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EDL Boss Stephen Lennon aka Tommy Robinson Arrested For Using A False Passport To Enter USA And Speak At Pamela Geller NYC Anti-Islam Rally.

LUTTON Published on Monday 22 October 2012...English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon has appeared in court this morning charged with entering the US on a false passport.  Lennon, who goes by the name Tommy Robinson, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court and was remanded in custody, according to an EDL spokesman. He travelled to New York in September to speak at a Pamela Geller conference. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the unemployed 29-year-old had been charged with having “a false identity document with improper intention contrary to Section 4 of the Identity Documents Act 2010”.

EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Faces Trial for Passport Allegation after 9/11 US Speech for Pamela Geller. The leader of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) could face extradition to the US on criminal charges. Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was arrested amid reports that he entered the US illegally in September.

EDL leader Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson), appeared at Westminster magistrates' court charged with possession of an illegal identity document. Yaxley-Lennon was remanded in custody until January to stand trial at Southwark crown court. He claimed on his Twitter page that his arrest stemmed from an invitation he accepted to speak in the US to mark the anniversary of 9/11 terror attacks.   Additional arrests came ahead of a planned march by the EDL in Walthamstow, east London, on October 27th, 2012.  Robinson used social media to publicise the event, revealing he intended to hold a viewing there of the inflammatory film Innocence of Muslims - which mocks Islam and portrays the prophet Mohammed as a paedophile.

As Per Islamophobia Watch: The EDL members released on bail after being arrested on Saturday October 20th, 2012 – apparently en route to the East London Mosque – didn't include EDL leader Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson), who has been remanded in prison on a charge of entering the United States illegally. This arises from his visit to New York City last month to speak at the so-called International Freedom Defense Congress organised by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer's Stop Islamization of Nations (SION).

Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) had previously been refused entry to the US when he tried to attend a demonstration (also organised by Pamela Geller and Spencer) against the "Ground Zero mosque" in September 2010. So it was always pretty obvious that he must have got through US customs to attend last month's conference by using a false passport. It is difficult to believe that his hosts Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were unaware of this, and hopefully the US authorities are investigating that aspect of the case too.

It appears that Lennon's arrest over the New York trip wasn't exactly unexpected. Back on 10 October he was asking Pamela Geller to contact him to discuss problems arising from his appearance at her conference.  Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court today and was remanded in custody until January 2013. The EDL confirms that the offence he has been charged with is passport fraud.

AFP reports that Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) has been charged with "possession of a false identity document with improper intention" and quotes a Met police spokesman as saying: "The case relates to allegations that a man tried to travel to the US in September using another person's passport." In addition, Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) faces the prospect of being extradited to the US to face charges there.

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Anti-Islam bikini blogger Pamela Geller appears to be outraged and shocked that Russel Band wanted to do more than hug and shake hands when she agreed to appear on his Brand X show where anything goes.

Russel Brand’s booking agent, Charles Davis, told Geller in a email, “We do try to get past mere snark and into some substance, as Russell does have a genuine interest in politics,” so Pamela  Geller flew to Los Angeles to appear on the Brand X show.  When Geller got on stage with Brand the first thing out of his mouth was that she was a MILF,  Brand said to Geller “You know what a MILF is — a mum I’d like to fxxx.”

What does 'bikini blogger' Pamela Geller expect when she posts photos and videos of herself in a revealing bikini on her knees in the surf or exposing her breasts in 'bikini calenders' that she published and sent to her email contacts.

According to the NY Times, Pamela Geller's "Atlas Shrugs Blog" gets about 200,000 unique visitors a month, and in conversation, Ms. Geller habitually refers to herself as a “racist-Islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot”, well said.

The NY Times reports that Pamela Geller went to Hofstra University, but left without a degree. She worked on the business side of The New York Daily News through the 1980s, then became the associate publisher at The New York Observer. Colleagues at The Observer remembered Pamela Geller as brassy and vulgar — not an easy fit with the salmon-colored broadsheet’s effete ethos.

During the Lebanon-Israel war in 2006, Pamela Geller traveled to Israel, then video-blogged about it from a Fort Lauderdale Fl beach, flicking water at the camera, arching her bikini-bared back provocatively, see photos above of the 54 year old MILF, Pamela Geller.

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PROFILE OF A SERIAL KILLER: At Height Of His Killing Spree Petite Long Haired Female College Students Disappeared At A Rate Of One Per Month.

"Dozens of women, maybe as many as 100, have vanished without a trace, seemingly right in front of people’s eyes, from seven states Washington, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, California and Florida. The abductor, a handsome white male, is a phantom—or a chameleon whose appearance shifts every time witnesses look at him.  “He was not unusual for a very clever psychopath individual. He was able to inspire confidence in others and provide a very good front. Nobody who interacted with him actually suspected what was going on.”

