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Another Petite Blonde Female Vanishes Without a Trace and Cops Have No Clues In The Disappearance of Crystal Morrison From Concord NC.

Hope: An investigator said he does not think Crystal ran away but there have been no persons of interest

Multiple petite blonde females with long blonde hair have just vanished off the face of the earth in the last 3 years with cops having no clues, no suspects, no person of interest and no information for the greiving families of these petite blonde females.

So what is going on, Heather Hodges a very petite blonde female goes missing on April 9th, 2012 from Rocky Mount VA near Highway 220.  Kelli Bordeaux a very petite blonde female goes missing and was last known to be on Ramsey Street Fayetteville N.C. near I-295 Highway. Kelli Bordeaux goes missing on April 14th, 2012 almost exactly one year after petite blond female Holly Bobo went missing on April 13th, 2011 in Darden TN. Crystal Morrison went missing on August 23rd, 2012 from what appears to be an open area in broad daylight in Concord NC.

All of the “missing” females pictured above, Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo and Lauren Spierer look-alike with almost identical features, size, weight, long blonde hair and are in the same age group. 

1). Kelli Bordeaux, blonde hair, 5′ 0″ tall and 99 lbs, 23 years old

2). Paige Johnson, blonde hair, 5′ 1″ tall and 110 lbs, 18 years old.
3). Holly Bobo, blonde hair, 5′ 3″ tall and 110 lbs, 21 years old.
4). Lauren Spierer, blonde hair, 4′ 11″ tall and 95 lbs, 21 years old.

5). Heather Hodges, blonde hair, 5′ 1″ tall and 100 lbs, 22 years old.

Now add Crystal Morrison who is 5' 0" tall and weighs 100 lbs and she also has long blonde hair, all of these young women were taken off the street near their home, apartment or place of work, see a pattern?

Where did she go? Crystal Morrison was seen walking around three miles from her workplace on August 23
Crystal Morrison, 31, was last seen on August 23, shortly after she called a friend at 12.41 p.m. to pick her up from her customer services job in Concord, saying she felt sick.
But before the friend arrived to collect her 20 minutes later, Crystal took off on foot. Colleagues said she did not tell them she was leaving.
A co-worker later told police they had seen Crystal at about 1.00 p.m., walking on the road leading away from their workplace, though where she may have been headed remains unclear.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is Honor Killer' Yaser Said Celebrating His 56th Birthday This Sunday January 27 In New York City?

TIMES SQUARE NY: Honor Killer Yaser Said FBI Wanted Billboard Up in Lights in Times Square NY Call 212-384-1000 With Tips, Told You So.
FBI WANTED POSTER....Yaser Abdel Said is wanted for murder. On January 1, 2008, Said took his two teenaged daughters for a ride in his taxi cab, under the guise of taking them to get something to eat. He drove them to Irving, Texas, where he allegedly shot both girls to death. They died of multiple gunshot wounds. Said may have fled to New York.

Yaser Said has a mustache and always wears dark sunglasses, both indoors and outside. He frequents Denny's and I-Hop restaurants and smokes Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes. Yaser Said has ties to New York, Texas, and Egypt. He also has Egyptian and United States' passports. Additionally, Said is known to carry a handgun in his taxi cab at all times. It has also been reported that Yaser Said always carries a weapon with him, to include knives.

INSIDE EDITION I-TEAM INVESTIGATION....Private Detective Bill Warner, who has been following the case, believes Yaser Said may be living under the radar somewhere in the New York City area. That's because Said's brother lives in a small town about an hour outside the city. 

Bill Warner believes Yaser Said may be driving a cab, working the city's airports. "Why is that?" Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero asked Warner.  "That's all he's ever known," Bill Warner said. "Yaser Said has only ever worked as a cab driver for the last 25 years. That is his only profession."

Inside Edition brought Bill Warner to one of New York's airports to follow up on some of his leads in the case, asking a number of cab drivers if they recognized photos of Said. One cab driver told INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero he may have seen Yaser Said driving a cab at Newark Airport.

"Last year you think you've seen him?" Lisa Guerrero asked the cab driver. "Yeah, I think I've seen him before," the taxi driver said. He even pointed out one of Said's most recognizable accessories - his sunglasses. "Yeah, they say he wears the glasses all the time," said the cab driver.
Bill Warner believes Yaser Said may be driving a cab, working the city's airports.  "This man is a danger. He is a threat to society," said Warner. 

