Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jackson County Judge Denies Request For Court Order To Dig Up 50 Unmarked Graves While Florida Budget Adds $190,000 To Find Truth At Dozier School For Boys in KKK Held Marianna.

A judge in Jackson County has denied a request for a court order permitting the exhumation of more than 50 unmarked graves at the former Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, saying state law already gives a medical examiner authority to do so. In an opinion issued Friday, Circuit Judge William Wright reasoned that the decision about whether to permit the exhumation is not for the court to make. A state permit, under which University of South Florida anthropologists have operated as they try to pinpoint where the graves are and who might be buried in them, is enough for them to continue their work, the judge said. If they unearth human remains, the medical examiner would have the authority to investigate.

"Any further excavation by USF will be with state permission on state property," Wright wrote. "The medical examiner does not need a court order to carry out his statutory duties if human remains are found." Wright noted that the exhumations should be done in pursuit of a possible criminal investigation — and not as just fishing expeditions. At the end of his order, Wright urged officials to proceed with "caution" and quoted a 1949 case that says the "quiet of the grave, the repose of the dead, are not lightly to be disturbed."

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida's new state budget includes money for University of South Florida researchers so they can try to uncover the truth at the controversial Dozier School for Boys in Marianna. Florida lawmakers set aside $190,000 for USF anthropologists to investigate the mysterious deaths at the former, state-run reform school during the 20th Century. Former students of Dozier School claim the school's staff committed atrocities against some of the boys (one armed man Troy Tidwell). USF researchers have already determined more boys died at the school, nearly 100, than state records show. They also discovered 49 unmarked graves on the property. That's 17 more graves than the Florida Department of Law Enforcement found during its investigation in 2009. The new state budget takes effect July 1.

Dozier School A Concentration Camp For Little Boys Has Dark Secrets Unearthed In KKK Held Marianna Fl. In the town of Marianna, conversations about the Dozier School are difficult. Calvin Creamer, 62, knew the school cobbler who made boots with markings in the heels so they could track the boys down if they ran away – and the leather straps for the floggings. "They were mean people to start with," he said of the men who dispensed the discipline. "Back then, it was torture for those boys. And the police didn't care either. They would strip them down and strap them to 50-gallon drums bear naked, and then they'd beat them." News of the torture, rape and murder of children at the Dozier School for Boys in KKK held Marianna Fl has hit news stands world wide with the release of the bombshell story in the "The Independent News UK".  While the Marianna Fl, (Claude Neal), lynching in 1934 may have been the last “spectacle” lynching in the nation, many other lynchings of a less publicized nature would follow. In fact, Marianna would be the site of another lynching less than 10 years later in 1942 when Dozier School for Boys sadistic guard Troy Tidwell was now 20, the KKK also had a large presence in Marianna Fl that appears to still influence the area….

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