The young, beautiful women who started to disappear all fit a certain profile. Each one was Caucasian and fair complexioned, with long hair parted down the middle. Each one was was highly intelligent, slender, talented, and very attractive. Each was single and from a stable family. Each was wearing slacks or jeans when she disappeared. The victims are found, if they’re found, nude, bludgeoned, and strangled, or as part of a collection of body parts. The phantom killed again and again, his last victims were two sorority women and a 12-year-old girl in Florida, the phantom abductor was Ted Bundy and his reign of terror took place during several years in the 1970's, Bundy kept a collection of photos of his victims.

Known Victims of Serial Killer Ted Bundy:
Year 1974:
January 4, 1974- Seattle, Washington: "Joni Lenz" (pseudonym; bludgeoned in her bed and sexually assaulted, but survived).
February 1, 1974,-Seattle, Washington: Lynda Healy, 21 (bludgeoned while asleep and abducted from her house.
March 12, 1974,-Olympia, Washington: Donna Manson, 19 (abducted and killed; body was never found).
April 17, 1974- Ellensburg, Washington: Susan Rancourt, 18 (bludgeoned).
May 6, 1974- Corvallis, Oregon: Roberta Kathleen "Kathy" Parks, 22.
June 1, 1974- Burien, Washington: Brenda Ball, 22.
June 11,1974- Seattle, Washington: Georgeann Hawkins, 18.
July 14, 1974- Issaquah, Washington (both abducted several hours apart): Janice Ott, 23 Denise Naslund, 19.
September 2, 1974- unknown location in Idaho: An unidentified teenage hitchhiker (confessed to killing; body was never found).
October 2, 1974- Holladay, Utah: Nancy Wilcox, 16 (body was never found).
October 18, 1974- Midvale, Utah: Melissa Smith, 17 (strangled).
October 31, 1974- Lehi, Utah: Laura Aime, 17 (bludgeoned with a crowbar).
November 8, 1974- Murray, Utah: Carol DaRonch (abducted and intended to kill; she escaped by jumping out of his car). Bountiful, Utah: Debra "Debby" Kent, 17 (allegedly dumped at a site near Fairview, Utah).

January 12, 1975- Snowmass, Colorado: Caryn Campbell, 23 (raped and bludgeoned).
March 15, 1975- Vail, Colorado: Julie Cunningham, 26 (confessed to having been dumped near Rifle, Colorado, but a search didn't produce remains).
April 6, 1975- Grand Junction, Colorado: Denise Oliverson, 25 (body was never found).
May 6, 1975- Pocatello, Idaho: Lynette Culver, 13 (abducted, raped and drowned in a bathtub; body was never found).
June 28, 1975- Provo, Utah: Susan Curtis, 15 (body was never found).

Year 1978:
Black-and-white photo of two smiling young women. Levy, on the left, has light hair parted on the middle and Bownam, on the right, has longer dark hair parted on the side. January 15, 1978- Tallahassee, Florida: Two killed and two injured in the Chi Omega killings:  Lisa Levy, 20 (beaten with a log, raped, bitten and strangled). Margaret Bowman, 21 (beaten with a log and strangled with a pair of panty hose). Karen Chandler (survived). Kathy Kleiner (survived). Cheryl Thomas (bludgeoned in her bed just a few blocks away from the above killings; survived).
February 9, 1975- Lake City, Florida: Kimberly Leach, 12 (raped, killed and her body discarded in Florida's Suwannee River State Park).

On January 15, 1978, Bundy committed his first murders in almost two and a half years. He broke into the Chi Omega sorority at the Florida State University Tallahassee, raped, strangled, and bludgeoned students Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman. Two other students were also attacked but survived. The same night, he attacked another woman eight blocks away. She also survived. On February 9, 1978, Bundy committed his last known murder. Ted Bundy abducted 12-year old Kimberly Leach outside her school, raped and killed her and tried to hide the body in an abandoned hog shed. On the morning of February 15, he was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle and was quickly linked to the sorority murders.

Ted Bundy was an unusually organized and calculating criminal who used his extensive knowledge of law enforcement methodologies to elude identification and capture for years. His crime scenes were distributed over large geographic areas; his victim count had risen to at least 20 before it became clear that numerous investigators in widely disparate jurisdictions were hunting the same man. His assault methods of choice were blunt trauma and strangulation, two relatively silent techniques that could be accomplished with common household items. 

Ted Bundy deliberately avoided firearms due to the noise they made and the ballistic evidence they left behind. He was a "meticulous researcher" who explored his surroundings in minute detail, looking for safe sites to seize and dispose of victims. All of Bundy's known victims were white females, most of middle-class backgrounds. Almost all were between the ages of 13 and 25 and most were college students, youth and beauty were "absolutely indispensable criteria" in his choice of victims.

The victims of serial killer Ted Bundy would be overpowered, bludgeoned, and restrained with handcuffs. Most were sexually assaulted and strangled, either at the primary crime scene or (more commonly) after transport to a pre-selected secondary site, often a considerable distance away.At secondary sites he would remove and later burn the victim's clothing, or in at least one case (Julie Cunningham's) deposit them in a Goodwill Industries collection bin, Bundy explained that the clothing removal was ritualistic, but also a practical matter, as it minimized the chance of leaving trace evidence (DNA touch evidence today) at the crime scene that could implicate him. Ted Bundy confessed to killing 36 women in seven states, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, California and Florida before he was executed by electric chair on January 24, 1989.