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Parents of Missing Petite Blonde IU Student Lauren Spierer Mark Daughter's Birthday With Open Letter

INDIANAPOLIS 1/20/2013- The parents of missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer are marking their daughter's 22nd birthday with a plea for information about her disappearance. In a letter posted on the family's website Thursday, Robert and Charlene Spierer said they are celebrating the day but mourning what might have been.

January 17, 2013
Posted: 3 days 2 hours ago

22 years ago today, we were given the gift of another precious daughter. Lauren completed our family. Anyone who knows Lauren knows that she could light up a room without trying. Her love for life was infectious. Her ease with people and dedication to her friends was always apparent. Lauren’s quick wit, intelligence and true caring made her someone people gravitated towards. Today we celebrate the joy we share and mourn what might have been. There will never be another Lauren.

Today is Lauren’s birthday. There will be no gifts mailed to Bloomington, no cake, no candles, no excited anticipation as the celebration of one so loved approaches. We are left only with the gifts the person responsible for Lauren’s disappearance has given our family, despair, heartache and loss.
We have no doubt that when Lauren is found, the next chapter of this horrible nightmare will begin anew. On June 3, 2011, a set of parents was born; unwavering in our desire to find our daughter and see that justice is served for a life ended too early. We remain… just as determined as day one.

Thankful for the time we had, proud of the person you became, forever in our hearts, we love you, Lauren.

Mom and Dad
January 17, 2013
Bloomington Police Department Tipline – 812.339.4477

Find Lauren
PO Box 1226
Bloomington, IN 47402

Contact Private investigator Beau Dietl & Associates – 800.777.9366

FOX NEWS...1/10/2013 The search for Indiana University student Lauren Spierer continues as her parents open up to a national magazine about what life without her is like. Rob and Charlene Spierer are hoping the article will re-energize the search to find Lauren. The article in People magazine features a large photo of Charlene Spierer looking at the boxes and boxes of Lauren’s belongings. She said they haven’t been able to unpack the boxes or to find closure.

Lauren’s parents said they don’t believe their daughter is alive but they still want to be able to bring her home, and give her a proper burial.  Rob Spierer said it’s still an open and active investigation, but the leads have slowed down.
Who kidnapped Lauren Spierer, does her disappearance link to other petite blonde females who are all look-a-likes?

AMW 1/20/2013....Family Not Giving Up In Search For Lauren. Over a year and 1/2 has passed since Indiana University sophomore Lauren Spierer vanished on June 3, 2011. Police believe she may have been abducted during her walk home around 3:40 a.m. Search teams have scoured the area, but have been unsuccessful in generating any new leads. Authorities still need your help in figuring out where Lauren is, and what happened to her.

Five young and very pretty petite blonde females appear to have vanished off the face of the earth, local cops and the FBI have no clues, no leads, no person of interest, no suspects and no idea what happened to Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo and Lauren Spierer, read more click here.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

'Esplanade by Siesta Key' Cuts Down 400 Trees for New Baby Boomer Enclave Up The Street From My Office on Constitution Blvd Sarasota Fl.

'Esplanade by Siesta Key' cuts down 400 trees for it's new Baby Boomer Enclave up the street from my office, the WBI Detective and Security Agency at 2100 Constitution Blvd Sarasota Fl.

Sure is a lot going on in the 2200 block of Constitution Blvd Sarasota Fl with large trucks and earth moving equipment coming and going as the Taylor Morrison company jump starts it's 'Esplanade by Siesta Key' project which looks like it is driectly aimed at the incoming herds of Northern Baby Boomers looking for a warm place to hang their hats.

Sarasota has been ranked as one of the top 10 destination for moves to the sun belt for the third year in a row. Each and every day from now until 2023, roughly 10,000 Americans will blow out the candles on their 60th birthday cake. That means four million people a year face impending decisions on whether to stay where they have been earning their livelihood, or to indulge their dreams by moving to their idea of retirement heaven. At stake are hundreds of billions of dollars to be newly funneled into communities around the nation and world as the "mailbox economy" -- checks arriving in the mail -- rapidly swelled by boomers growing old and heading for Sarasota Fl.

Taylor Morrison this month (Jan 2013) removed 400 trees from 24 acres northeast of the intersection of Stickney Point Road and U.S. 41 for the first phase of Esplanade by Siesta Key. The firm, under a different name, in 2005 purchased 77 acres for $38.5 million. But, the real estate crash delayed development plans. Taylor Morrison’s long-term vision for the property includes 247 home sites surrounded by wetlands and pedestrian trails.

At least three residents of the surrounding community Jan. 14, called Sarasota County Commissioner Nora Patterson with concerns about the construction entrance, where one is located on Constitution Boulevard the other entrance is just above the Regions bank on Stickney Point Rd. Sarasota Fl.

