Friday, July 27, 2012

Toddler Cannibals Ronald W. Brown and Michael D. Arnett Arrested By ICE Agents on Child Porn Charges.

Toddler Cannibals  Ronald W. Brown and Michael D. Arnett Wanted to Roast the Little "Piglets" Alive and then eat them. "Arnett advised Brown to trawl trailer parks and low-income housing complexes because they are "great breeding grounds for even small ones who aren't as well watched."  See the FACEBOOK PAGE for this sick demented bastard Ronald W. Brown and note his "FRIENDS LIST"

ABOUT RONALD W. BROWN...I started performing puppet shows for the kids in my neighborhood when I was eight years old. My 6th grade teacher encouraged me along by letting me and my friends perform shows in class. By high school, I was touring local schools throughout my north Alabama county. I formed Puppet Plus here in the Clearwater area in 1992 and usually perform weekly in schools, malls, civic clubs, birthday parties, and museums. Last year and this season I have been performing for the Tampa Bay Rays.

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) - Two men in graphic details discussed in chat rooms their desire to kidnap young children, sexually abuse them and eat them alive, federal prosecutors said in court documents. Authorities allege they found pictures of decapitated children that had been bound and cooked on one of the men's computer. Other lewd pictures of children engaged in bondage were allegedly found inside the man's home in Largo, FL, following a raid on July 19. A missing child's flyer was allegedly found inside the home. One of the men accused of the heinous discussions is from Roeland Park. He was working as a paramedic and was charged earlier this year. Michael D. Arnett, then 38 years old, was accused of taking photographs of young boys with their private parts exposed.

The boys were toddlers with clothes wrapped around their heads and their mouths gagged. One of the boys, who was 1 to 2 years old, was in a roasting plan displayed in an open oven, according to court documents. Another child was in a roasting pan on the floor. Other sexually explicit photos of young boys were taken throughout Arnett's home, according to court documents. The alleged conversations were salacious and violent. This included calling toddlers "piglets" and how best to cook them.

Homeland Security agents (ICE) announced Thursday they were executing a second search warrant at Ron Brown's home. "The agency (ICE) takes very seriously threats to the safety and security of our children and is following up on all investigative leads between the HSI offices in Florida and Kansas,'' the department said in a statement. "The identification and prosecution of individuals who attempt to exploit our children is one of HSI's highest priorities." Brown, 57, collected pornographic images of children and fantasized about strangling, dismembering and cannibalizing children, court documents state. Ron Brown told agents he talks with people online about strangling children and is part of a "strangle group" in Yahoo.

Warning. The following may disturb some readers and contains graphic details: The thousands of chat lines discussed how they would target children, kidnap them, abuse them before murdering and eating them, authorities said. Authorities on Friday charged Ronald William Brown, 57, of Largo, FL, of conspiring to kidnap a child and possessing child pornography. Prosecutors levied the same allegations against Arnett.  In one of the chat rooms, Arnett asked how a child was doing, prosecutors said.  "Sadly, he is doing well," Brown said, according to court documents. "I wish I had him tied and gagged in the closet." "He would make a fine Easter feast," Arnett allegedly replied.

The two men then proceeded to discuss graphically how they would cook him and imagine his terror before dying, according to court documents. Prosecutors said Brown asked Arnett to help him abduct and kill a child. "I think I could handle the snuff easy," Brown allegedly wrote. "It would be the catch and butcher that would be hard."

Ron Brown a Puppeteer Who Worked At Rays Baseball Games Wanted To Rape, Torture, And Eat Kids...Ronald W. Brown's FACEBOOK PAGE:
Master Control Operator at Christian Television Network
Studied at Gadsden State Junior College
Lives in Largo, Florida
From Gadsden, Alabama
Ronald W. Brown's FACEBOOK FRIENDS LIST!/ronald.w.brown.39/friends

Brown told authorities that he was just discussing his fantasies in a chat rooms, but "he would never really do this," according to court documents. Brown said that Arnett was "into the killing and cannibalism of children, specifically toddlers," according to court documents.

                                             RON BROWN PHOTO ABOVE

Arnett allegedly described drowning a 2-year-old girl in a bathtub and her struggles to survive. "She made a sweet little oven roast," Arnett allegedly wrote. "She was better off being eaten anyhow rather than growing up any longer as another trailer park brat."

Arnett advised Brown to trawl trailer parks and low-income housing complexes because they are "great breeding grounds for even small ones who aren't as well watched," according to court documents.  Brown worked as a puppeteer and was around children. He owns a business called Puppet Company. He performed at schools, churches, birthday parties and community centers.

"Brown stated that he helps out in the children's area of the church he attends," according to court documents. "Brown told the agents that every Wednesday several children from his neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods come to his house for pizza before he gives them all a ride to a church in a van provided by the church."

Police in Florida had at least two dealings with Brown over the past decade in which he was alleged to have acted inappropriately in incidents involving children. But no charges were filed. In a YouTube clip from a Christian TV network show, Brown talks to his doll about how children shouldn't be looking at dirty pictures. "They were looking at some dirty pictures and they wanted me to look too," Brown said. "I'm glad you remained firm in your beliefs that those things are wrong. I'm real proud of you Marty, SEE PHOTO ABOVE, for the decision you made."

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