Friday, May 16, 2014

KID RAPISTS ARE NEVER CURED: Sarasota Sex Offender Timothy Zuelly Gets 20 years For Trolling for Young Girls on

Tom Lyons.

For the past month Sarasota Herald Tribune Columnist Tom Lyons has been on a rant about Cops using sex stings to 'lure' supposed potential sex offenders into a trap using online detectives to entice adult males into meeting with underage girls, according to Mr Lyons "Cops Bad and Would Be Sex Offenders Intent Misunderstood" what a jerk, see, Lyons: Setting lurid legal snare involves delicate lure. Some people in the justice system say law officers doing online sex-sting operations locally have been cleaning up their act. That is, when allegedly trying to bust men seeking underage sex partners, the police have been directed to reveal the fictional age of the potential and fictional sex partner very early on in the chat, not after a lot of enticing sex talk the chatter thinks he is having with a legal adult. I've written before how wrong it seems when cops, while fictionally role playing, sometimes badger a balking and disappointed person chatting online into setting aside qualms about age.

Mr. Lyons if cops were not vigilant and constantly on the internet looking for these child rapist monsters who roam our streets then where would we be, see below:

Picture of an Offender or PredatorKID RAPIST Timothy Zuelly.

KID RAPISTS ARE NEVER CURED...Sex offender Timothy Zuelly arrested in Sarasota and sent to prison for 20 years after using unregistered email addresses to contact teenagers on a social networking website trolling for underage female victims, his prior victims were underage females, most recently, he was charged with possessing child pornography. see

Sex Offender Timothy Zuelly Gets 20 years For Trolling for Young Girls on
Lewd, Lascivious batt sex w/victim 12-15 years old; F.S. 800.04(4)(a) SARASOTA, FL Guilty/convict

SAN FRANCISCO --, a social networking site, is enabling predators to target minors, San Francisco City Atty. Dennis Herrera charged in a lawsuit. Herrerra said the New Hope, Pa.-based company MeetMe Inc. was violating California laws by relying on legally invalid consent from minors age 13 to 17 to reveal their real-time locations and personal information to strangers. Dozens of minors nationwide have been victimized by predators who found them on the networking site, and it has been implicated in several crimes involving sexual assault and illicit sex with minors in California, according to the suit, see

FDLE Sarasota Sex Offender (Predator) of the Week Claude Randy Huff, 2809 McIntosh Rd Sarasota Fl, child rapist.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement - Sexual Offender / Predator Flyer
Picture of an Offender or Predator
Claude Randy Huff
Date Of Photo: 03/28/2014
Click Here to Track this Offender
Designation: Sexual Predator
Name: Claude Randy Huff
Status: Supervised - FL Dept of Corrections
Department of Corrections #: 323937
Search the Dept of Corrections Website
Date of Birth: 12/17/1958
Race : White
Sex: Male
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'01"
Weight: 190 lbs
Huff is registered as a Sexual Predator pursuant to Section 775.21 F.S
Positive identification cannot be established unless a fingerprint comparison is made.
Claude R Huff, Claude Huff, Claude Randall Huff
Scars, Marks & Tattoos
Information temporarily unavailable
Address Information
Address Address Source Information Map Link
2809 McIntosh Rd
Sarasota, FL 34232-4837
Sarasota COUNTY
Source: Registration
Received: 12/27/2013
Type of Address: Permanent

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Crime Information - Qualifying Offenses
Adjudication DateCrime Description Court Case Number Jurisdiction & StateAdjudication
04/15/2003Lewd or lascivious molestation victim 12-15 years old offender 18 or older; F.S. 800.04(5)(c)(2)CR02466OSCEOLA, FLGuilty/convict
04/15/2003Lewd or lascivious molestation victim under 12 years old offender under 18 years old; F.S.800.04(5)(0200466OSCEOLA, FLGuilty/convict
04/15/2003Sex Offnder Fail Comply Registration; F.S. 943.0435(9)0300223OSCEOLA, FLGuilty

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