Saturday, October 05, 2013

Who Killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22nd 1963 Well Everyone Did.

Richard Belzer reveals in his book 'Hit List', and confirms what I have said for years, that everyone from the Mafia, to Cuban exiles, to the KKK and the CIA and the FBI along with the military industrial complex wanted Kennedy dead.  RFK thought JFK assassin not alone: Then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had investigators do research into the assassination of his brother John F. Kennedy and found that phone records of Lee Harvey Oswald and nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald two days after the president’s assassination, “were like an inventory” of mafia leaders the government had been investigating. ’Yeah I had that son of a bitch Kennedy killed. I’m glad I did. I’m sorry I couldn’t have done it myself!” These were the words of Carlos Marcello, the Mafia godfather of Louisiana and Texas. And he was talking about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Richard Belzer's new book, 'Hit List' is a much-needed examination of the numerous mysterious deaths which occurred in the years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Many of these persons were major players in the events leading up to Nov. 22, 1963, such as Guy Bannister and David Ferrie in New Orleans, were persons close to Lee Harvey Oswald and his intelligence activities, such as George DeMohrenschildt, or were witnesses who knew too much and had to be silenced, such as William Pitzer and Lee Bowers. It is no coincidence that most of these deaths occurred in conjunction with the time period of the U.S. government's or Jim Garrison's investigations. Together they provide compelling proof of the plot behind JFK's assassination and the well-organized efforts to keep the truth of what really happened from the American people.

The fact that 'lone gunman' Lee Harvey Oswald worked out of the office of a Hoover loyalist like Guy Banister clearly betrays the degree to which FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover controlled Oswald the patsy. Banister was an extremely violent, rabidly anti-Communist zealot who reportedly belonged to the Minutemen, a right wing paramilitary organization that promoted the need to subvert, sabotage and murder Communists. The Minutemen publication On Target summed up his domestic philosophy very succinctly through the warning: “Traitors beware. Even now the cross hairs are on the back of your necks.” 

In 1962, Banister associate, David Ferrie, a like-minded anti-Communist zealot, was reportedly training exiles in paramilitary tactics at a secret camp across Lake Ponchartrain, at the behest of the CIA. In 1963, Ferrie worked very closely with both Banister and Marcello, and according to Banister’s secretary, Mafia associate Johnny Roselli and former FBI agent Maheau also had dealings with Banister’s office in 1963.

Given the nature of the company that surrounded Oswald, the fact that he was a handpicked patsy is not idle speculation. Indeed, J. Edgar Hoover Hoover, Robert Maheau, Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Johnny Roselli and Jack Ruby (who killed Oswald, see above photo) all extended and expected favours from the mob, they were all heavily involved in efforts to oust Castro, and they all expected prosecutorial immunity because they were “patriots” who allegedly acted in the best interests of the national security of the United States and the CIA.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy murdered Friday November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas at 12:30 pm CST, after being struck in the neck with a bullet from an almost horizontal position, the Zapruder film shows Kennedy clutching at his throat, and then Kennedy was shot from the left front as that bullet entered into the left side of his head.
Testimony of Gov. John CONNALLY….I knew it when I just looked down and I was covered with blood, and the thought immediately passed through my mind that there were either two or three people involved or more in this or someone was shooting with an automatic rifle (bolt action rifle was found). These were just thoughts that went through my mind because of the rapidity of these two, of the first shot plus the blow that I took, and I knew I had been hit, and I immediately assumed, because of the amount of blood, and in fact, that it had obviously passed through my chest. that I had probably been fatally hit”—the shot came from an elevated position to his right rear.
What other wounds, if any, did you sustain? Governor CONNALLY, “A fractured (shattered) right wrist and a wound in the left thigh, just above the knee, a raw, open wound, looked like a fairly deep penetration”, Governor CONNALLY was shot in the chest, the right wrist and the left thigh, three different wounds. James Tague, a spectator and witness to the assassination, also received a minor wound to his right cheek while standing 531 feet away from the Depository’s sixth floor, far-eastern window when a bullet or bullet fragment with no copper casing struck the nearby Main Street south curb. There appears to be at least 6 wounds from 6 shots between Kennedy, Connally and Tague

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