 The victims of serial killer Delmer Smith would be overpowered, bludgeoned, and restrained with electrical cords with his signature "two half inch knot" most were sexually assaulted.  Serial Rapist and Killer Delmer Smith used the same exact tactics as Ted Bundy in his reign of terror in the South West Florida towns of Sarasota, Bradenton and Terra Ceia Fl except he targeted white middle aged and senior aged females some as old as 70.  FBI agents and Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials were helping local Sarasota detectives track the man (Delmer Smith), who is suspected in as many as nine attacks during the last two months. On March 14, 2009 a 62-year-old woman was watching TV on Carmilfra Way, near Phillippi Creek, when a robber sneaked in tied her up and hit her on the head.

 On April 20th, 2009, Delmer Smith attacked a 61 year old woman on 32 Street N.W. Bradenton Fl at about noon time, he found the woman outside near her home and Delmer Smith pushed her inside the house with his gun to her head, it appears that her husband was coming home for lunch in a matter of minutes and Delmer Smith found out and decided to wait for the husband and attack him also, (this is the only male victim of Delmer Smith). Delmer Smith tied up the victims using electrical cords with his signature "two half inch knot", once tied up and unable to defend themselves Delemr Smith beat his victims with the butt of his .380 Walther semi-automatic hand gun around the face. Delmer Smith savagely beat the two 60 year old victims, knocking out teeth down to the roots from the male victim and breaking bones in both of the victims faces. All of Delmer Smith's known 12 victims were beaten unconscious, as far as he knew and was concerned they were all dead when he left.

Serial Killer Delmer Smith was convicted with the violent murder of Kathleen Briles in Terra Ceia, Manatee County Florida, he tied her up with his signature "two half inch knot" and then beat her to death with an antique cast iron sewing machine. It was a killing that culminated a dozen home invasions divided between Sarasota and Manatee counties, a series of crimes that kept both communities on edge over a seven-month period in 2009. Serial Killer Delmer Smith raped and beat to death Georgann Lee Smith on Joann Drive in Sarasota, she was beaten to death with a baseball bat, she had been bound and raped, she had been home alone, she died alone. Delemr Smith has not been charged, so far, in her murder. See the whole story CLICK HERE.

PROFILE OF SERIAL KILLER TED BUNDY: youth and beauty were "absolutely indispensable criteria" in his choice of victims" who were white females with long hair between the ages of 13 and 25.  Fast forward to the years 2005 through 2012 and a very similar pattern is unfolding across seven states, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky South Carolina and Indiana with very pretty look-a-like white petite blonde females with long hair between the ages of 17 and 24, for the most part, vanishing without a trace was/is there a Ted Bundy clone out there now?

1). Kelli Bordeaux, 23………Saturday April 14th 2012 Fayetville NC.
2). Heather Hodge, 22…….Monday April 9th, 2012 Rocky Mount VA.
3). Karen Swift……………..Sunday October 30th 2011 Dyersburg TN, murdered.
4). Katelyn Markham, 22….Saturday August 13th 2011 Fairfield OH.
5). Lauren Spierer, 21 ….….Friday June 3rd 2011 Bloomington IN.
6). Holly Bobo, 21 ……….….Wednesday April 13th 2011 Darden TN, kidnapped.
7). Paige Johnson, 17….….Thursday September 23rd 2010 Florence KY.
8). Brittanee Drexel, 17.… .Saturday April 25th, 2009 Myrtle beach SC.
9). Crystal Hall,24 ………….Tuesday March 3rd, 2009, Pikeville KY.
10). Carmen Purpura….....Wed July 11th, 2007 Indianapolis IN, murdered.
11). Misty Gwinner,18…….Sunday April 3rd, 2005 truck stop Florence KY, murdered, body found in Lexington KY, no connections to Lexington KY.

 In the case of murdered Karen Swift, the Dyer County Sheriff revealed updated info last month, September 2nd, 2012 as to..."The Karen Swift murder investigation is still very active with many agencies involved in the preparation of the evidence for a murder trial. There have been several persons of interest throughout the course of the investigation, we have ruled all of them out, except for one person in particular. Currently, we do not feel it would not be beneficial to the case to reveal the identity of this person of interest. "If this individual was on the run or if we felt that other persons were in immediate danger, we would have already named this person as a suspect". In cop talk that means the person of interest is currently in jail and the FBI among others are involved, so who is he?