Gulf Gate links with Siesta Key: A long list of amenities will be available to future residents of Esplanade by Siesta Key which Taylor Morrison is set to develop for 247 home sites on a 77-acre parcel of land just off north of Clark Road, near east of U.S. 41, construction brgan in erly Jan 2013. This neighborhood is programmed for a mix of coach homes, detached villas, and single-family homes.

With initial development of the community set this year, model homes are expected to be on display in early 2013. The architecture of the homes will be California Tuscan in style with ornamental detailing and barrel-tile roofs. The estimated build-out of this community is five years. Its site is located well off the road and on an area dense with trees, which will be developed with crisscrossing walk trails.

Esplanade by Siesta Key will also feature a clubhouse with a social room, catering kitchen, fitness center, and library. Its compound will also house sport courts; a heated, lagoon-style swimming pool and a spa, a fenced bark park; and a barbecue area and fire pit. A lifestyle director will likewise be hired to organize activities and events. A shuttle will also be available to ferry residents to Siesta Key Beach, only about two miles from this Esplanade community.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Florida Schools Will Receive More Money For Unarmed Licensed Security Officers Says Senator Nancy Detert R-Venice.

TALLAHASSEE...State funding for school security, after declining for years because of the lagging economy, will likely rise this year as lawmakers consider more deputies, unarmed guards, bulletproof glass and other measures in response to the Connecticut school massacre.

The state Department of Education has requested only a minimal increase — $400,000 — for its $64.5 million safe schools program for the budget year beginning July 1. But that proposal was developed before the December shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, chairman of the Senate education budget panel, said lawmakers would continue shaping an overall security policy for the schools, while trying to get more specific data on the costs of such issues as security officers.

Costs for security officers and how they’re covered vary across the state. Galvano said he expected the Senate would focus on at least three security-related issues, including the use of security officers and technology improvements, such as radios or security cameras for the schools.

Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice, a former Sarasota school board member and a member of the education budget panel, said in addition to security officers and other safety improvements, Florida can prevent some future tragedies by providing an adequate number of school guidance counselors. Detert has filed a bill (SB 154) that requires districts to have a certain number of counselors based on their student populations.

Why did mass murderers like Adam Lanza and James Holmes, both with high IQ’s, both gamers and both loners, choose their targets and kill Innocent adults and children who they had no previous contact with. Was it the infusion of violent video games were you kill hundreds of your enemy and earn points that influenced goofballs Adam Lanza and James Holmes in their bizarre world. Why were their targets unprotected, don’t we deserve to go to a movie or send our children to school and not have to worry about some crazed wack job shooting up the place?

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tampa Cop Killer's Gal Pal Cortnee Brantley Guility In Helping Dirtbag Dontae Morris Hide From Cops, No Snitchin Cortnee.

TAMPA — After 5½ hours of deliberation, a jury Wednesday found Cortnee Brantley guilty of knowing her boyfriend Dontae Morris was a felon in possession of a gun and ammunition and taking steps to conceal it from police.

But U.S. District Court Judge James Moody is asking the jury to clarify what they meant when they said Brantley concealed evidence from authorities by coordinating through phone calls and text messages.

She is charged with one count of a felony in connection to the shooting of two Tampa police officers on June 29, 2010 after the officers pulled over Brantley's car. After the shooting, Brantley drove off in the car. Morris, a passenger in the car, fled on foot.


Dirtbag Dontae Rashawn Morris, DOB 08/24/1985, his photo above, was released from the MAYO C.I. State Prison on April 4th, 2010, he had been arrested 18 times before, he Was a Gang Member Of The Bloods, his long list of crimes included Attempted Murder, COCAINE-SALE/MANUF/DELIV, COCAINE – POSSESSION. Dontae Morris killed at least 5 people since his prison release date of April 4th, 2010, including two Tampa cops.

Dontae Morris shot and killed two Tampa Police officers, Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab, on Tuesday June 29th, 2010 at about 2:15 a.m when Officers Kocab and Curtis pulled over a red Toyota Camry without plates that gal pal Cortnee Brantley was driving, Morris was in the front passenger seat and had a loaded .38 in his pocket and Brantley knew this.

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Pennsylvania Woman Kortne Stouffer Vanishes Without A Trace AMW and Inside Edition Should Look At The Cases Of Several Missing Blonde Female Look-A-Likes

AMW Pennsylvania woman Kortne Stouffer vanishes without a trace, Kortne is 21 years old with long blonde hair, she is 5' 8' tall about 115 lbs and has green eyes.  See AMW profile

AMW and Inside Edition would be doing a great service to the families of about a dozen young petite blonde females, who have vansihed without a trace, if they did a investigative story on all the caes of the young blonde look-a-like females and brought additional national attention to all of these unsolved missing females cases such as Lauren Spierer, Holly Bobo, Kelli Bordeaux and others.

