Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Abducted By A Predator: At least 16 petite blonde females such as Holly Bobo, Morgan Harrington, Kelli Bordeaux and others

Abducted By A Predator: At least 16 petite blonde females such as Holly Bobo, Morgan Harrington, Kelli Bordeaux and others have been listed as "missing".  These very pretty blonde females have left no resolve for family members. Local cops and the FBI have no answers, no suspects not even a person of interest in any of the 16 unsolved cases. All of the 'abducted females' were taken off the street or in front of their apartment, home or car, there were no break-ins, the cell phones of all the abducted females were either discarded or found in their apartment or car, no trace on any cell phone GPS.  Karen Swift, Morgan Harrington and Misty Gwinner were abducted, raped and murdered, their bodies were all found in open areas, (dumped), there was no attempt to bury the bodies.

All of the 16 pretty young blonde females seen above are for the most part in the same age group and all are about the same size, skin color, hair color, weight and they all look-a-like, private investigators call these facts clues, see list below of when they went missing;
1). Ashley Moore …….Mon 2/11/2013 Evansville IN to Louisville KY
2). Crystal Morrison..Thur 12:45 pm 8/23/2012 Concord NC
3). Kortne Stouffer…..Sun @ 3:45 am 7/29/2012 Palmyra PA

4). Brittany Wood. …..Wed 5/30/2012, Tillmans Corner AL
5). Heather Hodges….Mon @ 10:30 pm 4/9/2012 Rocky Mount VA
6). Kelli Bordeaux ……Sat @ 1:30 am 4/14/2012 Fayetteville N.C.

7). Karen Swift…………Sun @ 5:00 am 10/30/2011 Dyersburg TN
8). Katelyn Markham…Sat @ 11:00 pm 8/13/2011 Fairfield OH
9). Lauren Spierer .….Friday @ 4:30 am 6/3/2011 Bloomington IN

10). Alivia Kail…………Friday 3/05/2011 Pittsburgh PA area
11). Holly Bobo ………..Wed @ 7:40 am 4/13/2011 Darden TN
12). Paige Johnson …..Thurs @ 1:00 am 9/23/2010 Florence KY
13). Morgan Harrington.Sat 9:30 pm 10/17/2009 Charlottesville VA
14). Crystal Hall……….Tuesday 3/03/2009, Pikeville KY
15). Brittanee Drexel…Sat @ 9:15 pm 4/25/2009, Myrtle Beach SC

16). Misty Gwinner……Tues @ 9:45 pm 4/05/2005, Lexington KY
All times are approximate the dates used are when someone had last known contact with the 'missing female'.
 Morgan Harrington (July 24, 1989 - October 17, 2009) was a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student whose disappearance initiated one of the largest searches in Charlottesville, Virginia's history. Although her body was found three months after she went missing from a Metallica concert, her death remains a mystery as no suspects have been named. Police have noted a "forensic connection" between the case and another unsolved abduction and assault.

As far as my involvement is all of these missing female cases goes, I work alone, my theories are my own and I do not consult with anyone. I first spoke publicly about five missing petite blonde females on CNN  Headline News Friday Nov. 18th, 2011...."Sarasota private detective Bill Warner will on CNN Headline News out of Atlanta GA at 6:40 pm discussing the five missing, petite, blonde haired women, Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Paige Johnson and Katelyn Markham who have vanished without a trace."

See VIDEO CNN Missing Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Kate Markham and Paige Johnson Connection.   Since that time, it appears that there now might be a connection between at least 16 unsolved cases of petite blonde female look-a-likes.

Ted Bundy In my opinion, it appears to me that a predator, who for whatever reason, who travels from state to state, is abducting a very specific type of young petite blonde female. There is a precedent for the exact same type of activity in the case of serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy’s reign of terror lasted from 1974 to 1978 and spanned six states, leaving behind 30 known murder victims, as confessed by Bundy. His modus operandi (MO) evolved over the years.  He was very adept at gaining these young women’s confidence. He would then take his victim to a second location where they were assaulted and killed. Some of the bodies were never recovered, others only partially so. All of his victims were young and pretty, most of them college students. One striking similarity among most of the victims was their long hair (SOUND FAMILIAR), usually parted in the middle.

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