Kelli Bordeaux was one of the last of the petite blonde females to go missing on April 14th, 2012, she is just one of about a dozen petite blond females who have vanished without a trace over the last several years. What Really Happened to Petite Females Karen Swift, Katelyn Markham, Kelli Bordeaux, Lauren Spierer, Holly Bobo, Paige Johnson, Crystal Hall and Misty Gwinner? I think it is about time that the FBI took over all of these missing and murdered petite blonde female cases seen above, if they have not already done so, and look real hard at sex offenders who work as Interstate truck drivers.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Serial Murder: Behavioral Analysis Unit-2. National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, Critical Incident Response Group. The FBI Report breakdown by state, click link to see interactive FBI Map CLICK HERE. Often the victims are abducted in one state and dumped in another. And the killers? Authorities say they have 200 suspects; almost all are long-haul truck drivers. To date, the FBI says it has helped local authorities arrest at least 10 suspects believed to be involved in more than 30 of the killings. That still appears to leave hundreds of killings unsolved, and the cases continue to mount.

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Body of Petite Blonde Female Autumn Pasquale Found in Clayton NJ.

Update 10/23/2012.....Autumn Pasquale, the 12-year-old New Jersey girl found dead in a home recycling bin after having been missing for several days, was allegedly killed by two teenage brothers who wanted her bike.  The brothers, age 15 and 17, were arrested on Tuesday for Autumn Pasquale’s killing, NBC Philadelphia reported. The Gloucester County Medical Examiner's Office preliminarily determined the cause of death to be blunt force trauma, consistent with strangulation. Investigators also say there are no signs of sexual assault.

(LEFT) Image of Donte Robinson, 17, taken from Twitter. (RIGHT) Image of Justin Robinson, 15, taken from Facebook. Both boys have been charged in the murder of Autumn Pasquale in Clayton, NJ.

TEENAGE BLACK THUGS DONTE ROBINSON AND JUSTIN ROBINSON ARRESTED IN MURDER OF AUTUMN PASQUALE: The teen brothers accused of killing 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale in their Clayton home are scheduled to make their first appearance in court on Friday, according to the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office. They killed her for her BMX bike, these P.O.S.!

Spokesman Bernie Weisenfeld said the brothers, Donte and Justin Robinson, ages 17 and 15, are scheduled to appear in juvenile court on Friday "for the sole purpose of looking at their detention status." A judge will decide if the boys, who were charged with murder on Tuesday, should remain in a juvenile facility or have some other arrangement, Weisenfeld said. "There are mandatory detention hearings for kids since they are not subject to bail," Weisenfeld said.

CLAYTON, N.J. -- The discovery of a girl's body in a home's recycling bin spread grief and fear Tuesday through a small town in southern New Jersey that had been desperately searching for a 12-year-old resident since she missed her curfew over the weekend. Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean Dalton said the body of Autumn Pasquale was found around 10 p.m. Monday in the bin just blocks from her house and from Borough Hall, where thousands of people gathered earlier in the evening for a tearful candlelight vigil to pray for her safe return.
 "The search for Autumn is over," he told a news conference Tuesday. With autopsy results pending, he did not label the death a homicide. He said the investigation was just beginning and that there were no suspects.  If someone is found responsible for the death, "they don't deserve to be walking the streets," he said.  Howard Kowgill, 60, who lives in town and, like many, knows members of Autumn's family, said the discovery of the body changes the nature of the town.  "Until they find out who did it, you don't let your kids out," he said.  READ THE WHOLE THING CLICK HERE.

  After an exhaustive two-day search to find Autumn Pasquale, authorities announced early Tuesday morning that a body has been found in a recycling container on East Clayton Avenue in Clayton NJ which has direct access to Interstate 55 and north to Philadelphia PA, see map click here.  Autumn Pasquale was kidnapped sometime after 2:00 pm on Saturday October 20th, 2012, she had been out riding her BMX bike.

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British Al-Qaeda Gang Planned 'Another 9/11' in UK Led By Muslim Terrorists Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali.

Jihadist group, from Birmingham UK, were to target crowded areas to cause “mass death” in a terror plot that was set to be even more devastating than the 7/7 London bombings, Woolwich Crown Court was told.  Two of the alleged ringleaders had received terror training in Pakistan and made martyrdom videos to be released after they had “blown themselves up”.

They were taught in bomb-making, how to use weapons and poisons before returning to the UK to recruit others for their plot. That included arranging for others to be sent to Pakistan for training as well. They planned to detonate homemade bombs in up to eight rucksacks and may also have blown others up with bombs on timers.

A total of 11 men and one woman were arrested by police on various terrorism charges last September. The details emerged as the trial began today of the three central plotters. Irfan Naseer, 31, Irfan Khalid, 27, and Ashik Ali, 27, all unemployed from Birmingham, all deny a number of terror charges including planning a bombing campaign, recruiting others for terrorism and terrorism fundraising.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, told the court: “In September 2011, and after, officers of the West Midlands Counter-Terrorism Unit arrested a number of young men from the Birmingham area, who are resident in this country.  “With it the police successfully disrupted a plan to commit an act or acts of terrorism on a scale potentially greater than the London bombings in July 2005, if it had been allowed to runs its course.  READ THE WHOLE THING CLICK HERE.