Kortne Stouffer, of Palmyra PA, disappeared on July 29, 2012 after a night out in nearby Harrisburg. Investigators found her front door unlocked and her belongings — including a purse and cell phone — left behind in the open unit, CBS reported. “It’s just so strange that she could just disappear, just fall off the earth and nobody heard anything, nobody saw anything, nobody knows anything, nobody’s talking,” Wendy Stougger, the girl’s mother said, according to HPVTV.

The Stouffer family has seen surveillance footage of their daughter’s companion purchasing coffee at a convenience store around 7:30 a.m. that morning, according to The Patriot-News. Police interviewed the neighbor, the unnamed male friend and the missing woman’s boyfriend. None are considered persons of interest at this time, the paper reports.

The family is offering a $22,500 reward for information leading to the return of their daughter, according to WPMT. Stouffer is five feet eight inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. She has green eyes and blonde hair worn in dreadlocks. She has a “One Love” tattoo on her right bicep, a star tattoo on her left foot and a flower and pistol tattoo on her left hip. Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Palmyra Borough Police Department at (717) 838-8188 or (717) 838-8189.

Lots of very pretty young blonde females have disappeared in the last 18 months, just say’in. See Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 …Yet One More Petite Blonde Female Goes Missing This Time It Is 19 Year Old Brittany Nicole Wood. her photo lower left above. MOBILE, Alabama — Mobile police were searching Friday for a 19-year-old woman whose family recently reported her missing, said Cpl. Christopher Levy, a department spokesman. The family of Brittney Wood filed a missing person report on June 2, Levy said. Wood’s family told police that the last time they saw her was May 30.

Kortne Stouffer went missing at about 4:00 a.m. after a night of drinking with friends, Lauren Spierer went missing at about 4:30 a.m. after a night of drinking with friends, Kelli Bordeaux went missing at about 1:30 a.m. after a night of drinking with friends, Paige Johnson went missing at about 1:00 a.m. after a night out with friends, Heather Hodges went missing at about 10:30 p.m. after her boyfriend left the house, Karen Swift went missing at about 5:30 a.m. after a Halloween party, Katelyn Markham went missing at about 11:00 p.m. after a night out with friends, “do ya kinda see a pattern here“?

All of the pretty young blonde females seen above are for the most part in the same age group and all are about the same size, skin color, hair color, weight and they all look-a-like, private investigators call these facts clues, see list below;1). Brittany Wood. …Wednesday May 30th 2012, Tillmans Corner AL
2). Heather Hodges…Monday @ 10:30 pm April 9th, 2012 Rocky Mount VA
3). Kelli Bordeaux …..Saturday @ 1:30 am April 14th, 2012 Fayetteville N.C.
4). Katelyn Markham..Saturday @ 11:00 pm August 13th 2011 Fairfield OH
5). Lauren Spierer .….Friday @ 4:30 am June 3rd 2011 Bloomington IN
6). Holly Bobo ………..Wednesday @ 7:40 am April 13th 2011 Darden TN
7). Paige Johnson ….Thursday @ 1:00 am September 23rd 2010 Florence KY
8). Brittanee Drexel…Saturday @ 9:15 pm April 25th 2009, Myrtle Beach, SC

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Monday, January 14, 2013

RFKjr Says Dad Had Phone Records of Calls From Jack Ruby, Guy Banister and Lee Harvey Oswald to Mafia Bosses Before JFK Mob Hit In 63'

Dallas To Mark 50th Anniversary Of JFK Assassination

Statement made by Robert F. Kennedy Jr...January 13th, 2013, RFK thought JFK assassin not alone: Then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had investigators do research into the assassination of his brother John F. Kennedy and found that phone records of Lee Harvey Oswald and nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald two days after the president’s assassination, “were like an inventory” of mafia leaders the government had been investigating. 

’Yeah I had that son of a bitch Kennedy killed. I’m glad I did. I’m sorry I couldn’t have done it myself!” These were the words of Carlos Marcello, the Mafia godfather of Louisiana and Texas. And he was talking about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

 Fat pig mob boss Carlos Marcello cuffed and stuffed in the back seat of a New Orleans cop car.

