Sunday, February 10, 2013

Orlando Imam Abu Taubah Sent Terror Recruits to Al-Qaeda in Mauritania/Mali West Africa.

NEW YORK TIMES..Ninety percent of Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) are young Mauritanians. They are young men without hope, so now they sign up to fight with AQIM. Al-Qaeda has been able to recruit hundreds of young Mauritanians and even defeat the Mauritanian army when it was ordered into Mali to fight against them.

ALL AFRICA NEWS.....The impact of AQIM on Mauritanian youth continues to grow, however, as employment opportunities remain scarce.  "After their training, many young Mauritanians find themselves unemployed," explained Mauritanian journalist Moussa Ould Hamed. "AQIM remains their main recruiter, who, moreover, promises a future in the afterlife. This is why the ranks of AQIM are bulging with young Mauritanians."
Ex-Con Marcus Dwayne Robertson Becomes Orlando Muslim Cleric Abu Taubah Now Linked to Al-Qaeda In Mali. Marcus Dwayne Robertson aka Orlando Muslim Cleric Abu Taubah had a terrorist training program set up in Mauritania located in West Africa it  shares a border with Mali at its east and Algeria at its northeast.  Marcus Dwayne Robertson aka Muslim Cleric Abu Taubah was shipping terror recruits from Orlando Fl into Mauritania and then Mali for Al-Qaeda, that’s why he is in a Florida prison!

Orlando Fl Imam Abu Taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson DOB 9/03/1968 was arrested on Federal gun charge by the FBI with an assist from the ATF, he is currently in the John Polk Correctional Facility Sanford, FL, hold under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), NO BAIL.

Muslim Cleric Abu Taubah was running the Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary (F.I.K.S.) out of his home in Orlando Fl with a BRONX New York website location, see their website click here, where he gets terror recruits to go to Mauritania, Africa for Al-Qaeda.

On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, Imam Abu Taubah was arrested by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Orlando Fl Imam Abu Taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson DOB 9/03/1968 was arrested on federal gun charge, he is currently in the John Polk Correctional Facility Sanford, FL, hold under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), NO BAIL.  John Polk Correctional Facility, Sanford Fl, is just north of Orlando Fl, it is the Seminole County Sheriff’s Jail.

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