USA TODAY REPORTS ....Dirtbags Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid, and Ashik Aliallegedly inspired by the anti-Western sermons of U.S.-born Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in Yemen in September 2011. Altman said Naseer and Khalid traveled to Pakistan for terror training, where they learned details of poisons, bombmaking and weapons use and made "martyrdom videos" justifying their planned attacks.

On their return in July 2011, he said, they began to recruit others to the plot and to raise money by posing as fundraisers for Muslim charities. Altman accused the men of "despicably stealing from their own community" to fund their plot.They also began experimenting with chemicals "to make an explosive mixture for use in an improvised explosive device," the prosecutor said, aided by Naseer's academic background — he has a degree in pharmacy.

Many of the group's plans soon went awry, however. Four other young men dispatched by the plotters to Pakistan for terrorist training were sent home within days when the family of one man found out, Altman said. They have pleaded guilty to terrorism-related offenses.

Rahin Ahmed, an alleged co-conspirator described in court as the cell's "chief financier," attempted to increase the group's budget by trading the money it had made through bogus charity fundraising on the currency-exchange market.He lost the bulk of the terror cell's money through his "unwise and incompetent" commodities trading, the prosecutor said, READ THE WHOLE THING CLICK HERE.

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Al-Qaeda Terror Plot '9/11 The Second' Planned To Kill Thousands With Suicide Attacks On Shopping Centres and Embassies in Amman Jordan.

A deadly terrorist attack designed by Muslim terrorists to kill thousands in Amman, which had been codenamed '9/11 the second' by plotters, has been foiled by Jordanian security forces. Authorities say the al-Qaeda cell wanted to inflict 'the heaviest human losses possible' with coordinated suicide strikes on shopping centres and Western diplomats in the country's capital capital Amman. Last night 11 suspects who planned on carrying out bombings using smuggled weapons and explosives brought from Syria were in police custody.

The country's state TV broadcast mugshots of the suspects - all in their 20s and 30s, all bar one wearing the same issue dark blue shirt, with most of them sporting long beards - identifying them as 'militants'.  Announcing the foiled plot, government spokesman Sameeh Maaytah told an impromptu press conference that the suspects are all Jordanian and are in police custody.

'They were plotting deadly terror attacks on vital institutions, shopping centers and diplomatic missions,' he said.  'They sought to destabilize Jordan,' he said. 'They plotted against Jordan's national security.'   The militants sought to carry out their attacks in stages, it added, with initial attacks on shopping centers and foreigners in Jordanian hotels, followed by more deadly strikes with powerful explosives and chemicals on Western diplomatic missions and unspecified 'vital national sites'.

One planned attack involved firing rockets at a district in the Jordanian capital that houses the U.S., British and other diplomatic missions as well as housing for expats and Western diplomats, it was claimed.  al-Qaeda operatives based in Iraq have been assisting the suspects with manufacturing home-made explosives.

BLAST FROM THE PAST...CNN Thursday, November 10, 2005. AMMAN, Jordan (CNN) -- Three suicide attackers detonated nearly simultaneous explosions Wednesday night at hotels in downtown Amman, Jordan, killing at least 67 people and wounding more than 150 others, the deputy prime minister of Jordan said.   Jordanian-born terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of al Qaeda in Iraq and that country's most-wanted terrorist, was responsible.

The blasts occurred first at the Radisson SAS, then at the Grand Hyatt and then at the Days Inn between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. (2 p.m. and 3 p.m. ET). The three hotels are within a few hundred yards of one another. The largest blast occurred at the Radisson during a wedding celebration, set off by a suicide bomber wearing a belt packed with explosives. Most of the casualties there were Jordanian.

The blast at the Grand Hyatt also appeared to have been caused by a bomber wearing an explosive belt. At the Days Inn, a car failed in an attempt to breach a security barrier and exploded outside the hotel. "Not every Muslim is a terrorist but it appears that most all of the terrorists in the last 20 years have been Muslims, i.e. 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, USS Cole bombing, September 11th, 2001 attack, Fort Hood shooting, Times Square NYC bomb plot, and on and on and on..."

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VIDEO: American Jihadist Omar Hammami Struggles Inside Somali Al-Shabaab Militia As He Seeks Harmony Between Al-Shabaab and Foreign Fighters.

DAPHNE ALABAMA's OMAR HAMMAMI RELEASED NEW VIDEO, Omar Hammami says 'friction' exists between Al-Shabaab and foreign fighters. A videotape of Omar Hammami in which he urges "commanders of jihad and the honorable scholars" to intervene to resolve "friction" between foreign fighters and Somali members of Al-Shabaab was released on the Internet October 19th, 2012. Hammami, the American terrorist also known as Abu Mansour al Amriki, who has served as a Shabaab military commander, propagandist, recruiter, and fundraiser, has previously stated that his life is in danger.