Marcello’s startling admission is in uncensored FBI files at the National Archives, detailed for the first time in a new encyclopedic book “Legacy of Secrecy.” I have been referring to this work off and on for years while the author, Lamar Waldron, completed his investigation into the murders of John and Robert Kennedy and also into the death of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Private Investigation, Cuba, Oswald, Marcello and Guy Banister: After leaving the New Orleans Police Department, Guy Banister established his own private detective agency, "Guy Banister Associates, Inc." at "434 Balter Building". In June 1960, Banister moved his office to "531 Lafayette Street" on the ground floor of the "Newman Building". Around the corner but located in the same building, with a different entrance, was the address "544 Camp Street". The address "544 Camp Street" would later be found stamped on one of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee leaflets, distributed by Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

The Newman Building at 544 Camp Street housed militant anti-Castro groups, including the Cuban Revolutionary Council, October 1961 to February 1962, as well as Sergio Arcacha Smith's Crusade to Free Cuba Committee. Banister's office was within walking distance of the New Orleans offices of the FBI, CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence and the Reily Coffee Company, Lee Harvey Oswald's employer and a supporter of anti-Castro Cubans. n 1963, Banister and anti-Castro activist David Ferrie began working for a lawyer named G. Wray Gill and his client, New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello. This involved attempts to block Marcello's deportation to Guatemala.

In the fall of 1963, the unimpeded rackets of Carlos Marcello, the violent, the anti-Communist zealot who generously funded the effort to oust Castro, were temporarily sidetracked by the need to fight deportation charges initiated by Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Former FBI agent Guy Banister, who was reputed to have maintained contact with Hoover's FBI, was helping Marcello fight the charges.

Mary Brengel, a secretary who worked for Banister at the time, discovered this relatively unreported scandal. Brengel's recollection is very definite because she was taking dictation when, in a letter, Banister referred to his efforts to assist Marcello. When Brengel expressed surprise over Banister's collusion with an organized crime boss, Banister said: "There are principles being violated, and if this goes on it could affect every citizen in the United States."

The dangerous "gait" of the self-appointed patriots who marched to the tune of J. Edgar Hoover, is predictably familiar. When Banister died, his wife came across a drawer full of the "Hands off Cuba" leaflets that Oswald, as the entire world promptly learned, had distributed in the streets of New Orleans. When Oswald was arrested, Dallas District Attorney Wade told reporters that Oswald belonged to the "Free Cuba" Committee, but mobster Jack Ruby, posing as a reporter at the very same press conference, promptly corrected Wade and indicated that Oswald belonged to the "Fair Play For Cuba" committee, a bogus New Orleans chapter of the pro-castro organization that contained a single member, Lee Harvey Oswald.

The fact that Lee Harvey Oswald worked out of the office of a Hoover loyalist like Guy Banister clearly betrays the degree to which J. Edgar Hoover controlled Oswald the patsy. Banister was an extremely violent, rabidly anti-Communist zealot who reportedly belonged to the Minutemen, a right wing paramilitary organization that promoted the need to subvert, sabotage and murder Communists. The Minutemen publication On Target summed up his domestic philosophy very succinctly through the warning: "Traitors beware. Even now the cross hairs are on the back of your necks."

In 1962, Banister associate, David Ferrie, a like-minded anti-Communist zealot, was reportedly training exiles in paramilitary tactics at a secret camp across Lake Ponchartrain, at the behest of the CIA. In 1963, Ferrie worked very closely with both Banister and Marcello, and according to Banister's secretary, Mafia associate Johnny Roselli and former FBI agent Maheau also had dealings with Banister's office in 1963.

Given the nature of the company that surrounded Oswald, the fact that he was a handpicked patsy is not idle speculation. Indeed, J. Edgar Hoover Hoover, Robert Maheau, Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Johnny Roselli and Jack Ruby all extended and expected favours from the mob, they were all heavily involved in efforts to oust Castro, and they all expected prosecutorial immunity because they were "patriots" who allegedly acted in the best interests of the national security of the United States.

It takes an extreme stretch of credibility to accept the claim that this cabal of anti-Kennedy fanatics is not responsible for framing Lee Harvey Oswald. Compared to the secret world of Maheau, Banister, Marcello, Hoover and the like, the life of Lee Harvey Oswald is an open book. There is certainly not a single trace of credible evidence which suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald was the crazed subversive that Hoover claimed he was. It is, after all, J. Edgar Hoover who is ultimately responsible for producing frivolous evidence in attempt to frame Oswald.

