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Tennessee Nursing Student Holly Bobo Led Into Woods by Kidnapper Dressed in Camouflage Over 500 Days Ago, FBI Has No Clues.

The FBI, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and local cops have been working the kidnapping case of nursing student Holly Bobo since April 13th, 2011, that is over 500 days ago and cops are no closer to finding or solving her kidnapping today than on day one. The guy in camouflage who kidnapped Holly Bobo appears to be a white male about 5' 11' tall and about 200 lbs, was this guy a survivalist, a random hunter (not) or a militia member?

500 Days Ago: ABC NEWS April 14, 2011... Almost 400 volunteers are searching the dense West Tennessee woodlands looking for 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo last seen being dragged/led by a man dressed in camouflage into the woods near her home, investigators said.  Holly Bobo was dragged/led "across the carport of her home… toward a wooded area" in the town of Parsons on Wednesday April 13th, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Both Bobo's mother and 25-year-old brother watched the woman being abducted and called 911. Holly Bobo is a cousin of Whitney Duncan, a country music singer and a finalist on the television talent show Nashville Star.

ABC NEWS August 24th, 2012...Elizabeth Smart Aids Search For Holly Bobo. Bobo’s parents have struggled to keep their daughter’s disappearance in the spotlight, knowing that in missing persons cases like this one publicity is their only hope. To aid in that effort, a high-profile kidnap survivor, Elizabeth Smart, appeared in West Tennessee at Bobo's high school, Scott’s Hill, on Monday night, August 27th, to talk about her experiences and make a public plea for Bobo’s safe return.

So why was Holly Bobo kidnapped, obviously the guy who dragged/led Holly Bobo into the woods had been doing surveillance on her, he knew she would be coming out of her house on Wednesday at about 7:40 am April 13th 2011 in Darden TN.  This was not a random kidnapping at 7:40 am in an isolated rural area, this appears to be planned and well executed as after the two left the carport area of the house there has been no sighting of either of them, for over 500 days.

LOUISVILLE KY SEX OFFENDER ON THE LOOSE: Since April 2005, three women were abducted from Kentucky, two women are abducted from Tennessee, one woman abducted from Indiana and one woman abducted from Ohio, they all have shoulder length blonde hair and are very petite sized white females, there has been no trace of 5 of the women, 2 woman were found murdered with no suspect.

The basis of the theory is that all of the 7 abductions take place within a 298 mile radius of Louisville KY, with Darden TN the furthest point at 298 miles and Florence KY the nearest point at 88 miles, all of the locations are at most a 4 hour drive one way from the Louisville KY area. The reason for Louisville KY as center to the 7 abductions is due to the fact a sexual predator is on the loose in that area. 

On Tuesday, April 5, 2005, at about 9:56 am, officers responded to the 700 block of North Cleveland Road Lexington KY in reference to a deceased subject along the side of the road. The victim was positively identified as Misty B. Gwinner from the Cincinnati, OH and Covington, KY (Florence) area. The victim has no known connection with Lexington.

According to the Kentucky State Police, evidence and DNA collected from the murder of Misty Gwinner links to an individual from Ohio, see link she is the “Jack of Clubs” Unsolved Cases Playing Cards . Ex-con and on the run sex offender James E. Gunterman is originally from Ohio, cops have not been able to find him, it appears that cops also have not been able to find the guy whose DNA links to the Misty Gwinner murder, one and the same guy?

Dates & times when petite females were first reported missing;
1). Karen Swift………….. Sunday @ 5:00 am October 30th, 2011 Dyersburg TN
2). Katelyn Markham....Saturday @ 11:00 pm August 13th 2011 Fairfield OH
3). Lauren Spierer ……..Friday @ 4:30 am June 3rd 2011 Bloomington IN
4). Holly Bobo …………...Wednesday @ 7:40 am April 13th 2011 Darden TN
5). Paige Johnson …….Thursday @ 1:00 am September 23rd 2010 Florence KY
6). Crystal Hall………….Tuesday March 3rd, 2009, Pikeville KY
7). Misty Gwinner………Sunday April 3rd, 2005, Florence KY

US Marshals Seek DNA From Relatives of Sex Offender James Gunterman, Does “Big Jim” Link to Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Paige Johnson and others?  It has come to my attention that blood relatives of sex offender James “Big Jim” Gunterman Jr. have been asked by the US Marshals service for DNA samples.  Is the US Marshals service trying to match the DNA of James Gunterman to any number of missing and or murdered petite females in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana?

B.O.L.O. Sexual Predator James E. Gunterman in Southern Midwest On The Run For Two Years, He Links to Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. WANTED by the Louisville Metro Police Department, Kentucky State Police and the U.S. Marshals Service, James E. Gunterman jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman who is 5′ 11″ tall and weighs between 220 lbs and 250 lbs.. Wanted Sex predator JAMES EDMOND GUNTERMAN Jr., has tattoos, various skulls of different sizes on left side, “Big Jim” on calf, Amber/Andrea flowers and ribbons with names inside.

It appears that sex offender James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman travels the Quad State area of KY, TN, Ind and Ohio working as a car/truck mechanic, doing body work and painting cars/trucks, he also works as a truck driver. James Gunterman jr. is most likely is driving a van of some sort and has linked to motorcycle gang members.  James E. Gunterman jr. works for cash only, off the books, and does not use his social security number.  James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman flys under the cop’s radar with good reason.

A man the size of ”Big Jim” Gunterman would have no problem in abducting any of the six petite missing women, Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Paige Johnson, Crystal Hall and Katelyn Markham.  James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman is a match for the man who kidnapped Holly Bobo, James Gunterman jr had a warrant issued for his arrest in Louisville KY in Feb. 2009, one month later, in March of 2009, Crystal Hall went “missing” in Pikeville KY.

  “Big Jim” Gunterman is also linked to Taylor County Kentucky, this was the location of his last listed marriage (4th) in 1997.  Taylor County KY is about 150 miles Northeast of Nashville TN. Cops have not seen JAMES EDMOND GUNTERMAN jr.  for over two years, his weight will vary from what is listed on his wanted poster, especially due to the fact that the Louisville Metro Police Department, Kentucky State Police and the U.S. Marshals Service are after him.

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