Sunday, February 17, 2013

'Cop Killer Christopher Dorner We Got Your Back' Says UHURU Movement in St Pete Fl: Africans Have A Right to Resist The Cops.

The UHURU Movement in St Pete Fl to hold rally today, Sunday February 17th 2013, for cop killer Christopher Dorner, "Even if Dorner took out every member of the LAPD African people would still be catching hell".  The UHURU Movement in St Pete Fl is an offshoot of the black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army (BLA) that was responsible for the murder of 13 cops; The Fraternal Order of Police blames the BLA for the murders of 13 police officers and over 60 incidents of violence between 1970 and 1976.

Just like in the 1960′s and the 1970′s with the SDS, Bill Ayres Weather Underground, Black Liberation Army and the Black Panthers, today we have violent communist organizations like Tampa’s Michelle Willimas New Black Panthers and the UHURU Movement in St Pete run by ex-Black Panther Joe Waller aka Chairman Omali Yeshitela.


The UHURU Movement is led by ex-Black Panther Joe Waller aka Chairman Omali Yeshitela so it is no surprise that the UHURU Movement is holding a rally today for cop killer Christopher Dorner in St Pete Fl....UHURU MOVEMENT WEBSITE POST: SUNDAY Feb 17th, 2013 BROADCASTING LIVE from the Uhuru House, 1245 18th Ave S., St. Petersburg, FL. Attend in person or online!  THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: “Christopher Dorner We Got Your Back!” Chris Dorner is not a revolutionary. He is a former cop and a U.S. patriot. Despite this he has taken the strongest stance of resistance that anyone has taken against the LAPD since the Rodney King rebellions.
The enemy is not JUST the LAPD! The enemy is the U.S. imperialist state – from the police to the courts to the prisons and the U.S. military that occupies colonized nations around the world! Even if Dorner took out every member of the LAPD African people would still be catching hell. INPDUM supports Dorner because he resisted colonialism and imperialism. African people must get organized to defeat colonialism through organized resistance! Chairman Omali Yeshitela and InPDUM President Diop Olugbala will also be giving the analysis of what the Dorner case means to the African community.

The St Pete UHURU Movement targeted me, Bill Warner PI, for my expose of their tactics and support of cop killer Hydra Lacy in a March of 2011 UHURU article called "Private investigator" attacks Uhuru Movement members and leaders; Private investigator Bill Warner has apparently been involved in surveillance of the Uhuru Movement for at least the past three years, but this most recent concentrated campaign of attacks came off the heels of two recent instances of resistance to the regular police occupation of the African community in St. Petersburg, Florida in which three cops have been killed.
William Warner's house located at 4505 Perry Ridge Place, Sarasota, Florida 34233.  The St Pete UHURU Movement had posted a map to my house along with the address and a photo of my house and vehicles and any other information that would have made it easy for some of their gang banger goons to do a drive-by of my house.

St. Petersburg Police Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz and Sgt Thomas Baitinger were shot and killed and a U.S. Marshal was wounded while trying to serve a warrant on ex-con black thug Hydra Lacy who was found dead after a fire fight, the UHURU Movement supports cop killer Hydra Lacy's actions and now cop killer Christopher Dorner.

UHURU COMMENTS ON PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR STORY; Blackbirdattack 3 comments. “This is ridiculous. Why would you post Mr. Warner's wife’s name and their address? This sounds like you are calling for the assassination of Mr. Warner”.

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at