The staged or doctored, universally publicized photograph [reportedly taken by Marina Oswald] that depicts Oswald with rifle and leftist literature reflects scripted imagery without foundation. If Hoover was serious about using photographic evidence to link Oswald to the Kennedy assassination, he could have easily publicized photographs that were directly linked to the murder of John F. Kennedy. Indeed, the available record of photographic evidence was so conclusive that even the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository was reportedly captured on film precisely when Oswald was alleged to have shot the President.

The photographic evidence alone, much of which was never made public because the FBI reportedly seized film even before it was developed, could have easily been used to conclusively prove the guilt or the innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald. In retrospect, framing Lee Harvey Oswald was typical of the abuse that Hoover commonly practised -there was nothing unusual about it.

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Newtown Thug Joe Lamar Is a Convicted Murderer Released From Prison Eary He is Now Sought In 2 New Sarasota Shootings, They Never Learn.

Newtown Thug Joe Lamar Is a Convicted Murderer Released From Prison Early He is Now Sought In 2 New Sarasota Shootings, They Never Learn.

9/20/2012, Upon his release from the South Bay Correctional Facility, near Lake Okeechobee, Joe Lamar listed his address as 2818 GILLESPIE STREET SARASOTA, FLORIDA 34224 see map for location of this address in Newtown, click here.  JOSEPH TERRILL LAMAR, DOB 6/24/1973, is a career criminal who never should have been on the streets of Sarasota Fl.

Offense Date -Offense - --Sentence Date -County -Prison Sentence Length
12/15/1991 2ND DEG.MURDER 02/25/1993 SARASOTA -25YEARS


07/21/1991 BURGUNOCCSTRUC/ 05/20/1993 SARASOTA - 5YEARS

SARASOTA - Police are looking for a convicted murderer who is accused of shooting two people Tuesday night. The suspect, 39-year-old Joseph T. Lamar, qualified for early release in September of last year after spending 20 years in prison for murder. Sarasota police said they have enough evidence to charge Lamar with attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm for the shooting. Lamar has not been found. Police say he should be considered armed and dangerous (YA THINK). The two victims were injured in a shooting about 10 p.m. Tuesday near the 3200 block of Lemon Avenue, police say. At this time, they did not give further information about the nature of the shooting.

Sarasota Florida Ladies Are Packin Heat As Drugs and Violence Increase on the North Trail and in Newtown Fl. More than 70,000 women between the ages of 51 and 65 got their concealed weapons permits here in the Sunshine State of Florida in May 2012 alone. That’s right — Grandma’s packing! “I was really, really afraid of the gun. I didn’t even want to touch it,” said Ellen Edmondson, a midwife who decided to buy a gun for protection after her husband passed away.

The murder and rape directed towards females that spews out of the area called Newtown in North Sarasota Fl has reached epidemic proportions. During the last 3 months I have done on site surveillance of the Newtown section of Sarasota Fl, gone over arrest reports at the Sarasota County Clerks Office and observed the open drug and hooker activity on the ‘North Trail’ section of North Tamiami Trl in Sarasota Fl, be afraid Sarasota, be very afraid!
Newtown thug Dexter V. Johnson, 51, had been at living at 2749 Leon Ave, SEE MAP in the heart of Newtown where he ran a car detail business.  Dexter V. Johnson has been arrested 43 times in Sarasota County Fl, see his list of 43 crimes, CLICK HERE. Dexter V. Johnson, DOB 4/11/1961, did time in the Florida State prison system on drug charges, Dexter V. Johnson is a cocaine dealer and a low life pimp who had run girls on the North Trail in Sarasota. Dexter V. Johnson is currently in the Sarasota County Jail awaiting trail on a violent rape charge that happened on the North Trail, good place for him.  Dexter V. Johnson, and others in his crew, appears to have had dealings with murdered Nicole Rose Scott on the North Trail Sarasota Fl.


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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

PI Bill Warner: I Do Not Post Anonymously To Any Website Or Blog Especially Some Goofball Blog Called LEOAFFAIRS.COM

TOP COP MODERATORS: Chip DeBlock and Jim Preston run the law enforcement info site,, see their photo above. In addition to an Officer’s Bill of Rights and tips on Internal Affairs investigations, offers agency-specific message boards that allow cops to post questions and comments anonymously.

PI Bill Warner: I Do Not Post Anonymously To Any Website Or Blog Especially Some Goofball Blog Called LEOAFFAIRS.COM, if I post anything to any online newspaper article I always post using FACEBOOK which will generate a photo of myself along with my full name, unlike the cowardly weasels on LEOAFFAIRS.COM like "Crazy" and x15 Sig20 and PONY BOY and all the rest of the ilk.

