Sunday, February 17, 2013

'What the Hell' In Syracuse NY Muslims Of America Group Asks Court to Halt Publication Of Accusatory Book And Ignore 1st Amendment.

POST STANDARD Syracuse, NY -- A national Muslim organization headquartered in the Southern Tier has filed a libel lawsuit against the author of a book that describes the group as the host of terrorist training camps (they are). Muslims of America, based in Hancock, Delaware County, sued Martin Mawyer and his Christian Action Network for $3 million in federal court in Syracuse, seeking to halt the continued publication of his book, “Twilight in America: the Untold Story of Islamic Training Camps in America.”

The Christian Action Network isn't the only organization that has been critical of Muslims of America. The Anti-Defamation League has called the group "a virulently anti-Semitic, Islamic extremist group with ties to Al-Fuqra, a terrorist organization that has carried out firebombings and murders in the United States."

Bill Warner PI On Cop Killers Muslims of America: UPDATE ON MUSLIMS OF THE AMERICAS MEMBER AND COP KILLER RAMADAN ABDULLAH AND MOA PARADE IN BINGHAMTON NY, MUSLIMS WANT NYPD BOSS RAY KELLY TO QUITMuslims Want NY Police Chief Ray Kelly to Quit over a video, “The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America”, accusing Muslims of launching a holy war on the West. The video exposed the Muslims of the Americas group in Hnacock NY among many other terror groups operating in the USA.

MOA Cop Killer Ramadan Abdullah on trial, MOA Parade in Binghamton NY “I PULLED THE TRIGGER WHILE I WAS IN PRAYER” Ramadan Abdur-Rauf Abdullah, a member of Jamaat ul-Fuqra aka Muslims of the Americas, California conviction for the 2001 murder of a sheriff’s deputy.

Ramadan Abdullah is originally from Binghamton, NY and was a member of the Muslims of the Americas (MOA) group in Hancock NY. Spread throughout the country, the MOA, made up of primarily African-Americans, are a cult-like offshoot sect of Sufi Muslims who follow Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani of Pakistan. The organization serves as a religious front for a radical militant group known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra (JuF), a secretive network also headed by Gilani. For all practical purposes, the groups are one and the same, though members’ knowledge of and/or involvement in illicit activity varies.

In 2004 federal investigators uncovered evidence that linked both the DC “sniper killer” John Allen Muhammed and “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid to the Muslims of the America (MOA) group and reports surfaced that Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was captured and beheaded in the process of attempting to obtain an interview with Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan the leader of Muslims of the Americas (MOA).

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