Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vestal Planning Board Considers Islamic Community Mosque For Binghamton NY Metro Area, Will 'Muslims Of Americas' Group Attend?

Muslims Of Americas (MOA) march in Binghamton NY.

Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The Vestal Planning Board is in the first stage of approving an Muslim community and worship center to be built on Sheedy Road in Vestal. The proposed 2600-square-foot building will serve as an Islamic community and worship center. The building is being funded by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.  Afzal Rehman, a spokesman for the group, says there are about 15 Muslim families in the area, or about 60 people, that would use the building as a place of worship.

NEWSFLASH for the Vestal Planning board, there are over 200 members of the Muslims Of Americas (MOA) group living nearby in Hancock NY.  This group has been linked to terrorism and has numerous links to Binghamton NY with some family members (linked to the group) living on the south side. Cop killer and MOA member Ramadan Abdullah was from Binghamton NY and his family appears to still live there.

 Cop Killer from Binghamton NY.

“Muslims of the Americas was formed in the 1980s when several families migrated from ghetto properties in New York City to Hancock NY to make a new start on their own property in a clean, rural environment…”Muslims of America also spent the 1980s firebombing Hindu temples, murdering rivals, stockpiling automatic weapons, and committing welfare fraud.

ADL….Muslims of the Americas (MOA) is a virulently anti-Semitic, Islamic extremist group with ties to Al-Fuqra, a terrorist organization that has carried out firebombings and murders in the United States. MOA claims to have offices in six U.S. cities and Toronto and maintains secluded residential communities in New York, Virginia and California. The group’s Web site and e-mails have featured writings by notorious anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers, including Michael Hoffman and former Klansman David Duke.
 By 2004 federal investigators uncovered evidence that linked both the DC “sniper killer” John Allen Muhammed and “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid to the Muslims of the Americas (MOA) group and reports surfaced that Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was captured and beheaded in the process of attempting to obtain an interview with Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan the leader of Muslims of the Americas (MOA).
MOA Cop Killer Ramadan Abdullah on trial, MOA Parade in Binghamton NY “I PULLED THE TRIGGER WHILE I WAS IN PRAYER” Ramadan Abdur-Rauf Abdullah, a member of Jamaat ul-Fuqra akaMuslims of the AmericasCalifornia conviction for the 2001 murder of a sheriff’s deputy with a shotgun blast.

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