It has come to my attention that some of the cowardly anonymous posters to the thread / blog called LEOAFFAIRS.COM are making claims that Kelly Osborn, the mother of murdered Sheena Morris, and myself are making anonymous posts defaming police officers.

Moderators: MOD 576, Mod 577, Staff Moderator:
1). Report this post Reply with quote Re: WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? THE TRUTH?  by Crazy update » 01/07/13 20:43:54
Kelly Osborn wrote: I am not sure what has you so upset to spend so much time writing and posting about this topic unless you must be on the defense and within the BBPD. .

Crazy update wrote: If you're not sure and you're just guessing it's BBPD, then why did you post on Justice4Sheena facebook page today that you’ve requested FDLE to conduct a criminal investigation to identify the posters on LeoAffairs. Isn’t it a pretty big leap to assume all the posters on LeoAffairs are cops? Especially since you and your PI buddy have made numerous anonymous posts yourselves? Treasure of the Sierra Madre: “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges” to post on LeoAffairs. But hey, great idea, I can't wait for FDLE to identify the jackwagon who posted above me.

2). Re: Is it a full moon? Or the cocktail hour? by x15 Sig20 » 01/07/13 22:09:16  Create a diversion and baffle ‘em with bullshizzle, Kelly. Or just call Lee Williams (SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE), he doesn’t fact-check squat before printing it. You two are a perfect match.x15 Sig20


Patty DeBlock and Ron McMullen.

Royce Gracie, Patty Deblock in green dress and Rob Kahn.

TAMPA TIMES ARTICLE...National police union urges boycott of controversial police website  The national Fraternal Order of Police union is urging its members to boycott the website, which allows police officers to vent about everything from criminals to their own union leaders and chiefs. Florida Fraternal Order of Police president Jim Preston confirmed that the national organization approved the resolution during a conference in Utah on Wednesday, which follows an earlier decision by the Florida union to pass a similar resolution. its most popular feature is the chat room, where, behind screen names, users sling opinions and merciless gossip about police work.In 2004, a top St. Petersburg police official asked the website to shut down a chat room devoted to the department because of what he said were critical and racially tinged comments. The website refused.

Administrative Contact:
Chip DeBlock ( )
Fax: +1.813-681-2177
702 Hyssop Place
Brandon, FL 33510-2900

Chip DeBlock was born and raised in Tampa , Florida . He is 50 years old and has been employed with the Tampa Police Department (T.P.D.) since October 5, 1983. Chip graduated from the University of South  Florida (U.S.F.) in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.

After being promoted to detective and moving to the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (C.I.B.), Det. DeBlock began investigating Adult Use, Organized Crime and Public Corruption. He worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.), the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (F.D.L.E.) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office on corruption at the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office when Harry Lee Coe was State Attorney.

During a sensitive public corruption investigation, Det. DeBlock found himself on the receiving end of political pressures. Due to his efforts to expose public corruption, the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office filed 21 allegations against Det. DeBlock in the Internal Affairs Bureau (I.A.B.) which eventually led to a criminal investigation against him. Detective DeBlock was removed from the Organized Crime Unit, placed on Administrative Duty and endured an active I.A.B. investigation for 19 months. see

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

PI Robert Levinson: New Pictures of Ex-FBI Agent Kidnapped in Iran after Trying to Set Up a Smuggling Route Into iran for BATUKE Cigarettes.

PHOTO: The family of Robert Levinson released these images of the former FBI agent who was kidnapped in Iran in 2007.

ABC NEWS FAIRY TALE......The family of a former FBI agent who was kidnapped in Iran has released a new series of images of the 64-year-old man, showing him draped in chains and dressed in what appears to be a mock prison uniform. In each he holds a sign, one of which reads "Help me." Robert Levinson was kidnapped while on a business trip to Iran's Kish Island in 2007. In the new images provided to ABC News and other outlets, the first made public since a 2010 "proof of life" video was released in December 2011, Levinson stares blankly into the camera for the five photos, his face framed by wild white hair and an unkempt white beard. One of the signs makes reference to the U.S. government's detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where more than 160 suspected Taliban fighters and al Qaeda members are held. "I Am Here in Guantanamo Do You Know Where It Is?" reads the sign.  "This is the result of 30 years serving for USA," says another. "Why you can not help me." READ MORE.

REAL STORY.......UPDATED Robert Levinson Former FBI Agent and Florida Private Eye Held in Iran He Was Working For British American Tobacco (BAT) BATUKE Cigarettes Seeking a Smuggling Route into Iran. According to the Financial Times, Levinson spent his long career in and out of the FBI focused on counter-narcotics and Russian organized crime. The newspaper said that the “British American Tobacco (BAT) told the FT it had employed Mr. Robert Levinson through Bishop International security consultancy to take on cigarette smuggling counterfeiting work.”

