Saturday, April 06, 2013

Homeless Ex-Con David Radney Breaks In Office Of Sarasota ACLU Homeless Advocate Lawyer Andrea Mogensen.

 David Radney is just another violent homeless ex-con roaming the streets of Sarasota,  just like James Cooper and murderer John Alan Mellquist.  ACLU mouthpiece Andrea Mogensen has been instrumental in filing numerous lawsuits against the City of Sarasota and the Sarasota Police Department for their "treatment" of the homeless in Sarasota, I wonder who Mogensen called when homeless dirtbag David Radney broke into her office.  Following are a couple more stories about the "homeless" population in Sarasota.

 A). Man Stabbed at Sarasota Downtown New Year’s Bash By Homeless Guy James Tilford Cooper Who Has Extensive Criminal History, Get These Dirtbags Off Our Streets. SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE - A man was stabbed in a fight just before the pineapple drop at the downtown New Year’s eve party where several thousand revelers had gathered. Officers on duty at the party heard about a fight in the 1500 block of State Street and rushed there to find the stabbing victim, Joshua Paul Wren, 28. Five witnesses identified Wren’s attacker as a homeless man, James Tilford Cooper, 44. Tilford was arrested by Sarasota cops.

 B). Homeless Man John Alan Mellquist Murdered Anneliese Schweickardt In 2003 And Then Wandered Sarasota Fl For 10 years While Cops Built A Case WTHJohn Alan Mellquist, how many more violent homeless people are roaming around Sarasota Fl? Will the Sarasota ACLU defend homeless man John Alan Mellquist or take a pass on this one? A murderous homeless maniac was allowed to roam all over Sarasota Fl for 10 years while the cops built a case against him. 

 Homeless man John Alan Mellquist had rented a room from Anneliese Schweickardt and murdered her in April 2003, this dirtbag stayed in the home until the power was turned off for non-payment, he used her car and her credit cards after he murdered the woman. The blood of Anneliese Schweickardt was found all over the house on Monte Rosso Rd in north Sarasota County and the fingerprints of John Alan Mellquist were found on a mop he used to clean up the blood in 2003 but cops never arrested this P.O. S., lets fire up the Sarasota ACLU homeless advocate goons to run to his aide.

 C). Arrest in Serial Office Burglaries A 33-year-old man has been arrested in connection to several office burglaries in downtown Sarasota, according to Sarasota Police. Sarasota Police say that fingerprints left at the Law Office of Dozier and Dozier, burglarized on March 13, led them to David Radney. Radney, who describes himself as homeless, was arrested on March 15 while walking in the area of 10th St. and N. Orange Av. in downtown Sarasota.

Police also linked Radney to three more break-ins at 200 S. Washington Boulevard. Two of the offices had been burglarized, with the third being an attempted burglary. Victims were the Law Office of Andrea Mogensen, Horizon Mortgage and Alliance Francaise. Evidence found at the scene of these burglaries was processed. A fingerprint at Horizon Mortgage was also linked to Radney, police said. Radney has a criminal history of burglarizing businesses, especially law offices. Radney was just released from prison in November of 2012 after serving four out of six years on 12 burglary convictions. Anyone with information on these burglaries or about David Radney should contact Detective Kim Laster at (941) 364-7327. 

 D). A Fan of Siesta Beach is Homeless Ex-Con and 7 Time Loser “Bonny Scott Graham” And Maybe of Prison. Maybe homeless beach-goer Bonny Graham prefers prison to being broke and sleeping with no roof over his head, even on beautiful Siesta Key. That is one deputy’s guess about the man’s actions in the weeks after his September release from state prison, where Graham, 54, had just served three years on a burglary conviction.   Bonny Scott Graham has been in seven different State of Florida prisons since 1992, Bonny Scott Graham is a carrer criminal who has set up shop in the Sarasota Fl area. It is essential in an ordered society to believe that citizens who do wrong can be rehabilitated. This must be true for a society to function properly. In the U.S., our sentencing structures and guidelines are built with this very thing as a foundation. However, there is a small portion of our society who despite all opportunities to rehabilitate, do not, Bonny Scott Graham is one.

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