Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sarasota Herald Tribune Tom Lyons Asks: Who's At Fault in Death of North Trail Prostitute and Drug Dealer Devon Marie McGann, Well She Is.

Sarasota Herald Tribune's columnist Tom Lyons appears to be shilling for dead prostitute and drug dealer Devon Marie McGann, DOB 01/24/1985, and setting up Sarasota Memorial Hospital for a lawsuit. 

Mr. Lyons needs to do a little fact checking in the case of Devon Marie McGann, 27, she has been arrested 16 times in Sarasota County, mostly felonies, since 2004 for COCAINE POSSESS-WITH INTENT TO SELL, MARIJUANA POSSESS-WITH INTENT TO SELL, PROSTITUTION, DRUGS POSSESS-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, PROSTITUTION 2nd OFFENCE and NARCOTIC EQUIP POSSESS, and on and on it goes.

North Trail prostitute and drug dealer Devon Marie McGann was placed into several Sarasota County court ordered drug rehab programs, she never completed any of them. Prostitute and drug dealer Devon Marie McGann left Sarasota Memorial Hospital Hospital before the cops showed up, so how is Sarasota Memorial Hospital at fault for an out of control prostitute and drug abuser who refuses help?

Prostitute and drug dealer Devon Marie McGann was hit by a car in front of 1800 North Tamiami Trl Sarasota Fl at 8:39 p.m on August 15th, 2012, a full two hours after she left Sarasota Memorial Hospital. 1800 North Tamiami Trl Sarasota Fl is a known area for prostitution, I have done surveillance in the 1800 North Tamiami Trl area on several occasions, see photo above, and it is nowhere near Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

It appears that prostitute and drug dealer Devon Marie McGann was working the North Trail of Sarasota Fl. On August 7th, 2012 I was doing surveillance on the North trail and witnessed and photographed a blonde woman getting into several different vehicles, she appeared to be making drug deals as the male drivers would pick her up and just drive around the area for a few minutes and then return her to the pick up point. The blonde woman I observed on August 7th, looks just like prostitute and drug dealer Devon Marie McGann who was hit an killed by a car on August 15th in the same general area of the North Trail.

Given prostitute and drug dealer Devon Marie McGann's history I'm sure she is no stranger to the emergency room at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE TOM LYONS WRITES: The death of an intoxicated prescription drug user when she walked into traffic on the Tamiami Trail may have been entirely her own fault. No one made Devon Marie McGann use drugs, and I'm into personal responsibility. If she was so impaired that she caused her own fatal accident, I'm not going to look for anyone else to blame.

But I still wonder what happened at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where the aim is saving lives and where it seems McGann's life could have been easily and routinely saved. I even wonder if everyone on the hospital staff is telling the truth about what happened there. At the hospital, her speech was slurred and she was diagnosed as a substance abuse. She reported taking the prescription drug Percocet, and medical notes say she described herself as being in an "altered mental state."
As a Herald-Tribune news story said, SMH policies would seem to require such a person to be released to a family member, or else admitted and held under Florida's Marchman Act. The same doctor reports that a nurse later told him McGann had "left with her sober boyfriend." A nurse's report also says she was told by unnamed "staff sitting in the nurses station" that the patient "left with her boyfriend."

But here's the strange thing: This alleged boyfriend is a mystery, a complete unknown. No report reflects anyone talking to the man. No one got his name, much less a signature on a form.  McGann did have a boyfriend. But he has a sordid yet solid alibi: He was in jail, charged with a domestic battery in which McGann was the victim.

Devon Marie McGann had lots of 'boyfriends' (Johns) and I'm sure they do not want to be known let alone sign her out of a hospital.  People who work the streets of Sarasota selling and using drugs and are at risk for a violent death, Sarasota Memorial Hospital is not responsible for the life they choose.

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