The videotape, titled "An Urgent Message," was released on the YouTube account of somalimuhajirwarrior, the same account used to upload other statements since March. Hammami's statement, which was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, is in Arabic. The videotape was recorded at the same time as the March 16, 2012 video in which Omar Hammami claimed he was in danger but did not specify why. 

In the videotape that was released two days ago, Omar Hammami warns of a "bitter state of being that surrounds the emigrants of Somalia," a reference to foreign fighters or al Qaeda, and asks jihadists, clerics, and commanders to intervene with "a radical solution." Hammami says that historically "a type of friction" exists "between the people of the global jihad and the people of the local way of thinking." READ MORE HERE.

Omar Hammami's hometown of Daphne Alabama is on the eastern shoreline of Mobile Bay. Daphne Al is located along the I-10 highway, 11 miles east of Mobile Al and 50 miles from Pensacola Florida.

WA-POST NEWSPAPER, MARKA, Somalia — People here simply called him “the American.” For the past three years, Omar Hammami lived in this bucolic oceanside town with three wives and five children in a modest residence down a narrow pathway. Known in Arabic as Abu Mansoor al- Amriki, he had come a long way, psychologically as well as physically, from his home in Daphne Alabama.

After arriving in Somalia in 2006, Omar Hammami joined the Islamist al-Shabaab militia, fighting U.S.-backed African Union forces. And in Marka, he ruled. “Everybody feared him,” said Omar Salim, a resident. Amriki, whose real name is Omar Shafik Hammami, has been the al-Qaeda-linked militia’s most visible face, using YouTube, Facebook and other social media Web sites to spread the militants’ propaganda. In some videos, he raps, praising jihad and extremist Islam. He was indicted in the United States on charges of terrorist activities, and a federal warrant was issued for his arrest in 2007.

At its height, al-Shabaab controlled large swaths of southern Somalia, including economically vital ports, and much of the capital, Mogadishu. But over the last year, it has lost control of Mogadishu and other bases of power. It has also lost large sources of revenue, as well as the support of many of Somalia’s powerful clans. Now, as a major military offensive by Somalia’s neighbors has taken control of Kismayo, the extremists’ last — and most lucrative — stronghold, the future of the Islamist movement, as it now exists, is in doubt.

The al-Shabaab is really struggling to define itself,” said J. Peter Pham, director of the Atlantic Council’s Michael S. Ansari Africa Center in Washington. “Al-Amriki is jockeying for a place in whatever version of al-Shabaab evolves after the fall of Kismayo.” Omar Hammami had been using the Al-Shabaab site based in since April of 2007 to recruit suicide bombers from the USA and elsewhere to come to Somalia.

PRESS-REGISTER MOBILE AL...Thursday, September 10, 2009… Private investigator Bill Warner says Daphne AL terror suspect Omar Hammami linked to jihadist Web site of Al-Shabaab. By BRENDAN KIRBY, Staff Reporter. A Web site used by a Somali jihadist group Al-Shabaab that has been tied to a suspected terrorist from Daphne was hosted by an Internet company based in the United States, according to a private investigator.

Bill Warner, an investigator from Sarasota, Fla., who tried to shut down a number of Web sites linked to extremist groups, said he first targeted an al-Shabaab Web site in May 2008 after the U.S. government labeled it a terrorist organization. Dotster Inc. of Vancouver, Wash., took the Web site down in January, Bill Warner said, after an order from the federal government. The man on the video went by the name Abu Mansour al-Amriki, Fox reported that his true identity is Omar Hammami and that he faces a secret indictment in Mobile’s federal court on a charge of providing material support to terrorists.

VANCOUVER WA...The Columbian Newspaper; In our view: Internet censor (Bill Warner), Wednesday, May 07, 2008A Florida man’s heart might be in the right place, but he is misguided in his bid to get a Vancouver Internet service company to drop a Somali-language Web site.

Bill Warner, a Sarasota private investigator ( ), wants Dotster Inc. of Vancouver to refuse service to . Warner, who has launched similar purge efforts in other cities with other Internet companies, says supports an al-Qaida organization, AL-SHABAAB, in Somalia, where war and genocide are tragic facts of daily life.

There are groups like this one that associate with al-Qaida through Web sites that help promote the ideology, help find new recruits and help the effort to support terrorism,” Warner said in a Tuesday Columbian story by Courtney Sherwood, "Dotster Under Fire For Web Content" see link click here,  “It’s not freedom of speech. This site should not be hosted in Vancouver".

Certainly a Web page that is intended to inspire terrorism (Al-Shabbab) should be probed and be a candidate for closure. But the FBI or other experts should make that decision, with a judge if that’s required by law........... It’s not Bill Warner’s call.

The Columbian Newspaper is so embarrassed by the above article, now, and their implied support for the terrorist organization Al-Shabaab that they have deleted all reference to the article from their website, see click hereOMG what a joke this far left liberal Columbian Newspaper turned out to be!

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LAPD Probing Charles Manson Family Link To 12 Unsolved Homicides as Helter Skelter Continues To Be Exposed.

