cab body shop in Deep Ellum, leaving without paying back fees of $700 or $800. King Cab owner Nasseri didn’t worry. Yaser, who had leased taxis from him for about seven years, usually traveled to Egypt over the slow holiday period. He made up the deficit when he returned.

Yaser Said shot and killed both girls on January 1st, 2008,  a source with the American Embassy in Cairo says Yaser Said has not entered Egypt on his own passport, so where is he.

Jack Beasley, manager at Yellow/Jet Cab, says that Yaser Said had been fired in August 2003. The company banned Yaser Said from future cab leasing because customers complained that he was “crazy,” Beasley says. “Other cab companies would not hire him because nobody wanted to work with him anymore.

King Cab owner Massoud Nasseri was an exception, and he continued to provide Yaser Said work. Nasseri, who came to the United States in the 1970s from Iran, says Yaser worked long hours, but would not leave the house unless Islam was there to make sure the girls stayed home at night. He worked the graveyard shift six or seven days a week.  He wasn’t a sissy man,” Nasseri says. “He worked night clubs, and he knew the danger of driving at night.

Yaser Abdel Said the FBI’s Most Wanted Honor Killer, suspected of killing his two daughters, is thought to be hiding in the New York City area and very possibly driving a cab for cash under the radar (driving cab is all Yaser Abdel Said knows). Click image for FBI wanted poster.

Yaser Said could easily rent a licensed car under the table or simply use his own vehicle to pick up fares illicitly, according to Fernando Mateo, president of the New York State Foundation of Taxi Drivers. “There are 10,000 illegal CAB drivers in New York City,” Mateo said. “It’s as easy as getting in your car and driving to the airport or picking up illegal street hails.”Yasser Said would work places other Taxi Drivers wouldn’t work, anytime, anywhere and always with a gun in his cab, see following news articles, Where's Yaser?

Texas dad wanted in possible 'honor killing' of daughters may be hiding in New York City ..New York Daily News - ‎May 31, 2012‎ An alleged killer may be at the wheel of a New York City taxi cab. A private eye searching for Yasir Said, a Texas man accused of gunning down his teenage daughters for dating non-Muslim boys, says he suspects the fugitive is driving a hack.

Man who murdered his daughters in shocking Muslim 'honour killing' is working as NYC Taxi Driver .Daily Mail - ‎May 30, 2012‎ By Daily Mail Reporter One of America's most wanted fugitives accused of murdering his two daughters because they were dating non-Muslim boys is believed to be working as a cab driver in New York City. Egyptian-born Yaser Said fled his home in 2008 ...

Texas 'honor killing' suspect Yaser Said could be hiding in plain sight as NYC Taxi Driver ..Fox News - ‎May 30, 2012‎
The Egyptian-born cab driver suspected in the 2008 "honor killing" of his two daughters in Texas because they were dating non-Muslim boys may be working at his old trade in New York, according to a private investigator who has tracked him.

Honor Killing Suspect May Be Hiding In New York; Yaser Said Accused Of Murdering His Daughters.. Village Voice (blog) - ‎Jun 1, 2012‎ By James King Fri., Jun. 1 2012 at 2:36 PM The Egyptian-born suspect in the "honor killings" of his two daughters may be hiding out in the New York City area and posing as a cab driver, according to a private detective investigating the murders.

Man Accused Of 'Honor Killing' Two Daughters Might Be Working As NYC Taxi Driver. .Business Insider - ‎May 31, 2012‎ The New York Post is reporting that a man accused of killing his two daughters back in 2007 could be working as a cab driver in the Big Apple. Yaser Said disappeared shortly after his two daughters, Sarah and Amina, were found shot to death in the back ...

'Honor killing' suspect may be in NYC, says investigator
FOX 4 News - ‎May 31, 2012‎ An Irving man suspected murdering his two teenaged daughters four years ago could be working as a cab driver in New York City, according to a private investigator. Yaser Said is wanted by the FBI for the shooting deaths of Amina, 18 and Sarah Said, ...

Cops already have Yaser Said pegged as carrying a weapon at all times, so when they find him they will come in heavy. The way I see it, Yaser Said has two options, he can turn himself in and face the charges like a man, or Yaser Said can continue to hide like the coward he is and wait until the SWAT team kicks down his front door and takes him out bin-Laden style.

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