The attractiveness of the Islamic Republic of Iran is underlined by a recent article in a  tobacco trade journal: ‘Iran is the largest consumer in the Middle East and this includes  significant cigarette consumption. An estimated 45 billion units are sold each year and consumption is growing at an annual rate of 1 percent.’ If Mr. Levinson was looking to find routes for British American Tobacco (BAT) to transport cigarettes into Iran where the Iranian Government has a monopoly on cigarette manufacturing he was playing with fire.

Mr. Levinson who served 27 years as an FBI agent and also worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration, disappeared from Kish Island, a free trade zone and smuggling center where Iran’s typically strict visa requirements are not enforced, while investigating a cigarette smuggling ring for a private client, Levinson said he was representing British American Tobacco (BAT) and wanted help in cracking a cigarette smuggling ring into Iran. He has seven children and two grandchildren.

BATUKE cigarettes, British American Tobacco (BAT) has relied on illegal channels to supply markets across Africa since the 1980s. Available documents suggest smuggling has been an important component of BAT’s market entry strategy in order to gain leverage in negotiating with governments for tax concessions, compete with other transnational tobacco companies, circumvent local import restrictions and unstable political and economic conditions and gain a market presence. British American Tobacco (BAT)worked through distributors and local agents to exploit weak government capacity to gain substantial market share in major countries.

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Private Investigator believes missing teen Zachary Byrd and wanted Grandfather Donald Byrd may be in Southwest Florida Or Panama City Beach.

January 8th, 2013: Kidnapped Boy: Please share to locate Zachary Byrd (14) kidnapped on 9/2/2011 from Encino, California by his grandfather Donald Byrd (58) on 9/2/2011. A felony warrant is on file for Donald E. Byrd. If you have information to locate Zachary please call 1 800 THE LOST.

NAPLESNEWS.COM ..In California is a mother missing her only child. In Bonita Springs is a grandmother who says her daughter in California can't be trusted. Somewhere in hiding is the child's grandfather, who authorities believe abducted the teen last September 2nd, 2011. And at the center of it all is Zachary Byrd a face on a MISSING poster; a boy who presumably spent his 14th birthday away from all of them on Dec. 19. Both state and federal authorities continue to investigate the alleged abduction, which the Daily News profiled in late 2011.

Now, a local private investigator says he believes the teen and his grandfather could be back in Southwest Florida.  Victor Ortino, who was hired by Zachary's mother, Stephanie Byrd, said he has seen the boy's grandmother and other relatives frequently switching vehicles and engaging in strange behaviors, like circling the block several times before going home."They're very, very smart and very, very evasive," Ortino said. "If they weren't trying to hide (Zachary and Donald) there, why would they drive around the block two or three times before they went home? If you're not doing anything wrong, you just drive to your house and you don't care if anyone's following you." At its essence, Zachary's disappearance is the crescendo of a three-year guardianship dispute between his mother, Stephanie Byrd, and her parents, Joyce and Donald Byrd, who lived for years in Naples Park. Joyce Byrd now lives in Bonita Springs.

Missing Zachary Byrd and Kidnapper GrandPa Donald Byrd; Donald E. Byrd is a 58-year-old former Collier County schoolteacher. He faces a felony count of child abduction, and the warrant, signed on Nov. 18 by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, demands his extradition to California.  While his mother Stephanie Byrd's  pursued her education, Zachary Byrd lived for six years with his grandparents at 756 96th Ave. N in Naples Park, the house his mother also grew up in.

Neighbors said Zachary Byrd was a friendly boy, well-adjusted and smart, but, one added, he "seemed like a sheltered kid."  Stephanie Byrd's attorney, Stephen Fuller, said that when the deputies entered the house in the fall of 2011, the Byrds were on the road fleeing a court order. He says they stayed with friends or family as fugitives. Perhaps in the Panhandle, NorthWest Florida. 

The house at 756 96th Ave N, Naples, FL 34108 was/is owned by Byrd, Donald E & Joyce A.  Donald E. Byrd, DOB 6/26/1954, is linked to an address in Orlando and the wife, Joyce Byrd, is linked to an address in Panama City Beach Fl, they both have relatives that link to another address in Panama City Beach Fl, a good place to hide out.  Abductor: Donald Byrd, DOB: 6/26/1954, Sex: Male, Race: Caucasian, Height: 6’2”, Weight: 250, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Black, Other:Donald may wear glasses.

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