Charles Manson is an insane sociopath and I have no doubt that this crazed killer, Charles Manson, and his followers of whores, pimps and drug dealers are responsible for the 12 unsolved murders that the LAPD is looking at and many, many others buried in mass graves in the desert.

Helter Skelter would begin, according to one of Charles Manson's  devotees, "with the black man going into white people's homes and ripping off the white people, physically destroying them. A couple of spades from Watts would come up into the Bel Air and Beverly Hills district...and just really wipe some people out, just cutting bodies up and smearing blood and writing things on the wall in blood...all kinds of super-atrocious crimes that would really make the white man mad...until there was open revolution in the streets, until they finally won and took over. Then the black man would assume the white man's karma. He would then be the establishment..."

Charlie and the Family would survive this racial holocaust because they would be hiding in the desert safe from the turmoil of the cities. He pulled from the Book of Revelations, the concept of a "bottomless pit," the entrance of which, according to Charlie, was a cave underneath Death Valley that led down to a city of gold. This paradise was where Charlie and his Family were going to wait out this war. Afterwards, when the black man failed at keeping power, Charlie's Family, which they estimated would have multiplied to 144,000 by that time, would then take over from the black man and rule the cities. "It will be our world then," Charlie told his followers. "There would be no one else, except for us and the black servants. He, Charles Willis Manson, the fifth angel, Jesus Christ, would then rule the world. 

                              PHOTO CHARLES MANSON AND TEX WATSON

LA TIMES.....The Los Angeles Police Department disclosed Thursday that it has open investigations on a dozen unsolved homicides that occurred near places where the Manson family operated during its slew of murders four decades ago. The Police Department made the revelation amid a legal battle to obtain hours of audio tapes recorded in 1969 between Charles Manson follower Charles “Tex” Watson and his attorney. The LAPD has said detectives believe tapes could shed more light on the activities of Manson's group.

Tex Watson has been fighting to limit the LAPD’s access to the tapes. This month, a federal judge in Texas granted an emergency order preventing the police from executing a search warrant at an office where the tapes are kept. “These cases have circumstances that are similar to some of the Manson killings,” Cmdr. Andy Smith said. “We are hoping that these Tex Watson tapes can provide us further clues on these cases... We are doing this for the families of these victims.” Manson and his followers were convicted of killing eight people in a notorious plot to incite a race war that he believed was prophesied in the Beatles song “Helter Skelter.”

Sharon Tate, the wife of director Roman Polanski, was 8½ months pregnant when she was killed at the couple's hilltop home in Benedict Canyon on Aug. 9, 1969. Polanski was out of the country working on a film. Besides Tate, four others were stabbed and shot to death: Jay Sebring, 35; Voytek Frykowski, 32; coffee heiress Abigail Folger, 25; and Steven Parent, 18, a friend of Tate's caretaker. The word “pig” was written on the front door in blood. The next night, Manson rode with his cohorts to the Los Feliz home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, then left three of them to commit the murders. “Death to pigs” was written on a wall, and “Healter Skelter,” which was misspelled, was written on the refrigerator door. They also killed Gary Hinman, 34, a musician, and Donald “Shorty” Shea, a stuntman and a ranch hand at the Chatsworth ranch where Manson and his followers lived.

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Delmer Smith's Fate In Death Penalty Put Off by Judge Till Next Year Perhaps It Would Help If Judge Dubensky Knew Delmer Smith Was a Serial Killer.

MANATEE COUNTY FL -- The fate of convicted killer Delmer Smith III remains in the hands of Judge Peter Dubensky after a motions was postponed until Oct. 11. Court convened for Judge Dubensky to hear motions filed last week by the defense asking for MRI and PET scans, appointment of a medical expert and continuance of Smith's pre-sentencing hearing. Judge Dubensky granted the Motions on October 12th, 2012 and now the requested continuance will be put off any decision till April 2013, an eight-month delay between the jury's guilty verdict and death penalty recommendation and the so-called "Spencer hearing," where the defense could present mitigating evidence to try to convince the judge to opt for a life sentence for Delemr Smith instead of the needle.

As a result, the sentencing hearing would also be delayed. "I'm not familiar in any case where a delay that long has been countenanced by the courts," Judge Dubensky said. But Dr. Ruben Gur of Pennsylvania will not be ready to testify until then, argued Delemr Smith's attorney Bjorn Brunvand.

JUDGE Dubensky was skeptical when Brunvand said Gur is one of only two experts in the U.S. who perform quantitative analysis on those medical tests for capital cases.Dubensky said Gur may have more experience than other doctors, but "it's hard for me to believe there are two people in the U.S." who can give opinions on these tests, but he OK'd the Motion anyway.  Read more here:

A)..10/11/2012 ORDER ON DEFENDANT'S MOTION FOR FUNDS TO PAY FOR THE REASONABLE SERVICES AND TRAVEL EXPENSES OF DR. HYMAN EISENSTEIN FILED IN OPEN COURT, So ORDERED at $150 per hour and airfare and car expense and hotel expense with a cap of $14,000.
B)..10/12/2012 ORDER ON DEFENDANT'S MOTION FOR APPOINTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH EXPERT, So ORDERED for Dr. Gur at $450 and $175 per hour for air travel plus reimbursement of airfare.
C)..10/12/2012 ORDER ON DEFENDANT'S MOTION FOR MRI SCAN AND PET SCAN TESTING, So ORDERED at $1,500 for the MRI and $5,000 for the PET scam.

