Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A-Team Gang of Zach Adams, Jason Autry And Shayne Austin All Charged in Murder and Kidnapping of Holly Bobo

Prosecutors plan to indict at least one more person in the Holly Bobo case, according to documents obtained today by The Jackson Sun. According to the documents, prosecutors plan to indict Shayne Kyle Austin, who previously had been granted immunity in exchange for his cooperation in the investigation. The state voided the immunity agreement because Austin was not completely truthful and forthcoming, according to an email from Assistant District Attorney General Beth Boswell to Austin's lawyer, Luke Evans. The email was sent on March 27. "When we indict your client, I will give you a courtesy call informing you," Boswell told Evans in the email. The Jackson Sun went to an address listed for Austin on, but the property was enclosed in a fence, and the driveway was blocked by a locked gate. The listing did not include a telephone number. Evans did not respond to a telephone message left at his office seeking comment.

Shayne Austin would be the third person indicted in the abduction and killing of Holly Bobo. Jason Wayne Autry was indicted today on charges of first-degree murder and especially aggravated kidnapping. Zachary Adams was indicted on the same charges in March. In my opinion and professional determination from the evidence available and physical characteristics of the main perpetrator (Zach Adams) it appears to me Zach Adams did not act alone in the initial kidnapping of Holly Bobo and that he definitely tried to kidnap Heather Sullivan, to me it appears to be conspiracy of at least two other players. This story has a very dark side, this was not a kidnapping for ransom, Holly Bobo was the target of the A-Train Gang for their sexual gratification, they raped her.

What Did Holly Bobo Kidnap/Murder Suspect Zach Adams and His Degenerate Hillbilly A-Team Gang Use the Abandoned House at 235 Adams Ln For, see photos. Zach Adams Linked to Attempted Kidnapping Of Heather Sullivan and Charged with Kidnapping and Murder of Holly Bobo, He Ran With Two Other Guys. For over 10 years in Holladay TN Zach Adams, 29, ‘ran’ with at least two other guys committing drug and burglary crimes terrorizing Decatur County TN, they are Jason Autry, 39, and Shayne Austin, 29, the A-Team of Adams, Autry, Austin.

“There were names given by Danielle Darnelle in a post about two years back. She is the one who was on the news Friday night. She named Jason Autry, Zach Adams and Shayne Austin as the ones who kidnapped Holly Bobo, the A-Team. From what I’ve seen these names have been consistent with the ones bragging locally about what they did to her.” Jason Autry went to prison in November 2013 given a 15 year to Life sentence, he has a Parole Hearing, already, on March 25th, 2014. Shayne Austin and Zach Adams went to Riverside High School in Parsons TN together. Why would one ‘assume’ that Zach Adams worked alone in the Holly Bobo kidnapping and the attempted kidnapping of Heather Sullivan, you need one guy to contain the victim and one guy to drive?
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