Thursday, August 30, 2012

TAMPA RNC: Bravo Top Cop Jane Castor And Her Cops The Only One's Who Have Ever Shut Down Occupy Black Bloc Violence.

No Police Chief or Mayor in any city in the USA or in Europe has ever been able to shut down and control the violence of  the Black Bloc or Anon except for what recently happened in Tampa Fl. These violent anarchist groups became a non-entity, a minor footnote in the Tampa RNC, a joke and and an embarrassment for anybody in the protest business, LOL. Local news media in Tampa Fl is absolutely amazed at how the Occupy Black Bloc dirtbags were such cowards who ran away like little school girls every time cops showed up, "hey boys no guts no glory".

FOX NEWS 13 TAMPA...Captain Kyle Cockream with the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office is in charge of the bike unit for the RNC. In fact, Cockream says the police training, the massive law enforcement presence and a storm named Isaac helped keep Black Blockers far away from Tampa...GOOD!. 

Seventeen bus loads of them never showed up, the sheriff's office says."They were canceled. Whether because the transportation company didn't want to risk their assets coming down here, or they didn't have the infrastructure to pay for a hotel, " said Cockream...DEADBEAT PROTESTERS NEED TO GET A JOB.  From the beginning of the RNC, 200 bicycle-trained officers have been on the move, day and night,  OUT FOXED WITH A MOBILE COP BIKE CREW.

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at