How outrageous is all of this mumble jumble for Pet Scans and MRI Scans for this rapist-murderer Delmer Smith, and the State of Florida is paying thousands of dollars for all of this nonsence while this P.O.S Delemr sits in the Manatee County Jail instead of on death row at the State Prison in Starke Fl.

ONE LAST THING: State Attorney’s Office Sarasota Fl Needs To Charge Serial Rapist and Murderer Delmer Smith With The Death of Georgeann Smith on Jo-An Dr.  Delmer Smith is a degenerate burnout who spent half of his adult life in the joint, he is over the top violent and beat his mostly elderly female victims to a bloody pulp.  State Prosecutors have convicted Delmer Smith of numerous home invasions and the murder of Kathleen Briles in Manatee County, Delmer beat her to death with a cast iron sewing machine. Delmer will most likely get the needle for the murder of the Briles woman, but there is “one last thing”.

As of July 27th, 2011 I was aware that; Sarasota Cops Have DNA Evidence That Links Serial Rapist Delmer Smith to Murder of Georgeann Smith But State Attorney Won’t Charge. In what must be the most gutless move ever by the State Attorney’s Office in Sarasota Fl, they have so far refused to charge serial rapist and murderer Delmer Smith with the rape and brutal baseball bat murder of Georgeann Smith even though cops have found touch DNA of Delmer Smith in Georgeann’s house.

GeorgeAnn Smith was a hero, she fought back against Delmer Smith, it may have cost her life, but there is no second guessing the situation, she was attacked and she defended herself, no black belt in karate (an expert in martial arts) is going to accept a hit in the head and possible sexual abuse without fighting back, it is just that simple. Delmer Smith has not been charged in the case. 

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cops Still Searching For 2nd Newtown Thug Who Kidnapped Customer At Gunpoint From Sarasota Kennel Club.

UPDATE BOLO: Second kidnapper is still on the run in Sarasota Fl, he is to be considered armed and dangerous, the gun used in kidnapping the man from the parking lot of the Sarasota Kennel Club was not recovered when cops arrested dirtbag thug Terrick Bell.

SARASOTA - After a night at the Sarasota Kennel Club, a man was robbed and then kidnapped as he heads to his car. Surveillance video has already led to the arrest of one of the two kidnappers, and detectives hope somebody will recognize the second one. 18-year-old Terrick Bell is in the Sarasota County Jail, charged with kidnapping and armed robbery. But police still haven't identified his accomplice.

They say it started February 20th in the parking lot of the Sarasota Kennel Club on University Parkway. "He was in the poker room, decided to leave between 11 pm and midnight, went out to his car, two black males accosted him with a handgun and told him to lie on the ground,” says Capt. Wade McVay with Sarasota Police.

The kidnappers took the man's wallet and cell phone and forced him into his car in the driver’s seat. They got in and made the victim drive to the Wells Fargo Bank at University Parkway and Lockwood Ridge Road and take $300 out of the ATM machine. Then they tried and failed to take money out of several other branches.

At a Walmart, they charged $1,000 on his debit card. Then at Royal Palm Avenue and 52nd Street in Sarasota, the two got out of the car and let the victim drive away. If you recognize the man in the top two photos above, call Detective Mike Jackson of the Sarasota Police Department at 954-7096.

Newtown Black Thugs Branch Out Kidnap and Rob Man From Sarasota Kennel Club, Terrick Bell 18 Arrested, Looks Like More Gang Activity.  Sarasota cops have said in the past that they had a handle on Newtown thugs and they really did not think that all the murders and robberies through all of 2011 and now into 2012 are not “gang related”, think again.  Eighteen year old Terrick Bell gave an address of 1700 24th St SARASOTA, FL  34234 which is right in the center of Newtown, see map CLICK HERE.

I’m sure all the vactioners and snowbirds who frequent the Dog Track at the Sarasota Kennel Club, 5400 Bradenton Rd Sarasota, feel safe knowing that muggers are watching for the winners and robbing them in the parking lot, where the hell is security?

One of Terrick C. Bell’s prior arrests was “POSSESSION OF COCAINE WITH INTENT TO SELL OR DELIVER WITHIN 1000 FT OF PUBLIC HOUSING FACILITY“, seems to coincide with gang activity to me, and oh yeah, Terrick likes to fight with the cops, Bell is supposed to go to Trial on the kidnapping charge in November, see Sarasota County Court records CLICK HERE.

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