Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Violent Times Ahead and Closing Fast as Occupy Black Bloc Anarchists Set To Arrive at Tampa RNC, Oh How I love The Smell of Tear Gas in The Morning

Violent times ahead as Occupy Black Bloc anarchists set to Aarive at Tampa RNC on August 27th, 2012, the worst of the worst, the scum of the earth will be on display for your daily TV news viewing.

BLACK BLOC THREAT:  “Mayor Bob Buckhorn has created “Clean Zones” … a desperate effort to put up more anti-constitutional walls attempting to block our righteous path to true freedom.” “When protest becomes illegal there is no other option left but to fight. No one rules if no one obeys. Therefore Mayor Bob Buckhorn can shove his authoritarian “Clean Zones” up his Ass.”

Cops in the Tampa area need to gear up with rubber bullets and tear gas, shoot on sight “Black bloc” should be the order of the day.  5,000 cops will be brought in from surrounding areas and from out of state, helicopters with the latest in high speed down load video equipment, three armored SWAT vehicles, new cameras hidden all over the city and plenty of tear gas and rubber bullets, lots of rubber bullets (aim for the face and knock out their teeth).

TAMPA TRIBUNE August 6th, 2012, More than 15,000 protesters are expected to march,  wave signs or just show up to be seen in downtown Tampa during the Republican National Convention later this month. Some will challenge police and force confrontations and try to create mayhem.

Here's a short list of some groups that will be in town and the messages they want to deliver:Black Bloc, Anon Bloc, Tampa Bay Action Committee, RNC Welcoming Committee, and other loosely organized anarchist groups have shown up at past conventions and other major public events and typically are known for violence and vandalism. Black Bloc members wear all black and spark confrontations with police. A YouTube posting by the Tampa Bay Action Committee promises lots of anarchists will come to Tampa. The video says this: "Black Bloc and Anon Bloc tactics are being encouraged because some say liberal protests get nothing done … If you hope to 'peacefully' protest your rights, you will be respected by radicals. If you are into social warfare, look for a group of people dressed in black."

Armed Boat Patrols Set for RNC in Tampa the Waterways will be under heavy patrol during the Republican National Convention. Because the Tampa Bay Times Forum, site of the Republican National Convention, backs onto water, federal and local marine units plan to saturate the waterways with boat patrols Aug. 25 - 31.  Law enforcement also will monitor the four bridges connecting Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee counties, paths that many delegates' buses will use daily.

"Go Get'em Boys".

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